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Season: Autumn
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Year: 2016
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 The Battling Toy Fairy

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Stella Sky
Posts : 1245
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Hobbies : Writing, playing games, moderating on another forum

PostSubject: The Battling Toy Fairy   Tue Oct 28, 2014 2:08 am

My first Winx Club fanfiction that is going to be posted exclusively to BiW (it will be posted up on FFN once I complete the story).

Some things to be aware of:

  • The Rainie in this story and the Rainie I posted for the RP have different attacks. This Rainie's attacks are more detailed and more powerful because I like putting limitations on my RP characters. If you see new techniques not listed in the OC Sheet for Rainie it's because they're added here.
  • Has mentions of bullying so you've been warned.
  • This is set a week after Episode 10 so this story will be a canon-divergence (though not really since it won't be covering any other episodes).
  • Sky is still called Brandon and Brandon is still called Sky.

Unlike with my other stories, chapter postings will be varied.

Feedback and criticism is appreciated.

Please enjoy.


Necessary RP Information Links:
RP Rules - Guide to Making an OC

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Stella Sky
Posts : 1245
Age : 25
Location : America
Hobbies : Writing, playing games, moderating on another forum

PostSubject: Chapter One   Tue Oct 28, 2014 2:11 am

Bloom smiled at Musa as her friend walked out of the Magical Reality Chamber with a smile on her face. Palladium had just informed the musical fairy that she had passed her midterm, and the smile on her face showed how happy she was feeling. The Winx girls smiled at their friend and congratulated her. It was the week after their midterms were supposed to take place, but since there had been some tampering the week prior during Bloom's test, Palladium held off the continuation of the tests, which everyone else was currently doing. So far, the Winx fairies except for Stella and Tecna had passed their midterm. The two were still waiting for their chance to go.

"Rainie, you're next," Palladium informed.

Bloom blinked at the name, trying to put a face to it. She couldn't remember any girl named Rainie and so she watched as a brunette walked up to the front of the room, waiting patiently for her teacher's instructions.

"Would you like to restore a planet or to battle a witch?" Palladium questioned.

"Battle," Rainie responded.

Palladium nodded and set in the coding. Most of the students that had already gone chose to replenish a dead world instead of battle witches, although a few had decided to do battle.

"Alright then, step inside the chamber," Palladium instructed.

Rainie nodded and stepped inside, letting the conveyer belt move her to the middle of the room. When she got to the middle she transformed into her fairy form. Seeing his student ready for battle, Palladium began the simulation. The environment around her changed to match a dead world she was supposed to battle on, and then a figure materialized across from her. The figure was sporting navy blue hair and was in her witch form, smirking at Rainie when she became fully materialized.

"Far from home little fairy?" the witch taunted. "You would do well to run away."

Rainie didn't respond to the witch's taunting and just stared at her with a neutral look on her face. The witch's smirk slowly turned to a frown when her opponent didn't respond.

"So we're going to go for the silent treatment huh? Well fine then," the witch snarled, raising an arm upward and pointing her hand at Rainie. "Let me be the first to get a hit in."

The witch sent an electric ball at Rainie, aimed straight for the girl’s heart. The fairy didn't move an inch, and instead moved her hand over her pouches and then flew the arm outward towards the witch. From her pouch flew a tiny wooden block and it appeared in front of her palm. Rainie's palm glowed black and the block outlined in the similar tint. The wooden block then grew large in size nearly half the size of Rainie. The electric ball hit the block and fizzled over it, catching it on fire. The other students watched the hit in surprise, but only Tecna was the most shocked.

"A toy?" Tecna muttered in shock.

"What was that Tecna?" Bloom asked her friend.

"What she just used was a toy," Tecna explained.

"A toy?" Bloom asked.

Rainie shrunk the wooden block and threw it into the water nearby, wetting the flames. She then, telekinetically, had the wooden block fly out of the water and back into her hand before she physically placed it back in its pouch.

"Haha. You think a little wooden toy will beat me?" the witch laughed. "How pathetic."

Rainie's eyes narrowed in annoyance. Her hand glowed black once more, as did one of her pouches. Out of the glowing pouch flew a small plastic sword with a hole at where the hilt and the blade met, landing in Rainie's left hand.

"A plastic sword?" the witch laughed harder. "Are you serious?"

