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Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm

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PostSubject: Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm   Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:32 am

First topic message reminder :

A/N: While I know it won't be very good and I'm not explaining much in this chapter, more will be given in chapter 2 about what Mage Knights are and Roll's background. I'll try to add in Winx heavy chapters later in this story if I ever get that far.

       Chapter 1: Trying to be Normal

       Rolling around in his bed, Roland couldn’t sleep very well due to the arguing of not just one of his roommates, but of nearly all of them. From Sky, Brandon and Thoren fighting to Riven, Roy and Nex going at it, and then there was Helia and Timmy just heckling.

At times like these Roll just wished he had a single dorm, or even worse, wish he was back on Domino sleeping in that over inflated royal mattress. Unable to take it any longer, Roll opens his silver eyes and slides out of bed, packing a small bag.

He glances at himself in a small mirror he has, frowning at the state of his messy dark red hair and the wrinkles in the green shirt and jeans that he had slept in. “Earth seems like the only place I’ll get peace.”

As soon as he reaches for the knob to leave, the door bursts open and Sky strolls in, “We got practice in five.”

“Not going to it.”

“It’s mandatory.”

“I’m still not going Sky.”

“Yes you are. You’re behind on your combat drills and Saladin wants me to make sure you’re getting the proper training so you can be a Mage Knight.”

“Don’t care about this grand destiny of being a Mage Knight. The training isn’t important.”

“Are you really going to be stubborn about this?”

“What do you think? I’m heading home.” Slinging the bag over his shoulder, Roll brushes past Sky, heading for downtown Magix.


Arriving home on Earth, Roll heads to his room, while his adopted parents don’t make any bones about why he visiting.

Once situated, Roll jumps onto the bed, “Maybe I can sleep for a change.”

He slowly drifts off. Several hours pass by until he awakens with a wet nose of a rabbit in his face. Kiko was smiling at him and this jolts Roll fully awake.

“Don’t tell me Bloom is here.” The bunny gives him a nod and imitates several other people, “Why did both my cousins, along with Musa and Flora have to come? It feels like Bloom is acting like my parent.”

Taking the bunny into his arms, Roll grumpily exits his room heading for the stairs.


Down in the den, Bloom, Daphne, Flora and Musa are looking over baby pictures of Roll that his adopted mother laid out.

“He’s was so adorable.” Flora muses as she shows Bloom a picture of Roll wearing a chocolate covered bowl on his head, a young Bloom right next to him with a wisk. Peaking over Bloom’s shoulder, Lockette and Chatta both giggle at the photo and begin whispering to each other.

“Hey I remember this,” Bloom quickly holds up the photo, adding, “This was during Halloween in second grade. I kind of made him wear it. He wasn’t too happy about it; he didn’t want to talk to me for a month.”

She holds up a picture of her dressed as a fairy, while Roll was wearing the male version of said costume.

Before anyone could comment, Chatta snatches the photo away as she begins to float towards the stairs, “I think Roland looks cute in this, he must have been a sweet…”

The talkative pixie clams up once she runs into something and slowly turns her eyes skyward.

“Hi Roland,” She greets happily, “We were just looking at photos from when you were young.” The boy’s face was beat red in embarrassment having seen which photo Chatta had in hand and he drops Kiko to the floor.

Finally, in a burst of rising anger, the boy bellows, “Really mom? You had to show them all these photos.”

His adopted mother, May, chuckles, “It was all in good fun, no harm done.” Smiling the woman gathers up all the photos and walks to the other room.

“Roland, take a seat.” His blonde haired cousin Daphne begins, gesturing to the empty chair across from her, “We four would like to chat with you.”

The boy snorts at the command, but does so just to get whatever the Winx want out of the way, but there was a look of annoyance on his features, “Stop calling me Roland, you know how much I loathe being called that Daphne.”

“I apologize Roland, but this is rather important,” Daphne states calmly, while looking right into his eyes, “The four of us want you to attend the royal ball on Lynphea.”

“What?” Roll shouts in surprise, smacking the sides of the chair in anger, “Why would you want me to go? I hate these kinds of things!”

“Told you he would take it badly,” Musa whispers to Bloom, who nods in agreement.

“Roll, we’re only the messengers,” Flora replies calmly as she leaves her chair to walk over to him, “The King of Lynphea wants you to attend.”

Roll blinks a few times at the news, rather befuddled, “I’m still not going. Why does he even want me there, I’m no one special.”

