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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 a fanfic that tries to make diaspro redeemable ( ok i know the title sucks i couldn't think of anything else)

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Sirenix Fairy

Flora Brandon
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PostSubject: a fanfic that tries to make diaspro redeemable ( ok i know the title sucks i couldn't think of anything else)   Mon Jun 02, 2014 8:22 am

the princess of lynthia walk across the stone cobbled pathway up to the eraklion palace that lay before her.She knew that the king and queen had not herd of the news about the accident that happened at alfea as they were busy monertering the once banished princess who was currently back in the kingdom due to a peace offering she had signed.The guards didn't bother stopping her s they knew she had just came from alfea and wouldn't leave he studies at the collage if it wasn't urgent instead they lead her into the throne room where the royal family were present including diaspro.
"majesties i come baring news" kkrystal explained " there has been an accident at alfea"
the king f the kingdom erendor look puzzled. why would krystal bring news from afea? he didn't have a daughter so why did it honestly matter?
"you may explain"
"you see its about your son" krysal said as her eyes darted to the floor avoiding the kings gaze " he has lost his memory due to an attack by witches and  its uncertain when is memory's will return"
after hearing this news the princess's eye began to fill with tear " cant you do anything krystal? what about your healing powers?"
the lythnin princess just looked at her oldest friend who came running to her and clutch onto her hand "i tried diaspro but something blocked the healing"
"then take me to him"
shocked at what she had just said both the king and krystal looked at diaspro in confusion "I know you signed the peace offering" erendor  explained " but i cant allow you to visit my son"
"your majesty know that in the past i have don't things I've regretted but i promise you ii wont manipulate i'm i just want to help him"
despite the kings instincts telling him not to allow her to do this he knew there was something truthful in her eyes so her allowed  it too happen despite not fully trusting her "very well you may go,Krystal please accompany her to alfea"
Krystal agreed and the two set off to alfea
"tell me dia" Krystal said " why are you doing this?"
diaspro  sighed as she stared at the ground " i know you may think i'm doing this to get sky back but i'm not,  i do care about him and seeing him forget me i painful, i know i could rewrite my mistakes with him but i wouldn't want to lie to him like last time"
Krystal looked over to her and grabbed one of her hands before she could protest " its great that you're coming to terms with your mistakes dia, maybe one day he can forgive you and you can o back to being freinds again like it use to be"
disapro smiled at the thought of that, they ue to be really close when they were little as sky was the only friend she had before she met krystal year later
"hopefully" she said with a smile " lets just hope my jealous side docent make me do something i regret"

aaaaand that's the end tada lol i know its kinda silly and this was written before that episode in season 5 when diaspro comes back again and starts more sky/bloom drama so if that episode  never happened then i guess this would fit into cannon ._. but i guess diaspro will never be redeemable after he little stunt in season 6 which was just too far. i know it sucks if you get dumped but killing his new girlfriend wont help you in anyway gurl stop being jealous and i'm sure you can date someone batter than sky cause he ain't hot  ._.


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Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
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PostSubject: Re: a fanfic that tries to make diaspro redeemable ( ok i know the title sucks i couldn't think of anything else)   Mon Jun 02, 2014 2:52 pm

Great!  Very Happy 


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a fanfic that tries to make diaspro redeemable ( ok i know the title sucks i couldn't think of anything else)
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