Rainie's glared deepened and placed the sword out in front of her. It glowed black and grew larger, just as she had done with the block. With her other hand, also glowing black, she ran her palm over the blade, and before everyone's eyes, it became a real blade.

"Whoa. That's incredible!" Bloom exclaimed.

Rainie transferred the sword into her other hand, and with her free one grabbed a small, red orb, sticking it into the hole in the sword. The orb glowed red before the blade changed from metal to fire. Rainie pointed the tip of the sword at the witch, who was staring at her in surprise.

"That's....that's impossible," the witch muttered. " was a stupid toy!!"

"I've never seen a toy fairy battle," Tecna said in surprise and excitement. "It's more incredible than what I could have ever imagined."

"You mean you've never seen someone with her kind of power battle?" Bloom asked in surprise.

"Toy fairies don't use their magic for what we do," Musa responded. "They usually make toys with their powers, not use them to fight witches."

"Whoa, really?" Bloom asked in surprise.

Rainie sent off a stream of fire headed straight for the witch that she was battling. The witch moved aside, missing the hit. Rainie didn't waste any time and simply flew at the witch, raising her weapon and striking at her with her flame-covered blade. The witch threw up an electric field that managed to block the fiery blade, but she hadn't been expecting a kick from Rainie to the stomach, sending the witch onto her back. The witch tried to sit up, but Rainie placed her foot on her stomach and pushed her down, using the weight to keep her from standing once more. Rainie then pointed the sword at the downed witch and sent a blast of fire at her. The witch cried, and the simulation ended, returning to its normal gray setting. Rainie powered down her sword and placed it and the orb away, after shrinking the sword. With her items put away, Rainie powered down. She left the simulation room without a word, passing by her teacher who informed her that she had passed her exam.

The other students took subtle steps away from Rainie as the fairy made her way to the corner of the room, leaning against a wall and looking at the ground. Bloom had watched her movements, stunned that the girl who had managed to go through the simulation in the shortest amount of time didn't go to any group and boast about her grade. She just stood off in the corner, like she was in her own little world.

"Hey Tecna, can you tell me more about the people that use toys as their powers?"

The Winx girls were enjoying their lunch after all of them passed their midterms for Palladiun's class when Bloom asked her friend the question. Ever since seeing Rainie partake in her midterm, Bloom had been intrigued, especially since the other girls expressed how rare it was to see such a sight. Bloom still knew very little about the magical world she was residing in, so she wanted to learn as much as she could, and asking Tecna seemed like the best start.

"Hm?" Tecna hummed at the question before tapping her chin. "Well....very little is known about them actually."

"Toy users kind of just appeared out of nowhere," Musa added. "They have no home world to call their own, and they kind of just reside on every planet."

"Plus, you'd never really know toys were their powers just by looking at them 'cause they would never use their powers," Stella contributed to the conversation. "I mean, you could totally guess that the storeowners that sold toys were toy users, but other than that you wouldn't know."

Bloom nodded at the explanations.

"I've actually never heard of a person using toys to battle," Flora commented. "This was my first time seeing one. I must say, I was very impressed."

"Who knew a fairy using toy spells could actually work?" Musa questioned.

"Guys, c'mon. It was just a simulation. There's no way her powers would work in a real fight," Stella commented.

"Well that's rude to say," Tecna replied with a frown.

"I'm not trying to be!" Stella protested quickly. "I'm just being honest. Think about it. Her toys were in her pouches. What if she lost that belt, hm? How would she be able to protect herself?"

"You know Stella does bring up a good point," Musa pointed out, earning a grin from Stella. The music fairy continued with, "Even if it came off rudely." At that comment, Stella huffed and crossed her arms.

"I wonder what it's like to be the only fairy who uses toys," Bloom mused to herself, remembering how their fellow classmates had side-stepped away from Rainie.

Rainie entered the dorm she shared with four other students. It wasn't empty, as she had been hoping. Her other dorm mates were sitting in the living room, and looked up when they heard the door open. They immediately looked away when they saw it was her and didn't mutter a word. Rainie's scowl never changed as she made her way to her room, closing it behind her and locking it. She wasn't surprised by their behavior; it had been like this ever since the start of the semester when Rainie had shown them her powers.

