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Season: Autumn
Month: October
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Year: 2016
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 Charma, Fairy of Charms/Gems

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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Musa Brandon
Posts : 5333
Age : 26
Location : New Zealand

PostSubject: Charma, Fairy of Charms/Gems   Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:03 pm

First topic message reminder :

Name: Charma

Age: 16

Gender: Female

What Creature Are you?: Fairy

Race: Erayklonian

Allegiance: Evil by Corruption

Origins: Magic User

Powers: Charms, however she can use the power of Gems since they are one of the components of making charms. For her first three years, she will be focusing on the Emerald gem, which representing Earth/Nature and the Pink Diamond, which is wind.

Transformation Cry: Encrusted Charms Magic!


Since there is two gems that she uses, there is a limit of 5 uses of one gem before switching with the other gem.
Leaf Tornado (low – leaves flies to form a tornado and flung towards the target) Gem: Emerald.
Nature’s Wind (low – is used for diversion, but can blow the target away but not causing too much damage) Gem: Pink Diamond.
Charming Whip (low – a small whip appears and wraps around the wounded’s wound and heals it. It’s not powerful enough to heal broken bones) Gem: Emerald.
Earth’s Quake (medium – earth based attack – makes earthquakes) Gem: Emerald.
Vine’s Rope (medium – vines comes out of nowhere and either ties the target or gives them lashes which might cut the skin) Gem: Emerald.
Ocean’s Breath (medium – An strong ocean's breeze comes over in which can heal someone if injured. Most effective near a beach.) Gem: Pink Diamond.
Sakura Petal Tornado (high  - Sakura Petals flies together to create a more powerful tornado than Leaf Tornado. Does more damage since the petals will turn sharp at the right moment)  Gem: Pink Diamond
Nature’s Charm (high – both gems appear and turns into charms, which can summon anything from the earthly plane, which also has a chance to curse the
target) Gem: Emerald.


Strengths: Jewellery making, she is capable to identity potions on site no matter where she could be, excels at exams.

Weaknesses: Her addiction to Chocolate by it's aroma and always have some on her which leads to binge eat and wastes money on it. She isn't that much athetic as others thus she fails P.E a lot She also have pneumatiphobia (Fear of spirits).

Personality: Charma loves standing up for what’s right and protects others who needs them. She makes charms for her closest friends for protection anywhere she goes. She’s a bit of a hot head and can lose her temper from time to time if she gets frustrated.  She is loyal to others and never abandon her teammates, even if they push her away. However, she has a few bad habits, like bitting her nails when she is nervous or scared, speaking or acting without thinking, and leaving some of her belongings around her dorm room.

History: Coming from a long line of charm makers in Eraykon, Charma loves any kind of jewellery and charms, especially at an early age. She’s the only child in her family. Her family lives in the middle working class, providing an array of jewellery and protective charms. Even Diasprio visits often, declaring that they were the best in the land, despite not being in the upper class. When Charma was about 5, she was attacked by evil spirits. It was so bad, that they had to get a medium from another realm, just to get rid of them. Since then, she ended up being afraid of any sorts of wandering spirits, which she ended up fearing them. Double that age, and we see a 10yr old girl beginning to learn how to make jewellery, and by the time she was 14, she presented her best piece to the noble, which was praised highly. But when she turned one year older, Charma felt a bit lightheaded and accidently activated one of the charms in the workshop, which nearly hurt her parents. Then they realised that she had her powers activated. They were about to start the application for the local college, when they heard that the Trix conquered the school, thus it was decided to send Charma to Alfea College to keep their daughter safe and sound. Her parents told her that if she ever able to control her charm power, she has to focus on one element of the gems, which gives the protection, and gave her a raw cut emerald and a raw cut Pink Diamond. Charma hopes that she can make some new friends and allies while she’s there, and is looking forward to her new college life.

During the first year, a lot had happened, but her story properly starts when she tries to make the Winx see how egocentric they have become, starting in Christmas Week in Gardenia. First off, she had a yelling match with Tecna, which resulted her to staying in Roll’s Earth Home, which those two became friends. When they got back to Alfea, she and Bloom (and the rest of the winx members) argued, which gave both parties a sour taste in their mouths and creating the tension between the groups. When Stella broke off and entered Charma’s room, she gained her Charmix. But things got bad to worse, and ended up recording under an invisbility spell, the fight between Roll, the Winx, Daphne and the Specialists. She sent the footage to her close friend Disapro, then deleted the footage. Soon, that leaked by a certain “unknown” princess for revenge, but Diaspro gave all the blame to her and Charma got off scott-free…..for now at least.
In the second year, Charma reconciled with Flora after saving her skin due to a prank, but of course, that still didn’t fix the tension in both parties. A few days later when Midterms happened and the cores appeared, Roll destroyed it, but a piece of the core struck her leg, and it sunk in. She runs away from Alfea to Shadowhaunt, where she created a Brooch from the Trix's old Gloomix. Though she thought it was brilliant at the time, the creation has some serious side effects which will be revealed later.
She appears later to the Princess Ball on Isis, but not before going back and trashing her dorm to get her phone. After a talk with Mina, things were quiet. She got Roll back, but that was it after the Ball.
In the moment, she resides in Shadowhaunt. Who knows what’s going to happen next.


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RP Moderator
RP Moderator

Posts : 9992

PostSubject: Re: Charma, Fairy of Charms/Gems   Fri Jan 30, 2015 10:42 am

*stamps reapproved on the forehead*

You're good to go Chrissie.


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Musa Brandon
Posts : 5333
Age : 26
Location : New Zealand

PostSubject: Re: Charma, Fairy of Charms/Gems   Sun Jul 26, 2015 2:30 am

I have updated appearence, allegiance and history


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RP Moderator
RP Moderator

Posts : 9992

PostSubject: Re: Charma, Fairy of Charms/Gems   Mon Jul 27, 2015 4:47 pm

I'll reapprove.


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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Super Moderator
Super Moderator

Stella Sky
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Age : 24
Location : America
Hobbies : Writing, playing games, moderating on another forum

PostSubject: Re: Charma, Fairy of Charms/Gems   Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:53 pm

I'll give a re-approval.


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RP Rules - Guide to Making an OC

Lazer Team:
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PostSubject: Re: Charma, Fairy of Charms/Gems   

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Charma, Fairy of Charms/Gems
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