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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
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Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World {Pilot Special}

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Mermaidix Sirenix
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Sirenix Fairy

Bloom Roy
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PostSubject: The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World {Pilot Special}   Mon Jan 06, 2014 6:00 am

First topic message reminder :

Once upon a time in the great perfect magical universe, lived a world far beyond imagination, courage, magic, and wonder. Beauty as the realm once may, there was a great battle between good vs. evil during that time. Darkness conqured the lands, corrupts the world's pure nature, and feeds on fear, suffering, and despair. But a powerful group of fairies, wizards, and blade wielding swordsmen banded together to stand strong against the great evil. They fought the bitter darkness and won. The wizards and fairies then forge a strong prison for the great evil to be sealed away, and never to be unleashed again. As time passed, the perfect world has been peaceful, until now. Somewhere out in the endless sea, there is a neighboring colony in the Tideborn lands. A underwater colony called Sea Dragon-Topia, home of the enchanting sea creatures called mermaids and mermen. But one mermaid who longs for something more. Her name is Amarianna. She was asleep at the time. But as morning rises, she woke up with a smile on her face. She swam to the window, and looks at the surface. The sun is shining bright on the water.

"This is the perfect day to go exploring." said Amarianna as she turns to swim to the mirror.

The young mermaid began to combed her long flowing fluorescent red hair with her shell comb. This just in, her mother came knocking on her door.

"Amarianna! Breakfast is ready." said mother.

"Coming!" Amarianna replied as she got down combing her hair.

As the family gathered around at the table, Amarianna swam down to join them.

"Morning Mom. Morning Dad." says Amarianna as she helps herself with her mother's homemade sea biskets.

"Well you're in a good mood today, Amarianna." said her father.

"Well it's a beautiful day out to go to someplace I have never been." said Amarianna. "Like going to see what's up on the surface."

Hearing that, Amarianna's mother makes a funny stern look on her face.

"Now now, Amarianna." said mother. "We talked about this. I don't want you......."

Before she can finish, Amarianna interrupted her mother and finishes the sentence for her.

"To get into anything troublesome and dangerous. I know, Mom." said Amarianna as she finishes her plate. "Don't worry. Nothing is gonna happen to me. I'm only sixteen years old."

"Only sixteen, you're still our little starfish." father joked.

"Dad!" says Amarianna, blushing in embarrasment.

As time goes by. The family was done eating, and the mother was collecting the plates. Amarianna is already to leave on her adventure. But before she can exit the house, her mother has one thing to say to her daughter.

"Amarianna. Remember that you have to go look for a school to apply at, one of these days." said mother.

"Yes I know, Mom." said Amarianna as she grabs her satchel. "I'll do that at the end of summer. Besides, we're like a few eight weeks away from the end of summer. And I'm planning to spend the rest of my weeks going to the surface."

As the young mermaid swam off with a swish of her tail, her mother yelled out, "Just be careful, dear!"

The merman father swim up to the mother's side, and watches their daughter leave.

"Ah, kids. They grow up so fast." said the father. "Do they, darling?"

"Yes they do." said the mother, bearing a heartache. "It is just like yesterday. Time passes us by so quickly, and she is not so little anymore."

"Yes indeed, my love." said the father, holding her in his arms. "She is all grown up."

Amarianna swam through the reefs of the crystal clear waters. Then she headed towards the surface, and encountered several dolphins. She played with them for a long minute, until then she decided to climb up and sit on the rocks. She looked at the sky, daydreaming of soaring through the air like a bird in the sky.

"Someday, I'm going to touch the sky." Amarianna thought to herself. "I'd be able to see the world with bigger cities, mountains, forests, and ocean from a high view.

She sigh to herself as she kept on daydreaming.

"If only I had wings." she said to herself.

As the young enchanting mermaid daydreams away, her thoughts were cut short as a flock af seagulls and dolphins were all going in the east direction as if they were getting away from something. This just in, one of the dolphins came up to Amarianna and tug on her side fin.

"Huh? What's the matter, little one?" Amarianna asked in wonderment.

Then all of a sudden, a loud booming sound scared the creatures. And they all continued to head east. The dolphin quickly swims back to it's pod. Amarianna turns to witness a bright green light flashing from afar the outskirts across the water.

"What was that?" she wondered. "What is going on over there? I have to check it out."