They had gathered in the living room the first day of school and had each shown off their powers, with Rainie going last. She had been reluctant at first, but she ultimately showed them when she caused some plastic bricks to swirl in the air and form a small Earth-designed car. Almost instantly her four dorm mates had frowned at her, already passing judgment on her. Rainie had quickly gathered her toys and retreated to her bedroom, locking herself in. Since then, she and her dorm mates had never said one word to each other.

Rainie sighed as she sat herself on the bed and dropped her school bad at her feet. She then took off her boots and kicked them off, letting them land wherever they wanted to land. With her feet free, she fell onto the bed, feeling herself bounce a little before the bed settled. She closed her eyes and took in a few deep breaths, a common ritual every time she returned from classes. After winding down from the day, she turned her head to look at the foot of her bed where three stuffed animals sat patiently waiting for her to finish her daily ritual. Her room was covered practically head to toe with toys of various shapes, sizes, and kinds. It was her sanctuary in this home away from home.

Did you pass? a stuffed cub lion asked.

Rainie smiled and nodded, sitting up on the bed and crossing her legs so she would be comfortable. All around the room she heard her companions cheer, happy that she had done it. Her smile glowing with uncontained happiness, Raine waved her hand over the three stuffed animals on her bed. Almost immediately they sprung to life and ran at her, all of them tackling her in hugs.

"Congratulations!" the three cried out in unison.

"Not that we ever doubted you," a tiger responded.

"We have total faith in you Rainie!" the lion reassured the girl.

"Mhm. We just thought you'd like to hear those words out loud," a bear doll added.

"Thank you," Rainie said with gratitude, thankful for the toys she had.

They were so understanding and so accepting of her that she sometimes wondered what she had done to earn such devotion and love from them. It was why she swore she'd do everything in her power to protect them from anyone that wanted to hurt them.

"Was it fun? Did you get to fight a lot of witches?" the bear, Mogar, asked.

"I fought only one witch," Rainie answered. "And she wasn't very strong. She went down so fast it was embarrassing."

"That's because you're super strong!" the lion cub, Gavvy, complimented.

"You've been practicing since before coming to Alfea," the tiger, X-Ray, added. "There was no way that witch would win with your experience!"

Rainie felt her eyes water up at their compliments, and she had to wipe them away so her friends wouldn't grow worried; they hated to see her cry.

"Thank you," she said again, her voice a little watery.

"Can we play now Rainie?" Gavvy asked. "Me and X-Ray were about to capture Mogar and get information out of him."

"You wish!" Mogar shot back.

Rainie sat back and watched as the three dolls bickered about where they were in the storyline they had made for themselves the day prior, and it caused Rainie to laugh genuinely. In the end, they decided to let Rainie choose where they would begin their play time and didn't stop playing until it was time for homework.

If the silence was a standard thing every day, then the laughter that came from playing games with her friends was also an everyday occurrence.


Necessary RP Information Links:
RP Rules - Guide to Making an OC

Lazer Team:

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PostSubject: Re: The Battling Toy Fairy   Tue Oct 28, 2014 2:28 am

That was fun to see, Poor Raine thought. She defiantly could use a good friend.


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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Stella Sky
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PostSubject: Chapter Two   Sat Nov 29, 2014 4:17 am

Bloom tapped her foot impatiently against the floor, watching the other students file into class. She had opted to arrive early so she could see if she could interact with Rainie. Her friends had also followed her to class early. Of the other four, Tecna was also the most interested to meet Rainie, though she wanted to know about her fighting styles. The other three were offering their support, and they were always willing to be kind to another person.

Bloom was a mixture of anxiousness and eagerness. She was eager to meet Rainie, but she was also anxious because she remembered how Rainie had reacted during their midterms. She had closed herself off from the others and had stood off to the side, avoiding any interaction with the other students. It made Bloom slightly worried that the girl wouldn't react well. But Bloom wasn't going to not try; if there was a possibility for them to be friends, then she'd take that chance.

Almost as if she was summoned by Bloom's inner thoughts, the girl with the unique powers walked through the doorway, already making her way to her seat at the back of the room. Seeing her opportunity, Bloom jumped up from her desk and walked to the girl's desk.

"Hi there!" Bloom greeted in her cheerful manner, and her voice only hinted at a little bit of her nervousness.

The greeting had shocked Rainie, making her look at the red head in surprise. However, after she realized that a fellow classmate of hers was talking to her, she schooled her face to show impassiveness and regarded the other fairy coolly. Silence fell between the two, but the students in the classroom turned to regard them; everyone that wasn't part of the Winx Club was shocked to see someone talking to Rainie.

