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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Winx fan fic

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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

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PostSubject: Winx fan fic    Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:29 am

First topic message reminder :

Ok  . Since Nic has let me down  and refuses to entertain my girls I used one of my old hobbies of writing fan fiction for them . With there reaction i had to  present it to you guys the first 2 chapters are just setup . Lots of mystery . so continue reading .

Note I  use a program like Dragon  so  the Punctuation is less then perfect and With my work  and kids i  don't have much time to  correct it . so  I Apologize in advance.

Major changes . This series takes place after season 6 Bloom is no-longer the center of the universe. in fact the way  i  have it  thought out she  will not regain control of her powers till mid fiction . Main  roles will be tecna musa flora and Stella Ayishia  in that order  .

if i  get too much flame for the disruption of bloom  not being the center of attention i  will stop posting chapters . Will try to  post 3 a week

Shortly after the winx defeat the trix again. They are found back on their home planets for summer break except for Daphne she remained at Alfeia to prepare her classes with the rest of the faculty staff.  A 100 Year celestial event was going to take place in the middle of the break where all students were encouraged to return and take part in the festival and watch the night sky , But this event came with an ominous omen one that had Head mistress Farigonda worried as to what the omen represented ,Pushing her fears aside she joined in the festivities the boys are hover biking there is shops and boutiques all over the girls are by  a fresh river having a picnic having a grand time . The night of the meteor shower came and Magicx for 24 hours was in a virtual shooting gallery of cosmic minor collisions raining star dust from the sky as if the great dragon returned renewing magic both good and evil alike . One object however was not a meteorite even though it appeared to be one.  Upon entering magicx atmosphere it Illuminated the Night sky with a brilliant powerful blue glow as it came crashing down in the center of Lake Rocalucha . The seismic event that happened was the least of their worries. Powers from both good bad and neutral where disrupted.  It affected the fairies in several different ways from complete loss of their powers to their powers gaining in strength wildly   . The witches including the trix did not escape unharmed as any one exposed to the blue lights radiation was put in to a deep sleep. The heroes at red fountain also underwent transformations (More on that later) everyone in magic’s was returned to their respective schools till the head masters returned from their investigation,

The girls :
Stella: This stinks cant we have 1 celebration without the world coming to an end .

Flora : Stella the world is not ending we just half to wait till we find out what has happened to  our powers .

Tecna : Speak for yourself you did not lose your powers I can’t even feel my winx *Sobs*

Musa : It’s ok  tec we will find what has caused this and get your powers back  .
Bloom: This might be risky but if this is dark magic then how about some fairy dust that should restore your powers. It did when we were fighting Valtor

Musa: recalling the event . You’re Right! So who can transform?

Stella: I can try.
As she attempts Her powers overwhelm her and omit a blinding light that Lit up cloud tower as if it was a summers afternoon.
As the transformation fails she returns to her state dazed and light blind (you know as in if you stare at the sun or a light bulb)

Wisgis : girls dint you get the memo  No one is to use their powers until we ascertain what has happened . This includes Alumni and faculty.

Ayesha : We are sorry  professor we are just trying to help tecna she thinks she has lost her powers .

Wisgis : * Ruffels around in his bag  and pulls out a device to read magic power* Scans tecna and Instantly blows up . No my dear You have not lost your powers at all they have changed somewhat and are too powerful for you at present.
Now for fairies as powerful as you are I beg of you do not connect to your powers you could seriously hurt your self

Bloom : what would you  have us do Professor wisgis ?

Wisgis : Return to your room Relax . and wait the headmasters will be back in a day or so .

All of a sudden from the center of the lake a giant pillar of steam shot up filling the area with clouds. Snow started to fall thunder was ragging.

Everyone in side now ! farigonda exclaimed .

Fairigonda : Grizelda , can you control your powers

Grizelda : I feel fine as if I am unaffected

We need to put up a magic barrier around Alphia .

As they bunker in the winx and and the teachers hear a voice in the distance.