Out of curiousity, Amarianna dives in the water and swam towards the outskirts bay. When she got to the other side on the outskirts, she hid behind the rocks on the huge river bend. There, she witness a battle between two fairies and a large group of earth monsters. Lead by a huge muscular evil earthquake wizard, Xerxes.

"Earth Beasts! Attack the fairies!!" commanded Xerxes.

All the earth beasts began attacking the two fairies. The one fairy is named Justina, and she is the fairy of Mystical Nature. The other one is Shamus. He is the former one of his race known as the Untamed. He is a half humanoid tiger, and now is a fairy of Beast Fury. They stood ready to fight the earth beasts.

"You ready, Shamus?" Justina asked.

"Are you kidding?! I was born ready." said Shamus as he puts out his claws.

The two fairies counter attack the earth beasts with everything they got.

"Mystical Leaf Blades!!!" shouted Justina as she took down three monsters.

"Let's see if you guys can handle me!" said Shamus as he attacks next. "Wrath Of The Lion King!!!"

He took down four or five earth beasts. Amarianna is amazed for she has never witnessed fairies in battle before. The young mermaid cannot believe her eyes.

"Fairies! Up close!" Amarianna gasped in amazement.

As all the monsters were taken down, Xerxes was not amused. In his rage, the big wizard began darting at the fairies.

"Justina! Look out!" shouted Shamus as he pushes Justina out of the way, allowing himself to take the hit by Xerxes.

"Shamus!" Justina shouted in horror as the huge wizard pounds the tiger fairy on the ground.

Then Xerxes starts beating Shamus to the pulse. Justina tries to save her friend.

"Leave him alone, you monster!!" she screamed at the wizard.

Xerxes stops beating Shamus and now glaring at Justina.

"Oh don't worry, fairy." snarled Xerxes as he rams towards Justina. "You're next!"

Amarianna watches in horror as Justina tries to fly away, but Xerxes grabs her and tosses her down on the ground. Then he grab hold of both the young fairies in his powerful arms.

"Time to go, you winged rats!" Xerxes say with a wicked smirk.

Amarianna became terrified for them. Just as she hid deeper into the rocks, she accidently splash the water with her tail. Xerxes hears the water splashed, and then turn to look at the river bend.

"Whose there?!" he said with a scary tone of voice. "Show yourself!!"

Amarianna hid quietly behind the rocks, but the sound of water gives her away. That is when Xerxes decided that he'll take extreme measures.

"Fine then! If you don't come out wherever you are, I'm gonna have to make you come out!" shouted Xerxes as he uses his dark magic to command the earth beneath him.

The rocks turned into stone-like hands, and grabs Amarianna. She struggled to get free, but no avail. Xerxes grined wickedly as he approached the mermaid captured within his stone grasp.

"Well well well. Look what we have here." said Xerxes as he looks closer at Amarianna. "I just caught a fishy spy."

"No! Please! Let me go!" screamed Amarianna as she began to glow brightly.

The monster wizard stood back in shock as the mighty energy creates a forceful blast, and pushes him back. The power surge also freed her from the stone hands. Amarianna looks quite shock for she had never knew what have happened.

"Oh my gosh!" she said in shock. "Did I just do that?"

Even the two fairies were amazed. Refusing to accept defeat, Xerxes starts going on a rampage and darts at Amarianna. He grabs her with his brute strength.

"Bad move for a mere mermaid like you!!" scolded Xerxes as he was about to crush her with his bare hands.

"Stop it! You're hurting me!!" screamed Amarianna as she began glowing brightly again.

"What?! Not again?!" yelled Xerxes as he was being blown away from the powerful blast.

The water turned into flames as a symbolism of a sea dragon has formed. Then it burst into fire drops. Amarianna was on the ground, trying to get back to the river bend. This just in, Justina and Shamus came up to her, and Shamus began carrying her with his strong untamed barbarian arms. He place her in the water gently.

"Are you alright?" Shamus asked, concern for the mermaid.

"Yes. I am. Thanks." says Amarianna as she looks up to them.

"No problem." said Justina. "And thank you back for saving us back there."

Overpowered, Xerxes cannot believe he was defeat by a mermaid like Amarianna. Just as he was about to get up and attack them some more, an another figure showed up and stopped him. It was a shapshifting wizard named Irving, and he has come to retrieve his fallen brother.

"Now now, brother." said Irving, patting him on the back. "You are gravely injured by the incident. Let the fairies be for now."

"No! I can take them!!" shouted Xerxes, refusing to admit he was defeat.

"That was our sister's direct order. Do you want to challenge her?" says Irving.