"I'm Bloom," Bloom introduced, breaking up the awkward silence that had formed between the two. "You're Rainie, right?"

Rainie studied Bloom for a few seconds before giving a curt nod.

"Yes," she responded.

"Sooo...." Bloom trailed off, noticing that class would begin shortly, so a full conversation wouldn't be able to take place. "Do you want to eat lunch today with me and my friends?"

Rainie blinked at the question, but kept her features schooled. She then furrowed her brows quizzically at the red-headed fairy.


"I asked if you wanted to have lunch with me and my friends. Class is about to start, so we can't talk for very long, but I wanted to get to know about you more," Bloom answered simply, like it was the most obvious answer in the world.

Rainie's eyebrows furrowed further, and Bloom swore she saw a flash of distrust in the girl's gray eyes.

"I'll see," Rainie responded, looking away from Bloom and putting her focus on her backpack.

Bloom stood beside the desk for an awkward moment, trying to figure out what to say next before placing on a smile.

"Great! Hope to see you at lunch!" she said as her farewell, walking back to her desk.
The moment she sat in her seat, she released a breath of relief.

"So how did it go?" Musa asked.

"Did she agree?" Tecna asked.

"It was kind of awkward. She felt so closed off, like she didn't want to talk to me," Bloom responded to Musa's question.

"Well that's rude," Stella stated.

"She didn't give me a yes or no answer," Bloom answered Tecna's question, ignoring Stella's comment. "I just hope she agrees. She seems so....alone."

"That's because she is," Stella pointed out, getting a jab in the elbow from Musa, making the blond girl mutter in pain and rub her arm. "What? I'm not being mean, I'm being honest! I've never seen her interact with anyone before!"

"We're going to work on how your mouth says anything your brain says later," Musa commented to her friend.

"Have faith Bloom," Flora offered in comfort, patting the girl on her arm. "I'm sure she'll join us for lunch."

Bloom smiled happily at her roommate, thankful for her unwavering support.

"Thanks Flora," she said, just as Palladium floated in through the doorway.

Class began, and Bloom forced her nervousness to the back of her mind, focusing on the task at hand.

Palladium ended their lesson, and Bloom got up, her eyes already seeking out the brown haired girl. When she spotted the other fairy, she was already on her way out. Bloom sighed, upset that she had missed her chance to catch up with the girl on the way out of class.

"Bloom?" Palladium questioned, drawing Bloom's attention.

"Yes Professor Palladium?" Bloom asked.

"Would you be so kind and give this to Rainie? I noticed you were going to go talk to her, and she left class before I could give this to her," Palladium requested, handing her two pieces of paper to the red-head. "The bottom paper is yours."

"Uhm, well sure professor. But I don't know where her dorm is," Bloom responded, taking the two papers from him.

"That isn't a problem," Palladium responded. "All professors are aware of our students living quarters so we can keep tabs on all of you. Here, I'll write it down for you." He snapped his fingers, and a small piece of parchment and pen appeared in thin air. The pen wrote for itself, and when it was finished, it disappeared. Palladium then had the parchment float down into Bloom's hand. "There you are my dear."

"Thank you professor," Bloom said, a smile on her face. With the piece of paper in hand, she made her way out.

Stella and the other three Winx stood by Palladium's desk, and the Solarian princess had a proud smile on her face.

"See?" she questioned Musa. "I'm not mean! I just gave Bloom the opportunity to see Rainie just in case the girl doesn't come to lunch."

Musa rolled her eyes at the girl's defense.

"I never said you were mean. I said you say mean things," Musa corrected.

"Why you-"

"It's the thought that counts, Stella," Flora interjected quickly, placing a soothing hand on Stella's shoulder and keeping the blond haired fairy from attacking their raven haired friend. "And you did a nice thing for Bloom."

"Let's just hope everything works out for her," Tecna spoke up, looking at the door worriedly, like she could still see Bloom standing there. "She'll be crushed if she can't get through to her."

"It's Bloom," Stella said in reassurance to her friends. "I'm sure it'll go fine."

