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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Breaking Ties Chapter 1: The Changing Season

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PostSubject: Breaking Ties Chapter 1: The Changing Season   Fri Sep 19, 2014 12:48 pm

Chapter 1: The Changing Season

He slowly approached me, his right hand clutching his Dragon Shaped staff, and his white hair shimmering in the sunlight. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what to do, but all I know is that I should stand up straight. My brother went on about this, he told me that a Specialist must stand tall and brave, I will do that. I will not fail him. I will not. I adjusted my hat to make it even tighter.

I slowly approached him, wanting to see if I was ready. “Welcome to Red Fountain, Mister Azionaire. I’m glad to have you here. Please follow me to your room, your dorm mate will be the Crowned-Prince of Eraklyon; Prince Sky. He will teach you all about the basics of being a hero.” he continued.

I steadily fastened my pace, trying to catch up and walk properly. I can’t be caught, not right now.

As we slowly approached the room by the corridor, a guy with purple hair stared at me intently. I tried not to glance at his direction; I didn’t want him getting into my business. I kept on going, I can’t back out now.

There he was, the Crowned Prince of Eraklyon, he’s even better looking in person. I began to blush. No, no keep it cool. Don’t let him distract you from your mission.
He began to approach me, “Hey there. My name is Sky, of Eraklyon. A pleasure to meet you.” he greeted. I lift my head and tried smiling back. This is awkward.

“Um- hi there.” I replied. My eyes widened as I realize that I was using my normal voice. I cough hard to cover it, “Er- I mean hey there bro! My name is uh- Gerald Azionaire, Prince of Inferno. Nice to meet you.” I added as I offered my hand for a shake.

He lifted his left blond eyebrow in confusion, but then decided to take my hand and shake back. Saladin then pulled out Sky and told him a few things, and then they both came back. “I’m leaving you to Sky’s care now Mr. Azionaire. I hope you enjoy your stay at Red Fountain, and don’t forget classes start tomorrow.”

I nodded.

He then left the room, and left me alone with Sky. He awkwardly positioned himself by his bed, obviously didn’t know how to spark up a conversation. “So- uh, what brought you out here?” he asked. I looked around the room, and then walked towards the balcony of our room. “I have to train to defeat my siblings. It’s the only way I can survive.” I replied.

He whistled in a sympathetic tone, “Sounds like you’re having a rough time. I guess I can teach you some basics. Why don’t you come with me to the back field? We can train there.” he suggested. I nodded and grabbed my Flame Dagger.

As we approached the battle field, he handed to me a helmet. “Put it on, you’re going to need it.” he said. I slowly took off my hat, and immediately switched it with the helmet. He didn’t see anything, that’s good.

I grabbed my dagger from the floor whilst he takes up his position with his sword. “I won’t go easy on you. You may be new, but I’m not holding back.” Sky warned me.
I took my position and began to lunge at him. I swing my dagger across his chest, only to miss him by an inch. He jumps back to his position, then runs towards me with his sword.  I jump back to dodge it, but he continues to head for my direction.
“Aren’t you heated up,” I tell him as I continue to deflect his sword attacks with my dagger.

He smirks, “You’re not so bad yourself. That dagger seems pretty handy, mind if I-“he then swings his sword with all his might and draws away my dagger.
It flies to the ground and clings, “-borrow it?” he mockingly continued. I was impressed with his skills, but I wasn’t done yet. I grin as I drop into the ground and kick him off his feet. He falls down and let’s go of his sword.

“Whoa, you’re almost as swift as a girl! That’s some impressive kicks!” he exclaimed.
As I pick up my dagger, I immediately froze in my tracks due to those words. What I didn’t realize, was that he was already right behind me.

He swung his sword mightily, and it ends up hitting my helmet. I fall on to the floor, unable to move myself.

“Whoa, Gerald dude I’m so sorry! Here, let me help you!” he said as he tries to sit me up and carry me. The helmet began to provoke my head; I was beginning to feel a lot more pain.

I think he noticed too, because he began to take my helmet off. I tried protesting, but I had no energy to do so. As he pulled it off, my long flowing locks danced along with the wind, and rolled down from my head and flew with the breeze.

Sky looked at them shockingly, and began to mumble. “You- you’re a- you’re…”
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Breaking Ties Chapter 1: The Changing Season
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