Having enough of Roll’s stubbornness, Bloom finally speaks, standing up and projecting her voice with a sharp, yet direct tone, “You are special Roll, even if you don’t see it. You’re the last of the Mage Knights. That’s the exact reason the king wants you there.”

Knowing his stubbornness had failed to hold off Bloom, Roll gives in with a look of defeat.

Why can’t I just live in peace? The boy thinks, looking at Bloom as he spoke for the first time in minutes, “Fine I’ll go, but I’ll go in my Red Fountain uniform, not some stuffy royal armor.”

The girls look at each other and suppress a laugh before Musa speaks, “That’s not gonna happen Roll. Stella created a special royal armor just for you. It’s not even that bad.”

Roll smacks himself in the face, knowing that the day would probably just get worse, as Flora and Bloom lead him back to his room to try on the armor.

Well Criticize away, I kind of want input and see what you all think. Loxa and Sarah have seen part of this already, but idk how they really feel about it.

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RP Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm   Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:07 am

but any moments in chapter 5 that you liked, that's what I'm asking specifically.


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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Stella Helia
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PostSubject: Re: Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm   Fri Oct 24, 2014 10:48 am

I really like the part where Stella is looking for her ring,it was quite funny.Another great chapter,can't wait for the sixth one.


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RP Moderator
RP Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm   Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:57 pm

Ty Mel, glad you enjoyed it. The part with Stella was rather fun to write..


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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Sirenix Fairy

Bloom Sky
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PostSubject: Re: Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm   Fri Oct 24, 2014 10:19 pm

oh i think when kiko hugged bloom i don't know i like all moments in your chapters


RAWR bloom fairy of the dragon flame and when you play with fire you get burned
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RP Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm   Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:39 pm

Well i'm still glad you enjoyed it firebid. Now to get onto chapter 6


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Bloom Sky
Posts : 15613
Age : 27
Location : aurora colorado
Hobbies : working , playing on computer/phone, watch television/youtube videos, hanging with friends and family,,going to the movies,sleeping

PostSubject: Re: Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm   Sat Oct 25, 2014 1:04 am

no problem and with the help of my bootcamp i can edit and improve mine


RAWR bloom fairy of the dragon flame and when you play with fire you get burned
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RP Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm   Wed Nov 05, 2014 11:24 pm

Chapter 6: Downland and the Darkar Ruins

Roxy runs a hand across a polished dark blue crystal as she and Roll cross the threshold into the cave. The path ahead of them has dozens of the structures jetting from the wall and lighting the cavern in a soft hue.

“I never expected to see such an amazing sight underground.” Roxy whispers in awe.

It’s a bunch of crystallized rock. What’s so special about it? Roll thinks in near silence as he walks beside the pink haired girl.

“Roll, at least tell me what you think about them. You can speak your mind with me you know; I’m not going to get upset.” Roxy vocalizes, trying to lighten the moment and Roll’s mood.

“I don’t really see what makes them special; they’re just crystals that are reflecting light and are huge compared to those found on Earth.” He answers softly, looking at another crystal as they pass.

“But I’ve never seen those found back home,” Roxy counters, covering her mouth as she softly giggles, “That’s why it’s such an amazing thing to see, it’s kind of…magical.”

Roland breaks out into a smile, understanding perfectly how Roxy is feeling and remarks thoughtfully, “I can agree with you on that. Seeing something like this for the first time can have a certain magic all its own.”

“So….” Roxy begins, taking a step in front of Roll, turning around so they can speak face to face as they continue to walk, “It’s been while since I saw them, but are Garret and May doing alright?”

“My parents are both doing well, though I’m a bit disappointed with my mom. She showed certain embarrassing pictures of me when I was seven to a few guests. I’ve asked her to never show those to people.” Roll’s face slowly turns beat red just thinking of it. He really wanted to destroy those pictures.

“She showed them to the Winx then? Those pictures can’t be that bad, can they?” Roxy asks, having a vivid image in her mind of Roll in a towel cape and a box helmet.

“She did and Chatta and Lockette saw them as well. Those pictures are bad. One is of me...dressed as a fairy for Halloween. Bloom kind of forced the issue and so I was stuck going as one,” Roll mutters with a scoff, now completely red from even mentioning it and he decides to quickly change the subject, “What about your parents? How are they?”

“My parents are both doing fine,” Roxy answers, spinning on the spot and falling into step next to Roll again, “The Frutti Music Bar is as popular as ever.”