As much as Xerxes want to continue to bring down the fairies, but he can't disobey his sister's wishes. In a slight moment, the two wizards retreated. Justina and Shamus were amazed of how Amarianna defeated Xerxes with one power move.

"Wow! You really pack a punch right there." said Justina, flicking her long brown hair.

"Yeah, you sent that creep running like a scared animal he is." joked Shamus as he pats Amarianna's shoulder. "You are radical!"

"Me? But I didn't know how I did that." said Amarianna as she looks away for a second. "All I wanted is for him to stop, and then this. I have no idea how this happened."

"Well whatever it is, you sure did save us back there. You should be thankful for that." said Shamus as he fixes his arm muscles.

"He's right." said Justina, agreeably. "If you hadn't came along, we would've been done for."

Amarianna smiled. As the three chatted, Amarianna admire their huge beautiful glowing wings.

"I've never been this close to fairies before." says Amarianna.

"Yeah. Same here goes for us, red." said Shamus, giving a charmistic smirk.

Just as the moment passes them by, Justina remembered that they both need to get back before sundown.

"Oh my Gaia! Shamus, we have to get back to the castle before night fall." remarked Justina.

"Oh crud! You're right!" said Shamus in a hurry. "We have to go."

Amarianna grabs Shamus' foot before they leave.

"Wait! Will I see you two again?" Amarianna asked.

"Yes we will." said Shamus. "Count on it."

The mermaid let go off the tiger's foot, and the two fairies began flying off.

"Nice meet you, mermaid!" Justina shouts from above.

Amarianna watches the two fairies fly away. She can't help but think about how beautiful their wings are.

"Their wings are so beautiful." Amarianna said to herself. "I wish I had wings like theirs. And maybe I can fly, just like them."

She dived into the water, and then she too, began heading back home to the endless sea. Meanwhile, in a dark gloomy hangout, Xerxes and Irving arrived at their chambers, where their other siblings were there.

"Xerxes! You spineless destructive brother!" scolded a female voice. It was Kya, the witch of Chaos. "You let your anger get the better of you! And you failed!!"

"Be quiet, Kya!" Xerxes snapped back. "I know what I'm doing!"

"Hmph! Doesn't look like it." said Zant, the other brother. Also the wizard of deadly cold ice.

"Ouch! Hate to say it, but they do got a point." Irving joked in a wicked tone.

"Would you guys get off my back!!!" Xerxes scolded as his siblings. "I had the fairies where I want them, but then this mermaid show up!"

This just in, they stopped teasing their brother and wanted to hear more of the incident.

"Wait! Did you say a mermaid attacked you?" asked Hysteria, the witch of darkness.

"Yes! A mermaid shows up, and then attack with some strong power unlike anything I've seen before." said Xerxes.

Then, the eldest and the leader of the group of wizards and witches called the Clixue, Zera. The witch of the Dark Rose, became interested into putting Amarianna to the test.

"Really? A superpowered mermaid?" says Zera with a wicked grin. "Tell me more."

As Xerxes told them everything that happened earlier today, Zera came up with a plan.

"So dear brother, where can we find this so called superpowered mermaid?" Zera said as she makes her roses glow with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

{end of part 1}


The Winx Club: Novia's Galaxy: Novia, Leela, Sherris, Kartanna, Janus, BeautriceAaron, Zieque Brunknox, Hictor
The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World:
Amarianna, Justina, Kendalle, Nicola, Eveis, Rocky, Shamus
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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Musa Helia
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PostSubject: Re: The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World {Pilot Special}   Thu May 01, 2014 1:45 pm

Hehe, no problem! ^^


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Mermaidix Sirenix
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Sirenix Fairy

Bloom Roy
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PostSubject: Re: The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World {Pilot Special}   Thu May 01, 2014 1:47 pm

Anyways, what part of this special you like so far? Very Happy


The Winx Club: Novia's Galaxy: Novia, Leela, Sherris, Kartanna, Janus, BeautriceAaron, Zieque Brunknox, Hictor
The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World:
Amarianna, Justina, Kendalle, Nicola, Eveis, Rocky, Shamus
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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Musa Helia
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PostSubject: Re: The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World {Pilot Special}   Sat May 03, 2014 7:28 am

The introduction to the Clixue that's for sure! Razz


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Mermaidix Sirenix
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Sirenix Fairy

Bloom Roy
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PostSubject: Re: The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World {Pilot Special}   Sat May 03, 2014 12:03 pm