I’m sorry. On the third day on  the third hour the storm will dissipate .I’m sorry  

Girls exclaim
What was that !

Professors I  don’t know please get inside .

Bloom : It sounded like someone out there needs our help . Ahhhhhh  as the wind from the storm intensifies Knocking her down  injuring her leg .

Fairigonda : Bloom  your kind heart is your greatest strength but this is not a time to go out in this blizzard .

"Lightning strikes  in the center courtyard  Multiple times."

Tecna : That’s not natural ! Look how the bolts are striking in a pattern.
Magic runes start to form with each strike and the wind dies down as if the school was protected by someone or something but what could it be?

Stay  inside and you will be safe. Im sorry .
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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Posts : 35

PostSubject: Re: Winx fan fic    Thu May 15, 2014 8:10 am

Two weeks after the girls learn how to reunite with their winx many battles have been fought with only sparse appearances of our young hero on the battle field the students of Alfea grow increasingly hostile toward him as all he seems to do is attempt to treat the fairies as seasoned soldiers battered bruised and seemingly defeated they approach Fairigonda.

Bloom: Ms fairigonda can we talk .

Fairigonda: Yes bloom what is it .

Bloom: Have you been watching the so called training regiments that boy is putting us throw, And then waiting till the last moment to swoop in and save the day. It’s his war he brought it hear he should be taking a more active role

Prince sky: I happen to agree with bloom on this student moral has never been lower . even red fountains advance students are collapsing Has he kept his word about the answers the kings and rulers of magic have for him

Farigonda : Actualy I was about to summon you all hear later on today we are having a tribunal to ascertain if hes a friend or foe and learn more about the blight you are to spread the word Training classes are over until we get to the bottom of this . You all are to do nothing but relax until that time .

Meanwhile Our young hero is crafting a cave into a retreat for the exhausted students loosening track of the day and time when he is magically summoned to outside of the Magix town hall.

The room is dark with only one light the light in the center he can sense 26 individuals as a row of light illuminates his path Please be seated he hears The time for answers and for you to keep your promise is nine .

With his defenses at full alert he walks confidently but cautiously to his seat .

Voice 1 : Please state your name for the record you wish to be addressed by .

Nyrevin : I go by many names the one that some of you currently know is obsolete in this time I have given it thought and in an effort to blend in I would Like to adopt the name Peter .

Voice 1 : Fine for the Record Your now known as Peter.

Female Voice 1: How did you come to this place?
Peter : Its extremely complicated

Voice 2 You young man are in the presents of some of the best scientists and rulers of the magic dimension Know your place!

Peter : As Ive already told some of you I come from a place far beyond your time and dimension During a great battle that went on for days I fought to prevent the blight from opening up a Dimensional temporal rift I was tricked in to using my full force thinking that I would stop the device from activating. However I did see the gateway completely demolish itself from the force of the explosion , But I digress in my own studies of the situation that brought me here I was sent hear by a magical artifact known to the primal council of 12 as the gate of embers it synchronized with your millennium commits Natural magical energies and swept up not only myself but the blight as well .

Voice 3: In an accusing and harsh tone. So you admit to leading this enemy to our shores without any regard to the people you are putting in danger. The lives that might be loosed !

Peter Interrupting as his power surges in anger NO

Voice 1 : Restrain yourself or we will do it for you .

Peters physical appearance is starting to be altered his pupils are no longer round but are in a shard like shape scales are now visibly seen around certain areas of his face and body and his power stabilizes for the moment .

Voice three: Then explain your answer better .

Peter : This is not the first time The gate of embers has shown its self . It is an ancient device to help rare dragons in need it will not reopen itself till not only the threat has been neutralized but I learn what it sent me here to learn. You act as if I have controlled of such an element when that element is 100 % opposite of my powers. I get severely injured every time it saves me and the planet I am fighting on .

Voice 2 where is this gate of embers what proof do you have of its existence.
Peter sits up in his chair his body language is getting increasingly moody

Peter I’m here aren’t I He replies

Female voice 1 This is getting us Nowhere fast My question is why your working to destroy the students of the magic schools .