“Does your mom still hate me?” Roll looks away at the cave wall as he speaks quietly, knowing this question might upset the girl.

It wasn’t just Roxy’s mom who hated Roll; a good portion of the Earth fairies from Tir Non Og seemed to hold some prejudice against Mage Knights. Morgana had even placed up a barrier that forbade him entry.

“She doesn’t seem to hate you as much as before. I’m sorry I can’t give you a more definitive answer.”

Roll crosses his arms, shaking his head ever so slightly, “It’s not your fau...” The boy stops speaking, turning around suddenly as he senses some kind of faint energy.

The red head glances over to Roxy with a worried expression as his hand gravitates towards his sword, “Did you sense something just now Roxy?”

Roxy shakes her head, voicing gently while taking Roland’s hand off the hilt and slowly grasps it in her own, “I’m afraid I didn’t sense anything Roll. Just relax, there’s nothing around here that will attack us. You’re being jumpy.”

“Guess I’m on edge because of what’s been happening.” Roll softly expresses, looking right into Roxy’s purple eyes, while she gazes right into his silver orbs.

The two blush softly, neither moving nor looking away from each other. They stay like that for a few seconds before the pink haired girl realizes that her hand is still holding onto Roll’s, and so she quickly releases her grip upon it.

“We should….uh…keep going. The princess won’t be happy if we’re late.” Quickly turning on her heels and still blushing, Roxy walks down the tunnel, Roll running to catch up with her in awkward silence.

The two don’t speak for several minutes until Roxy screeches to a halt, looking confused at the two passages ways ahead of them, “Did we make a wrong turn? Neither of these tunnels have…”

The floor suddenly collapses with a loud bang and Roxy falls several feet into a slopping tunnel, grabbing onto a small rock jetting from the wall just in time.

“ROXY!” Roll cries out, sliding to the edge, stretching out his arm to reach her.

The terrified girl reaches towards the Specialist with her free hand, her fingers almost able to grab his.

“Just a little bit further! I can feel the heat of your hand!” Roxy hollers up to him.

Before Roll can respond, there is another loud bang, this time right below him. The ground breaks apart and Roll falls into another slopped cavern, with everything suddenly going black.


The stalactites of the vaulted cavern ceiling above Roll slowly come into focus as he awakens, causing him to wonder where exactly he is. The smell of smoke filters past his nostrils as he sits up to gather his bearings, clutching his head in pain.

“Careful there Roll, you’ve been out for fifteen hours.” A familiar voice calls out.

The boy slowly shifts his head to the left, his vision slowly returning to its sharp focus as Kileon Blood Arm pops into sight. Opening his eyes wide in shock, Roll jumps to his feet; instinctively reaching for his sword, only to find the scabbard empty.

“What have you done with Roxy and where is my sword?” Roll demands questioningly, his voice full of worry for the Princess of the Earth Fairies.

“I have done nothing with her, young knight. As for your blade, I have it right here next to me, along with this rather interesting device,” Blood Arm holds up Roll’s cell and returns to looking at the screen, “It’s rather wondrous to have such knowledge at your fingertips. Sit back down, so we can chat. We can speak more openly away from the prying eyes of people who would misunderstand my intent.” The man once again turns to the screen, scrolling through various news feeds.

With a dissatisfied grunt and looking unamused, Roland plops onto the ground, watching the odd behavior of the elder knight, “Where are we anyway and how are you even using my phone down here? I shouldn’t have any cell reception down here.”

“I would not know why you have reception, but for where we are, this place is a fortress created by the being Darkar, the wielder of the Shadow Phoenix.” The man replies and looks over to Roll, whom gives him the same look as before, “Don’t give me that look as if I don’t know what I’m talking about. I learned all of this from researching on that device of yours, from notes created by one of those fairies I fought earlier. You have no idea who this Darkar is that I speak of, do you?”

“Not a clue,” The red head replies seriously, leaning forward a bit with his hands resting on his knees, “Mind explaining who he is?”

“I do not know much aside that he had a power just as powerful as the Dragon Flame. We have more pressing matters that you and I need to speak of,” Blood Arm seriously utters, throwing the phone over to Roll and he turns a bit, walking over to the side of a cliff, his hands now behind his back, “You’re unbalanced.”

“Is that supposed to be a crack at my mental health?”