Awesome!  Wave Spin 


The Winx Club: Novia's Galaxy: Novia, Leela, Sherris, Kartanna, Janus, BeautriceAaron, Zieque Brunknox, Hictor
The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World:
Amarianna, Justina, Kendalle, Nicola, Eveis, Rocky, Shamus
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Mermaidix Sirenix
Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Bloom Roy
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PostSubject: Re: The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World {Pilot Special}   Tue Dec 23, 2014 5:07 pm

{final part}

The Clixue approach to the fairies, armed with their dark magic at hand. Amarianna and her friends stood ready, preparing themselves as the wicked group is beginning to conjure their dark magical attacks.

"To show you pesky fairies what we all about, we're about to put all of you in your place painlessly." Zera says with a wicked glare.

The evil blonde witch channels her dark rose magic and made dozens of razor blades petals. The young fairies were shocked and alerted as she points at them.

"Take this, fairies!" Zera shouted as she attacks them first. "Razor Petals!!!"

With a swift movement, Amarianna and the other fairies quickly dodged the deadly attack. They huddled together in midair.

"She is tough!" Kendalle exclaimed.

"Brace yourselves, guys!" Shamus said fiercely. "They're not done with us yet."

The Clixue hovered in the air and surrounded the fairies.

"Brothers! Sisters! Let's get them!" Zera commanded.

"Gladly, sister." Zant responded as he uses his sub zero powers. "Feeling a little bit frosty, fairies? Raging Ice Blizzard!!!!"

His strong attack blows the fairies to the ground, nearly freezing them. But Rocky is not going down without putting up a fight. He stood up from the ground and uses his wings to shield his friends.

"No way you're putting out my flames, you freak!" Shouted Rocky. "Flame Shield!!!!"

"I'll help you, hot shot!" Says Nicola as she puts up her share of the shield. "Dark Fire Block!!!!"

"Nice one, you two." Justina says, smiling. "Thanks."

"How long can we hold them off?" Amarianna asked.

"As long as we have to." Said Shamus.

"That is if we're lucky." Evies added. "They're way too strong."

Losing his patience with them, Xerxes begins lounging himself towards the fairies. His strong pound has broken through the shield but they all dodged in time before he can actually strike them out. The young fairies surrounded the big wizard, and channeled their magic spells.

"Let's show these wizards and witches what were made of!" Rocky shouted as he channels his Phoenix Flame powers.

"Right on, hot shot!" Kendalle responded, channeling her magic.

All of the fairies combined their spells and blasts Xerxes right towards the wall. The huge wizard was completely unconscious. Enraged with what they witnessed, the Clixue flew down to Xerxes' side. They were all not amused of losing to a group of fairies. Kya, being so immature than her siblings, grew so weary of the fairies even more and made her move on them.

"I HATE YOU ALL, STUPIDS!!!" roared Kya as she uses her dark magic attack. "Reign Of Destruction!!!!"

Before her dark magic attack can hit them, Nicola jumps in front of her friends and uses a counter attack spell.

"I got this, guys!" says Nicola as she shouted her spell. "Dark Reflection!!!"

It reflected the destructive magic right back at Kya. Then Hysteria flew in.

"Let me handle this, Kya." says Hysteria as she uses her dark magic. "Take this, fairies! Nightmare Plasma!!!"

Nicola smiled as she has yet have something up her sleeve for the witch of darkness.

"Newsflash, witch! You're not the only one with dark magic here!" snapped Nicola as she uses her dark reflection spell to aim the attack back at Hysteria, knocking her to a tree.

"This cannot be happening!" Irving shouted as he transformed into a puma.

"Enough fun!" Zebra snarled, fed up with the fight. "Brothers! Sisters! Let's finish those fairies once and for all!"

As the Clixue were about to attack, Amarianna summons all of her magical energy and sends a explosive sea dragon heatwave and finally defeated the evil Clixue. The evil group got up, all powerless, exhausted and left feeling weak. They really hate losing but they can't go on fighting the fairies in their state now. The Clixue must retreat for now. But before they did, Zera has one final words to say to the fairies.

"You win this time, fairies!" she screamed in a raging tone of voice. "But don't count yourselves lucky. Especially you, mermaid fairy! Ever since you came in the picture, we has never suffered a defeat from anyone until now! Thanks to you and your fairy friends!"

The Clixue huddled together as they were about to orb back to Black Griffin Tower.