Bloom had thought about walking into the cafeteria to see if the mysterious fairy was there, but something in her gut told her Rainie wasn't there. So, with the little parchment that Palladium had given her, Bloom made her way to Rainie's dorm room. The paper their professor was having her deliver was Rainie's midterm, which out of respect for the girl, she had flipped the paper over so she wouldn't read it or even glance at it. Even though Palladium had given them verbal compliments after they took their test, he still took the time to write out comments on what each girl had done right and on what they could improve on.

Once Bloom was outside the door of Rainie's dorm, the girl took in a deep breath to calm her nerves and knocked on the door. She waited patiently for someone to answer, and after a few seconds, the door opened, albeit slowly. Gray eyes peeked out around the door first before the door fully opened and Rainie stood behind it, staring at Bloom quizzically.

"What are you doing here?" Rainie questioned.

"You left class so early you missed Professor Palladium handing out the midterm results," Bloom answered, handing over the paper. "I didn't look at it, I swear. I flipped it over so I wouldn't read it."

Rainie flipped the paper and gave it a quick glance over before looking back at Bloom. Her normally impassive face was cracking, and Bloom was able to see glimpses of confusion not only in her eyes, but also on her thinned lips. She was about to ask if Rainie wanted to grab some lunch, but then she noticed something moving behind Rainie. Glancing at it closer, she was shocked to see that it was a small, plush star hiding itself behind one of the legs of the living room's chairs. Unable to help herself, Bloom entered the dorm, surprising Rainie. The red head made her way to the chair, picking up the star and holding it up in the air.

"It's so cute!" she cooed at the plush star. "Does it have a name?"

"What?" Rainie asked in shock.

"The star. Does it have a name?" Bloom asked, looking back at Rainie. "I used to name all my toys when I was little. It made them feel more human, you know? Like they could really walk and talk like people."

Rainie stared at Bloom in shock, before she collected herself and looked away.

"Lum," Rainie finally answered. "Her name is Lum."

"It's nice to meet you!" Lum, the little plush star, greeted in cheerfulness.

Bloom looked back at Lum in surprise. Then, a smile crossed her face in eagerness.

"That's amazing!" Bloom exclaimed. "You can talk!" Bloom looked over at Rainie, her eyes still wide in excitement. "Can you make i- her talk?"

"Ye-es?" Rainie replied, although it sounded like a question instead of an answer.

"That's so cool! I used to wish for that give all the time when I was little!" Bloom said in excitement.

Lum giggled in excitement at the kind reaction from the red headed fairy. Rainie stood by the open door, shock unhidden on her face as she watched the fairy and the toy interact.

"I used to watch a movie all the time about toys coming to life," Bloom said, lightly poking at the plush star when she realized that the toy was ticklish and continued to do so. "I used to pretend my toys would do that whenever I went to school, like the cowboy and-"

"Space ranger did in the movie," Rainie finished.

Bloom stopped tickling Lum and looked over at Rainie in surprise as well. No one else at Alfea knew about that was a movie from Earth.... Simultaneously, the eyebrows on both of the girls jumped up on their forehead.

"You're from Earth?" they said in unison.

Lum, hearing the question, brightened. She managed to hop out of Bloom's hands (which was easy because Bloom's attention was off of the stuffed doll and onto the fairy), and ran for Rainie's room. She had to tell all her friends about this newest discovery! Neither fairies saw the little star run.

"This is incredible! I thought I was the only one at Alfea from Earth," Bloom said excitedly.

"You're....You mean you're..." Rainie didn't look like she could process the newest revelation. She closed her eyes and shook her head.

Bloom noticed how Rainie's body was shaking, and walked over to the girl in worry. Cautiously, she reached out and touched Rainie's shoulder, feeling it tense under her fingers. The girl shuddered before standing up to her full height. The brown haired fairy attempted to wipe her eyes, but Bloom saw how misty they looked.

"Rainie....are you okay?" Bloom asked.

"I'm... Yes, I'm fine," she answered, her voice only breaking at the beginning of the sentence. "I.....I just...."

"You don't have to tell me if you don't," Bloom said quickly, trying to ease Rainie's tension. "Really, it's okay."

Rainie nodded, though she didn't respond. After a few moments, Rainie finally calmed herself down and looked back at Bloom with her impassive facial features.

"I'm sorry about that. I let my emotions get the better of me," Rainie responded.

"Hey, sometimes it's better to let your emotions go," Bloom said in comfort. "Do you feel better?"