The blue haired man turns around, glaring at Roland, “It was an observation based off your lack of skill. You need to learn to maintain a balance of the magic energy in your body. Transfusion magic becomes unstable otherwise, which I’m sure you’ve experienced.”

“And how am I going to learn to do that?” Roll mutters in a snarky tone, “From you? I’m sorry, but don’t you want to destroy or rule over the Magic Dimension?”

“That is what the legends tell people; our history has been distorted by those who were corrupted by Essence Cores.”

“And what exactly are these cores?” Roll bluntly asks, sick of listening to this guy spout nonsense; he’d rather listen to one of Daphne’s magic history lessons over this guys

Blood Arm laughs heartily, dropping Roll’s blade to the ground, kicking it over to him, “That young knight is something I won’t disclose with you until you and I meet again off the battlefield. Learn to balance yourself, and maybe you’ll reflect some of your frustration away.” The man begins to walk away, heading for a brick lined tunnel and into the shadows.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Roll screams, snatching his blade from the ground and dashing after Blood Arm.

“I have business with the people down here,” The elder man calls from the shadow, “It may even have something to do with what we spoke of. If you think you can stop me and then by all means come to Downland. You might even save people if I have to kill those that get in my way.”

The man’s voice echoes several times before it fades and Roll stops in his tracks to listen for footfalls, but everything is silent.

“I can’t sit here and feel stupid for letting Blood Arm get away again. I need to stop him, find Roxy and figure this entire mess out.” Roll states in a soft tone as he heads down the tunnels using his phone to light the way.


Roxy slowly trudges into the audience chamber holding the gift for the princess in her hand. After Roll had fallen down that second hole, Roxy lost her grip and slide through the tunnels until she arrived at the underground river that Stella told her so much about that was close to Downland.

While wandering the caves, the pink haired girl ran into one of the locals, whom were very generous and allowed Roxy to stay with them until the next day.

“Welcome to Downland, I am Princess Amentia. What brings you all the way down to my realm?”

Roxy gulps a bit as she moves closer to Amentia. She had heard all the stories from Brandon and Stella about how hard-headed this former ally was. The fact that Brandon was nearly married off to her was rather funny.

“I have a package from Headmistress Faragonda for you.” The girl announces, stopping in the middle of the hall, holding out the box in front of herself.

The four armed woman slowly stands from her throne and waltzes over to Roxy, who smiles nervously at the Princess.

Amentia slowly lifts the box up, inspecting the wrapping, “Still in good condition considering what I heard about how you arrived down here. I am rather pleased. I shall open this in my private chambers later this evening. You may return to your school now.”

“Thank you, your majesty,” Roxy voices with a bow and a smile, “It was a pleasure meeting you.”

Turning on the spot in her heeled boots, the fairy of animals mind begins to churn, thinking urgently to herself, I just hope Roll and I can run into each other before we leave the caves.

The doors slowly creek open as Roxy approaches and a man with blue hair marches past her towards the throne, a black sword in hand.

Amentia stands up, picking up a set of swords that lay next to the throne, “I do not appreciate armed intruders in my dominion. Now who are you!?”

“I am Kileon and I do not appreciate you delaying me with inane questions. Now give me the Ritual Core and I won’t burn this place to the ground.” The man’s blade slowly sparks to life; it glowing a dark blue as he takes a few more steps forward.

“MAGIC WINX!” Roxy yells, transforming into her basic fairy form in a blink of light, “I’m not going to let you hurt any of these people!”

Roxy grits her teeth, feeling a headache starting up and her magic slowly ebbing away. She didn’t have much time to fight.

The man glances at Roxy and scowls at her, “Then show me your power little fairy.”

Deciding to test Charmix for the first time, a green tote bag with a little dog face appears around her hips and a pin of a little paw appears just at her shoulder. She flies in the air and shoots a green beam of energy at Blood Arm. The man swings his blade in a horizontal motion and a small yellow ball pops forth. The two spells speed towards one another, connecting in the center of the room in a brilliant explosion of blinding light.


Sky walks through the apartment of the Red Fountain dorm he shared with the others and knocks softly on the door labeled for Roll.

“Hey, I think you and I need to talk about what happened yesterday.”

No reply issues from the other side and the Prince of Eraklyon opens the door slowly. The room while empty didn’t show any signs that its resident had slept here the night before.

“Where is he?” Sky wonders aloud and heads towards Timmy’s room, poking his head inside.

“Hey Sky, what can I do for ya?” Timmy looks up from his computer, doing some work of his own.