"Next time we encounter each other again, we may not play so nice!" Zera yelled. "We will win! And we'll get you, fairies!"

With those final words, the Clixue disappeared back to their dark campus. The fairies too returned back to their stay in Luguadiana University. In their dorms, they gathered together in their lounge area, not just for celebrating their minor victory, but to think of something else in mind.

"The Clixue sure mean business when it comes to fighting dirty." said Kendalle, grooming her long dark brunette wavy hair.

"Hey, since they have a group name to go by with, we should have one too." Evies suggests.

Rocky chimes in and throws out a couple of his own.

"We should go with, you know, "The Rocky Team". says Rocky and he went on. "The Rocky Squad? Rocky Crew? Oh! I got it! How about "The Rockies"!

Shamus shook his head in disapproval.

"I don't think that's going to fly." said Shamus. "It has to work for all of us. Not just you, Rocky."

"Well burst my bubble, why won't you, Shamus!" Rocky fired back.

"No, he's right, Rocky." Justina added. "It has to be something that fits all of us well."

"I'll say." joked Nicola, smirking.

Suddenly, Amarianna had an idea. She thought of a name to fit the group of fairies.

"I have one." the mermaid fairy suggested. "Why don't we call ourselves, "The Winx Club".

All of the fairies like the idea.

"I like it." says Nicola, approving the title.

"Me too!" says Evies, approving as well.

"That works for me." Kendalle says with delight.

"Um, Amarianna? What does Winx mean?" Justina asked.

"Umm I don't know." Amarianna said, shrugging her shoulders. "Maybe it means magic within yourself. Sorry if it sounds lame."

"No, not at all." Shamus admitted. "I think it's awesome."

All of them voted for the group title. Defeated, Rocky gives in and approved the name as well. As morning came around, Amarianna and her friends were called into Arcadiana's office. The woman sat by her desk and is pleased to welcome her new students in the university.

"As you're all aware of why I called you here today." said Arcadiana.

"Did we do something wrong, Ms. Arcadiana?" Amarianna wondered.

"No, my child." said Arcadiana, shaking her head. "I just wanted to inform you all that we are having a student choice event."

The head queen got up from her seat and went to her cabinet. She took out a couple of golden slips and gave them to the Winx fairies. Then she sat back down.

"It's an application event." said Arcadiana as she continues. "Every year on the first day, each student can have a choice of what class they want to apply for. And that's not all. You have three limited class on your schedule."

"Whoa!!!" the Winx exclaimed in surprise.

"Just as a reminder, you only have until tomorrow to choose a class of your liking." Arcadiana explained. "Do take your time. And remember, may your years here at Luguadiana University be magical."

Amarianna and her friends were dismissed from the office and Arcadiana turns to her window with a wise smile on her face. As they were walking down the halls, the young fairies discuss it over of what classes should they take.

"I'm choosing history of the perfect world." says Evies as she fiddles with her reading glasses. "I like to learn so much about the world we all live in."

"Boring!" Rocky exclaimed rudely. "I'd rather take a fun class, like the gymnasium."

"Of course you'll love that class, Rocky." Nicola says, rolling her eyes.

"Don't forget, Rocky. I'm taking that class too." said Shamus, nudging the Phoenix Flame fairy.

"Yeah yeah! You only taking it just because you love lifting weights." says Rocky, unimpressed.

"There is nothing wrong with that." said Shamus.

Justina heads over to Amarianna's side.

"So have you decided yet, Amarianna?" Justina asked, wondering.

"I think I'm going to choose Mysticism Languages." said Amarianna as she checked the box out. "I do wish to learn how to speak in another language so it may come in handy someday."

"Cool! I I'm taking that class with you." Kendalle says, putting her arms on Amarianna and Justina.

"Me too." says Justina.

"It looks like I'm taking the same class as you, Evies." said Nicola, flicking her long black hair.

"I know right?" says Evies, blushing brightly.

And so the fairies became best friends from this moment on. But their journey is far from over. On the start of their new year in Luguadiana University, this is only the beginning.

{The End...for now}


The Winx Club: Novia's Galaxy: Novia, Leela, Sherris, Kartanna, Janus, BeautriceAaron, Zieque Brunknox, Hictor
The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World:
Amarianna, Justina, Kendalle, Nicola, Eveis, Rocky, Shamus
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PostSubject: Re: The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World {Pilot Special}   

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The Winx Club: Fairies of the Perfect World {Pilot Special}
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