Im not in the least he replies confused to what the female voice is digging for

he then asks boldly What are you digging for with this line of questioning .

Female Voice 1 I wish to know why your breaking the students will. To the point of them wanting to relinquish there powers permanently . Why haven’t you taken a more active role in the battles why has it always been the girls of Alfea

Peter : Ms Farigonda I am training your girls for intense combat the blight if they ever get a hold of the girls will show no mercy in corrupting there powers and alter the balance of power . As for my powers … * Peter leans over his desk then straightens his back folds his fingers in to one another and takes a deep sigh * My powers are a broadsword They are strong Flashy and will cause damage If I were to cut loose the scenery will start changing around magic’s So I have sealed them I only have 25 % of my normal strength .

Voice 4 ( soon to be known as Haugen the sword smith ) Why in the name of the magic dimension would you limit your self like that when facing an enemy as strong as this ? just cause you can’t control your powers dose not mean there a curse rather a challenge you have not yet mastered .

Peter shouts in an outburst Look you have no idea what I have been throw but perhaps if I showed you … Starts changing a spell that takes everyone in the room including 1 fairy that should not be there in to his past You are about to witness why my powers are restricted and rely on my body to cast them Its a form of body link magic . This is the battle of antifina` on a small world that I was lead to believe was the source of the blight in the sector . The battle waged on for days Then I was made a fool I was mislead in to thinking the sorce of the blight was that glowing rock formation but instead that was the Focal point of the planet. Its magic Its core, Its very essence. I fought my way to it, slaughtering any blight that got in my way and then I summoned my remaining magic power and trusted it In to the center of the rock formation. the rock formation was blown apart and then a massive seismic event occurred and right before the planet self destructed the blight that was not all the way dead laughed at what they had me do .

The blight

Ha ha ha Now you have done it now. No one will be able to claimed this planet in the light or the darkness, You have killed it. Your now one of us an agent of darkness you just caused the death of 14 million Plants and animals alike .

The dragon used its primal skills of teleportation and placed me in a safe area on a nearby asteroid with a small amount of oxygen as I watched the planet explode. The council of 12 descended upon me Immediately sensing the lost of a planetary body, and investigated the incident for over 2 months, my powers where striped away and I was bound to the asteroid at their conclusion they realized that the blight already killed the planet but I was its finishing blow I was exonerated and forgiven . But that still dint stops the guilt so I begged the counsel to restrict my powers from misuse again. The council knew if they dint I would find a way so they created a spell that would bind the misuse of my powers to my body.

Dauphines cell phone rings alerting everyone to her presence slightly embarrass she sees its bloom with an emergency call as she answers it

Dauphine! We need your help the blight are attacking Alfea we are holding our own but we Ahhhhhhhh the cell phone goes dead .

Bloom BLOOM!!! Dauphine exclaims

Release the spell let us out she cries. No wait Oriel exclaims. I will send you out Delphine . Peter states . After Delphine departs to help her little sister the leaders of magic encircle Peter again

Oritel : Let me offer you advice from one soldier to another. You feel responsible for what happened here but you’re not that’s what happens in war planes go awry in battle but it’s how you deal with an evolving situation is the judgment of your true character . You coward in fear and let the blight win. You let the situation get so far out of hand that you need to use your most powerful abilities and you second guess yourself in battle now and that’s not good as Cortatorta pipes up. The last thing you need in battle is fear. When you attack you fear killing. When you protect someone you fear that they might die. You even fear being injured your self . It is true you’re a skilled warrior however until you let the past be in the past you will never be a great warrior . That is what the spell the placed on you means. They never diluted or removed your powers the limits are limits you place on yourself from your own fear. The planet was dying the blight would have caused the same result you just put the planet out of its misery

When you’re in battle You don’t let them hurt you. When you Protect someone you don’t let them get hurt when you attack the blight you kill.

Magic runes show up all over Peters body as he is filled with confidence. His eyes transform to that of a serpent s. As he releases the spell and rushes to Alfea to find out the fate of the winks and Dauphine.