“Have you seen Roll today? He’s not in his room and he’s not anywhere around the school.” The blonde requests as he slowly walks into the room

“The last I saw of him was yesterday when we went to Ohm. I’ll track down his cell to see where he is. It might take some time.” The genius Specialist turns back to his computer, opening a program and typing in various bits of information.

Sky is about to leave when his cell rings and he looks at the caller ID before he answers, “Hey Bloom, what’s up?”

“Roxy is missing,” Bloom says from the other end, “She and Roll were asked by Professor Palladium yesterday to deliver something to Downland.”

“Bloom, I’ve already got Timmy trying to hunt down Roll, we’ll do the same for Roxy. We’ll head out there in a few minutes.”

“The girls and I are going to meet you out there. See you soon.”

The phone call drops right as Timmy shouts from the background, “I found him! He’s in Darkar’s Fortress. What is he doing there of all places?”

“I really don’t know, but if Roxy is with him, they probably made some wrong turn or something,” Sky expresses and quickly moves back into the living area, finding Brandon and Riven playing a game, “Suit up. Seems like Roll and Roxy might have gotten into sticky situation over in Downland”

“What did that loser do this time? Make Roxy lose her powers?” Riven questions in a mocking tone.

“Cut it out man,” Brandon reprimands as he stands, “I know you’re mad about what happened with Musa, but it’s not his fault.”

Riven grumbles, but stands up, following Brandon and Sky to the armory.

A/N: And so the plot deepens. I hope you enjoyed it.
Please leave your comments, advice and what not here. I want to hear what you have to say.


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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PostSubject: Re: Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm   Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:53 am

Just giving you all a general warning, this does contain a spoiler related to the end of season 6. I hope you like this chapter. I enjoyed writing.

Chapter 7: Blood Sky

Sky slowly walks through the thick brush towards the cliff face that holds the caves to Downland. Behind him, Timmy is working on his mini wrist computer with a holo map displayed ahead of the man. Two blips are displayed upon it, both moving throughout the cave system, but the one in red representing Roxy skips about, traveling at a much faster pace than it should.

The second illustrated in dark blue, slowly ambles into a lower tunnel system that’s connected with Darkar’s Fortress.

Tapping the controls of his gauntlet, the bespectacled boy glances up, expressing his confusion at Sky, “This movement speed is so erratic and I’m pretty sure Roxy can’t be in her fairy form from these readings. It’s just so unnatural.”

“How close is she to the cave’s mouth?” Sky queries his friend, as he steps onto an outcropping overlooking the cave entry.

“About two hundred yards and the signal is slowing down to a crawl. Roxy should come into view any moment now.”

“Let’s get down there and make sure she’s not hurt or anything.” Sky projects and he leaves the outcropping to follow a small path down that leads to the clearing with several trees that holds the cave.

Brandon, Helia and Thoren quickly fall in step behind the prince to provide proper backup, while Riven, Timmy, Nex and Roy remain a few meters away to provide tactical support. The eight men wait patiently for several minutes, talking in murmurs amongst themselves, until a shadowy form made its way towards them.

“Roxy, are you injured!?” Helia shouts to the figure, keeping hold of his position.

“She not hurt at all, Specialist, but I do think you all will be if you do not let me leave this place.” A man voice booms and stepping out into the light with Roxy in his arms is Kileon.

Helia raises his right arm, pointing his wrist blaster at the man. He just manages to spy something just under the man’s left arm as he takes a step forward, “Drop her Blood Arm and whatever that thing is under your arm. If you do that, you won’t be hurt.”

Blood Arm chuckles at Helia as he lays Roxy down a soft stretch of grass near the cave and walks away from her, “I have no intention of hurting this girl any further, but you on the other hand Helia are a different matter entirely.”

“How do you know my name?” The eldest Specialist questions edging closer to the knight while observing the object under the arm of this man. From the distance, he can tell it is a purple stony object that is cracked and has a soft neon blue glow coming from within it.

“I’ve done a little research on you all via your lost companion’s contact device; one must know who’s one enemy really is. Don’t worry; he’s perfectly fine other than that small bump to his head that he suffered while sliding through the caves.”

Helia’s fist tights as he readies his cables to tie up Blood Arm, “I won’t say it again, drop whatever you have there.”

“That is something I can’t oblige you with.” The blue haired man hisses as he takes a few more steps away from the Specialists.