"I'm fine," Rainie responded.

"Well that's good," Bloom replied. "So, have you had lunch yet?"

"No....sorry, but I can't make it. I'm rather busy," Rainie replied, walking for her room, passing by the stunned red head. "Can you please close the door on your way out?"

"...Uhm, yeah. Sure," Bloom responded, walking to the door. "Cya in class Rainie."

Rainie didn't say a thing; she just closed the door to her room. Bloom frowned and released a sad sigh, closing the door on the way out. Rainie sighed, leaning her head up against the door and looked up at the ceiling, collecting her thoughts and emotions for a few seconds before stepping away from the door and towards her desk.

"Rainie!" Lum cried out, launching herself at the fairy. "Why are you still here?"

"What?" Rainie asked.

"She wanted to have lunch! Why didn't you go?" Lum questioned, not bothering to release her hold on Rainie's leg as the fairy continued her trek to the desk.

"You know why," Rainie replied with a flat tone of voice.

"But she's different!" Lum argued. "She was nice! She even complimented your powers!"

Rainie paused at her chair, gripping the top of it. Lum climbed up further on Rainie's body, attaching herself to Rainie's back and hanging over the fairy's shoulder.

"Rainie, you shouldn't be scared to try," Lum said. "She's different, I can tell. You should give it a try. And if she turns out to be like all the other kids on Earth.....We'll just sic Ambis on them!"

A tiny laugh escaped Rainie's mouth at Lum's attempt at a joke, although she knew deep down it was true. Any one of her toys would do anything for Rainie, just to keep her happy. Hearing the other toys give their agreements, Rainie sighed and moved Lum onto the bed, leaning the star on the pillows before removing the animation spell on it.

"I guess I have no choice," she muttered to herself, walking out of her room.

Bloom was halfway down the hallway before she heard a door open behind her.

"Hold on," Rainie's voice called, followed shortly by the sound of the same door closing.

Bloom stopped, just as Rainie had requested, and turned to see the brown-haired fairy walking towards her.

"I....I was able to push things and..." Rainie trailed off, fighting off nervousness and embarrassment. "And can have lunch."

Bloom's mood brightened at hearing Rainie's statement, and she grinned.

"That's awesome! C'mon, the others want to meet you," Bloom said, reaching out to grab Rainie's wrist out of repetition; she was used to grabbing her friends' wrists whenever they went off somewhere.

Rainie took a step back, a flash of fear crossing her face for only a second before it was masked by impassivity. Bloom had noticed her physical reaction and quickly dropped her arm.

"Sorry," she apologized. "So...uhm, let's go!"

Rainie nodded numbly, following the red-head for the cafeteria.

"Where's Bloom? Do you think she got lost?" Stella asked.

"Impossible," Tecna responded. "Bloom knows this school well enough for her to not get lost anymore."

"I am curious on what's taking her so long," Flora commented as she poked her salad.

"She's on her way now," Musa responded.

"How do you know?" Stella questioned.

"'Cause I can see her. And she brought along Rainie," Musa replied, nodding in the direction she saw Bloom.

"What? Where?" Stella asked, before following Musa's line of sight.

Indeed, Bloom, holding a tray of food, was walking towards their table with Rainie following after her, also carrying a tray of food.

"Hey everyone," Bloom said, stopping next to the table. "This is Rainie, she'll be having lunch with us today. Rainie, these are my friends: Stella, Musa, Flora, and Tecna."

"Hey," Stella greeted.

"Hi there," Musa greeted.

"Hello," Flora greeted.

"How do you do?" Tecna greeted.

Rainie looked conflicted for a moment, before collecting herself and settling with nodding her head as her form of greeting. Bloom sat down, and Rainie followed the motion mechanically.

"Rainie, how have your classes been going?" Flora asked kindly.

Rainie looked hesitant to reply to her question, but opted to anyways.

"They've been fine," Rainie answered curtly, beginning to eat her lunch.

The four friends looked at each other, trying to figure out their next course of action, before Flora turned her attention back on Rainie.

"You did so well on the midterm Rainie, I was wondering if you had been preparing for it all semester?" Flora questioned, hoping that the reminder of how the test went would spark a conversation out of the girl.

"I....Sort of," Rainie responded, glancing up at Flora. "I've been using that spell for many years."

"Really?" Tecna asked in interest. "When did you discover that you could turn plastic into metal?"