30 Minutes later Alfea is visible and its being overwhelmed by blight Necromancers, abominations and reanimation's of all kinds. A Huge clap of blighted energy explodes and he sees one of the Winxs fall from the sky like a rock in a pond .

Peter Is Enraged He screams NO wake up and this thud echoes then Laughter .

Peter shouts be gone, gone Form of man Awake the dragon in which I am. His powers Erupt from his body as his body begins to take on the characteristics of a dragon Great mighty wings spring out his back the air around him gets frigid cold His hands turn in to part talon part human hand then his powers Envelop the enraged warrior over the unknown health over his friends , And with great power He Lunges Up into the air at subsonic speeds .

Sisters we finally did it the winx are defeated! Let’s steal their powers Stormy exclaims. Darcy grabs her arms Burrrr Icy control your powers its freezing out hear. Icy says confused Im not casting any spell .You should stop dressing so scandalous she laughs . Suddenly a blue streak tackles Icy talon griping her head as they both burst throw Alfea Creatoring a short distance from the Dragon fire wing. She bursts out of the creator Screaming OWWWWW who or what has the nerve to strike me like that . Icy the remaining tricks exclaim girl are you all right Ive felt better what was that .

Peter returning to the quad sees his friends showing the signs of blighted contamination with Stella being the worst of all .

Stella Grabbing peters ankle Help us help us please. As she faints from the blighted poisoning. Taking a Pure combat stance Peter grabs his right arm with a magic rune beginning to glow. He steps on stellas back and thrusts his right arm in to the air and shouts ASSEMBLE. A river of light guided by Friendship. Suddenly the blighted storm of acid and evil vapor begins to radiate with the light of the sun the moon the stars as a Ray of light so intense strikes Stella then chains to the rest of the winx . One by one there battle wounds begin to rapidly regenerated. There winx restored but still could not move in the light . Peter was using an ancient spell that healed his allies while striking down his foes. Rain of spirits! Audios’ Trixs Now Rain down. May the light rain down and banish the fangs of Darkness!!![/i] as the light around the winx intensifies they notice that the spell is actually accessing there powers and allowing them to converge with the power of primal .

However It was only enough to heal the winx and deal damage and stun the Trixs .

Peter then gose immediately into an Incantation, releasing the winx from his hold now that there powers and body’s are somewhat restored. He commands them to take the wounded to his cave do not look back GO NOW!!! He screams.
Both stars far and wide that embody the heavens By thy Radiance reveal thy form to me I implore you Oh Druklar Ruler of Primal Let your Unrestrained rage flow with the eighty-eight ancient body’s (Closes his eyes and reopens them to reveal a Magic rune .) SHINING. Primalmetria

With that spell casted a red glow envelops the area around Alfea the ground begins to glow primal red Like when Magics what nothing more than a molten chunk of rock and the vague image of an ancient 200 foot tall Dragon began to dance and attack the blight in the area with lightning raining down all around It .

Peter Pours all his power in to that spell Releasing a battle cry that summons Water from the depths of the earth wind from the north and the ground all around him . He says to Icy darcy and stormy witness the power of Druklar wrath and remember it well the blight will not save you Nor will I Hold back If you chose to harm my family again … You will be caught up in attack That is a Promise. And sends a giant water sphere filled with Pure light and primal magic’s Disrupting the trix control over the blighted hoard causing them to scatter the water and wind form a water spout that sends them far away .How ever he knew this victory will be short lived they will be back .They will be ready …

As he turns back to Alfea he sees that half the school is nothing more than a steaming creator , His mouth drops . As the Magic council along with the army’s freshly assembled look on to him and shout You saved the magxs but you over did it as the remainder of a tower collapses.
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Flame Melody

Stella Brandon
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PostSubject: Re: Winx fan fic    Mon May 19, 2014 11:43 am

Really good. I didn't read some parts cause I'm in a hurry but overall it's pretty entertaining.


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PostSubject: Re: Winx fan fic    

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Winx fan fic
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