Acting quickly, Helia releases three sets of yellow cables from wrist, which charge towards Kileon at high speeds. The Mage Knight smirks at the tactic and spins out of the way at the last second and snatches the cables in one movement, yanking hard upon them.

“WHOA!” Helia yelps in surprise as his unusual high strength fails him as he’s jerked towards the knight like a fish on a hook at high speeds.

Smirking lightly, the blue haired knight drops the cables to the ground and kicks the Specialist squarely in the sternum, following the attack up with a jab to the jaw. Helia tumbles backward, slamming into a tree and slowly slides down the side onto the ground in a daze, holding his sides in pain as a bit of blood seeps from his lips.

The black haired man slowly staggers to his feet, but Kileon rushes at him with his sword drawn and smacks the boy’s head with the pommel of the sword. Helia crumples to the ground and remains there motionless.

“You all should feel unlucky since what happened to young Helia will happen to you,” Blood Arm announces to the remaining seven, turning his back to them as he speaks again, “My combat prowess and speed have been increased for a limited duration. If none of you cowards are going to attack, I shall be on my way.”

“Eat this.” Riven shouts; throwing his boomerang towards the knight, only to draw his phantoblade from his belt moments later and lunge at his target.

The mage knight turns on his heel with a yawn as the ranged weapon closes in and with a simple flourish of the sword, cuts it in half.

He left himself open, perfect. Riven thinks with a smirk, thrusting his blade at Blood Arm’s flank.

The blue haired combatant quickly sidesteps, the pink blade digging into the surface of his armor at the last moment.

“Nearly had me Riven, but your ploy was rather obvious,” The man turns to face the magenta haired Specialist, his sword surrounded by a silver aura, “You won’t be getting that lucky again. Now come at me!”

“Gladly,” Riven shouts, slashing quickly at the man several times, “I’ll force you to drop that thing you have!”

“You’re just a pup when it comes to swordplay. Come back when you’ve had fifteen more years of experience!” The mage knight booms as he effortlessly parries Riven’s strikes, countering with a riposte to the boy’s arm.

The aggressive Specialist quickly counters with a grin, thinking he has this old man beat, but Blood Arm smirks as his diversion distracts the boy from his real motive. Taking advantage of the fresh opening, the man jams his shoulder into Riven’s midsection while also kneeing him below the belt.

Waves of pain wash over the young man as he falls to his knees. Blood Arm stomps down on the young warriors’ hand, forcing the photonic weapon out of his grip while breaking the boy’s wrist in the process.

“I think it’s time we finished this little battle.” Blood Arm breaths as he jumps away from the injured boy and swings the blade bathed in silver light towards him.

Large musical notes rush at Riven, enveloping him in a haze of song. The boy screams in agony and slowly falls face first onto the ground. As the notes slowly fade into nothingness, Thoren quickly swings his maul above his head, driving the weapon into the ground moments later.

The ground begins to swell at the point of impact and a large crack snakes across the ground running directly under mad knight’s feet. Blood Arm sways about, his footing becoming very unstable due to his lopsidedness in weight and he loses his grip upon the odd stone, which tumbles to the ground with a dull thud.

“Brandon, Nex, Roy! Now while he’s lost his equilibrium!” Thoren roars, racing quickly at the knight as the other three rush several paces behind.

The elder warrior’s smile grows, gripping his sword now with two hands, “You’ve made a very large mistake allowing me to use both hands on my blade!”

Kileon’s weapon blazes pure teal and he turns the blade, dragging the tip along the ground for a mere second, heaving it the weapon through the air, generating five electrical laced energy waves that rush the charging foes.

“I’ll take care of this.” Roy shouts, jumping in front of Thoren, holding out the bladed green weapon to absorb to thunderous power.

The energy flows around the blonde like, but the sword with all its magic power is unable to handle it and Roy screams in pure torment as the teal energy courses through his body as the sword fails. Unable to outrun the secondary waves, Thoren, Brandon and Nex are all soon enveloped, they too screaming in agony.

The electrical energy lasts for only a few seconds longer, before the four men faint to the ground, smoke slowly rising from their hair. Timmy dashes over to his fallen comrades, quickly checking Brandon’s pulse and respiration.

The boy breathes a sigh of relief, “They’re all alive. I need to call…gack!” He begins, but Blood Arm clenches Timmy by the throat.

“You should be more worried about yourself than those four,” The man whispers gingerly, a smile no longer upon the knight’s lips, “Someday you will learn why this defeat was necessary.”

Blood Arm relaxes his grip on the poor boy, back handing him into a nearby tree, which breaks and lands on Timmy’s hind quarters.

Kileon slowly walks back to the stone, placing it once more under his arm and turns to leave.

“You’re not leaving Blood Arm. I want to know what that stone is and why you want it so badly!” Sky’s voice rings as he slowly approaches with his blue blade drawn.

“Finally,” Blood Arm gleefully shouts, “someone asking an intelligent question. This stone is a Ritual Core; it’s part of a set that’s spread out through the magic dimension. As for the reason I want them,” The man chuckles a bit, “They’re used to remove a powerful protection binding said to hold great and deadly power.”

“Whatever it’s protecting, I can’t allow you to keep that stone!” Sky thrusts his sword, a blue bolt of energy releases from the end.

“Weak,” Blood Arm remarks in a dull droll, “Paladin weapons are nothing but a pale shadow to what I can do!” The man slashes at the blonde prince, who blocks and presses back on the attack, locking blades.

The two stare in each other's eyes for several seconds, before Sky jumps away and lunges at the man’s face. Blood Arm dodges out of the way and the edge of the blue blade slices off a small strand of his hair.

“Is that all you have? I thought you were supposed to be strong.” Blood Arm taunts, spinning his blade as he moves away from the blonde swordsman.

“I’m going to stop you here and now for what you did to Bloom!” Sky bellows and once again thrusts a magic bolt at his foe.

Kileon just shakes his head and with his sword glowing a light orange; he slashes at the magic bolt. The energy bounces off the blade and rebounds back into Sky’s face, breaking his nose slightly.

“This is the real power of a Mage Knight.” The man says coldly, as he waltzes over, but Sky slashes at the stone under Kileon’s arm.

The stone gently topples from its position and the prince quickly dives for it and rolls past the Mage Knight, “I can’t allow you to keep this so you can unseal whatever power you want!”

Sky turns to face Kileon ready to end this fight

“And I can’t allow you to hide it away from me.” The Mage Knight utters in a deadpan tone.

Several seconds pass as the two men glare at each, before they lunge at the same moment. Their swords make contact, drawing them into another standoff, but the elder man head-butts the prince and the boy falls to one knee, dropping the object. Blood Arm picks up the object, kicking Sky in the stomach for good measure.

“It seems we are at an impasse on the stone. Neither of us will have it!”

The knight moves some distance away and places the stone onto the ground, then thrusts his sword into the very top of it. The blue pulsing energy suddenly turns black and the cracks widen until it breaks into two even pieces along with small ball of magic energy flying into the heavens.

“I’m sure we’ll meet again Sky. Until then, you and the others should train and learn new skills. I wait for a different outcome in our next battle.” Blood Arm quickly turns and walks away with a satisfied smile on his face; everything had gone according to plan.

Sky tries to stand so he can catch the man, but his body is battered and bruised, and he collapses into unconsciousness.


The Winx, along with Daphne fly swiftly over the forest, heading for the mountains where the cave system is located.

“I just hope that Roll and Roxy are alright. What if they got hurt down there?” Flora projects worriedly as the seven women zoom over the village of pixies.

“Roxy is probably just fine. She is tougher than she lets on.” Aisha answers, fluttering up beside the brown haired girl and giving her a warm smile.

“Roll probably got them lost and they ended up in some dead end,” Musa comments as she tries to remove the pink elastics from her hair so she didn’t have two weird looking ponytails that look like antenna on the sides of her head, “Or some new creature attacked them and Roxy had to do all the work.”

Pulling down the hood to let the wind fly through her hair, Tecna finally speaks up as she taps a holo image with the two cell signals, “That’s highly improbable. There is only a three percent chance that any new life forms have made that cave system its home since our last visit almost five years ago.”

“Shame it’s not a shoe store or something. I could really use a new pair to go with that outfit I got last week and I’m missing a sale on Earth because of this.” Stella fumes with a slight pout.

“Just design your own Stella that never stopped you before when it came to making our outfits.” Bloom articulates, laughing a bit, before she stops midflight due to her fingers feeling numb.

The red head slowly lifts her hands in front of her face, palms up and the girl’s eyes open wide as she takes in the soft blue glow they give off. The Winx stop as well and float back to her as they wonder what is wrong.

“Bloom, is something wrong?” Daphne questions urgently, quickly drifting in front of her little sister.

“I’m not really…” The bearer of the Dragon Flame begins, but is cut off as the blue light envelops her body.

“I feel kind of funny.” Musa mutters, and she and the other Winx are swallowed up by their own lights.

Daphne flies back several feet, looking for ways past this unusual event to save her sister, when suddenly the lights blink out and smoke fills the air.

“Girls are you alright?” Bloom coughs, flying blindly out of the smoke and into the light, very much changed.

“I’m fine Bloom!” Musa splutters, wafting out of the fog into the red head and the two tumble a bit, “Sorr…we got our Enchantix back!”

“This is wonderful! Now we can really kick that Blood Arms butt when we see him next.” Aisha boasts feeling energized for a fight and punches the air.

Bloom shakes her head with a frown, “Even with Enchantix, we don’t stand much of a chance against him. For now, let’s meet up with the Specialists and we can start coming up with a training regimen when we return to Alfea.”

“That’s a sound plan little sister.” Daphne voices in agreement, smiling softly.

“That is the most logical move. Even Timmy would agree to it.”

“Come on, I want to see Brandon already!” Stella whines noisily as she begins flying away, the six remaining women quickly zooming after her.

Remaining in silences for the remainder of the trip, the gaggle of women finally sees the cliff face slowly rises in front of them with the Owl barely discernable through the trees.

Deciding to forge ahead, Bloom quickly moves over the clearing, “We made it every….” The fairy of the Dragon Flame immediately stops speaking and gasps, her hands jumping to her mouth in horror.

The girl slowly takes it all in, from where Roxy is laying to where Thoren has collapsed.

Finally her eyes center on the person who matters most and she quickly flies to the ground, kneeling next to her beloved, with tears falling from her eyes as she tries to sit him up, “SKY! Are you alright!? Say something!? Is Roxy alright? Where is Roll?”

Now sporting two black eyes, Sky is barely able to open them and in a weak voice finally speaks, “Blood Arm did this Bloom. He was trying to steal some relic from Downland, but destroyed it before he left. I think the pieces are still over there. We didn’t even stand a chance.”

The man groans in pain as he points to the stone fragments and passes out again.

Upon hearing Bloom’s anguished cry, Daphne lands upon the ground, gapping at what she is witnessing and then rushes to her husband, cupping his cheek in her hand and places her forehead on his, “Thoren, wake up please. I can tell you’re not badly hurt, but at least try to wake up.”

A few tears run down from her orange colored eyes as she moves back and kisses his forehead.

“We need to get them into the Owl!” Flora shouts, landing next to Helia and creating stretches next to each Specialist.

The seven women slowly lift their loved ones onto the stretchers through tears of sadness and Flora, Tecna and Aisha use their magic to bring the men back to the Owl.

Musa floats over to Roxy and places a hand on her shoulder, “She’s not hurt very badly, but we should still take her to the school nurse.”

The fairy of music lifts Roxy up, lugging her back to the Specialist’s vehicle.

“Daphne, I’m going to wait here for Roll,” Bloom says softly to her sister, whipping away some tears, “Tecna can fly the Owl back. Can you make sure Sky is taken care of?”

“Of course Bloom. I just hope Roland is along soon. We’ll see you back there.” Daphne utters in a soft tone and she gives her sister a hug before she boards the transport with the Winx. The Owl slowly lifts into the air and Bloom leaves her fairy form, appearing in her preppy school outfit with her hair in a braid.

“Please be okay Sky.” Bloom murmurs as she turns to look at the stone fragments left upon the ground. “I should take these to Faragonda; I bet she will know what they are.”

The red haired girl uses her magic to encase the stone halves in a small box, snapping her fingers to send it back to Alfea moments later. Once that task is complete, Bloom walks to the cave to wait for her cousin to exit.

Hope none of you are too mad about the general beat down that the Specialists received. I think a good ego bruising for them was in order anyway. Well tell me what you think of the chapter.


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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PostSubject: Re: Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm   Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:44 pm

Yaaaaaaaas! Honestly I liked what you did to the specialists. That was a good addition to the chapter, and yay they got their Enchantix back!! Very Happy


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PostSubject: Re: Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm   Mon Nov 17, 2014 4:05 pm

They defiantly deserved the beat down. Thought I'm expecting rage from people for Helia's and probably Sky's.


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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Return of Mage Knight Blood Arm
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