"About four years ago," Rainie replied. "But that isn't the true nature of the spell."

"What do you mean?"

The brunette opened her mouth to speak, but then shut it immediately. The others waited patiently, hoping she'd continue speaking. There was a few minutes of awkward silence before Bloom reached out and touched Rainie's shoulder.

"Rainie, we won't push you for answers, but please believe me when I say that we're not going to judge you for your abilities," Bloom said in reassurance to the girl. "All of us have something unique about us, and your power over toys is just as unique as our own."

The other four Winx girls nodded their heads in agreement, hoping it would be encouraging enough for her. Rainie looked at all five Winx girls critically, before taking a deep breath. She was already sitting with them having lunch; why not just go further into the deep end? If they were going to hate her, they might as well hate all of her.

"It's an animation spell, but not like what you saw, Bloom," Rainie began to explain. "It''s hard to classify what it is exactly. I always thought of it as an equipping spell since I primarily use it on weapons. I run my hand over it and it becomes real. An example would be like a wooden sword; with this spell it's become a steel sword instead of wooden, though it would have its similar shape. That's the best I can explain it, I'm afraid."

"Fascinating," Tecna whispered in awe, earning a surprised look from Rainie.

"Can you do that with every toy?" Musa asked.

"Yeah! Like, what about one of those plush swords that little dolls have? Can you make those real too?" Stella asked, her eyes bright in excitement.

Rainie looked between the three fairies, shocked that they would find it interesting, and to even have follow up questions about it! Shouldn't they be...disgusted by it?

"I....In theory it should be every toy. I just use my plastic or wooden swords for the spell," Rainie replied.

"Maybe we could test it out one day? Just to see how far your powers go," Tecna suggested. "No one truly knows how far a power like yours would go since magical creatures who have the power over toys don't fight witches."

"I... I'm aware that my life choice is different than what's expected of me," Rainie replied tightly.

Musa sent Tecna a "Way to go" look, which made the tech-savvy fairy backtrack.

"Oh no, I didn't mean it in a bad way!" Tecna protested quickly. "I'm merely pointing out that the possibilities for you and your powers are, at this point, boundless! Since you're the only one using it for battle, you're the one who gets to set the limits."

"I see," Rainie responded. "I'm sorry."

"Rainie, is it alright if I ask where you're from?" Flora asked, trying to shift subjects before one of them could say something that would have Rainie leave.

"I'm from Earth," Rainie answered simply, giving a nod in Bloom's direction. "That's something we apparently have in common."

"Wow, another fairy from Earth?!" Stella questioned. "Who would have known that that little planet would have two of you hanging around on there?"

"I know," Bloom added in. "It's honestly crazy. I thought Earth was normal but now that I know Rainie came from there, do you think more fairies are just waiting to be found there?"

"Who knows?" Musa responded with a shrug. "So Rainie, how do you like Alfea so far? It must have been strange getting use to magic, huh?"

"It took me some time to adjust," the brunette fairy responded. "But I've usually been able to adapt to things pretty quickly."

"It took me a while to get used to everything," Bloom admitted. "But I think I'm getting the hang of it."

"Lunch is almost over ladies," Tecna pointed out to the group. "We'd better get ready for our next class."

The girls nodded.

"Hey Rainie, we're working on our homework tonight. Want to come and join us?" Stella asked, earning a surprised look from her friends.

Rainie blinked multiple times, before slowly nodding.

"Alright," she responded slowly, unsure of the answer herself.

Stella's smile widened into a Cheshire grin.

"Awesome! Bloom can give you our dorm and you can head over after dinner," Stella responded.

The other four Winx girls stood up, leaving the cafeteria to grab their school supplies. Bloom and Rainie followed along after Bloom gave Rainie their door room. The red head bade farewell to the girl and ran after her friends, leaving Rainie to head back to her own dorm.

"That was very nice of you, Stella," Flora commented to Stella.

"Yeah, inviting her to our homework session? Are there possibly any alternative motives?" Musa questioned suspiciously.

"I'm hurt!" Stella replied in mock pain. "How could you think so lowly of me?"

"Well for one you never look forward to doing your class assignments," Tecna pointed out.

"Yeah, well I figured she'd be helpful with homework. Besides, did you see how shy she was? She hardly spoke up unless we said something to her! A little homework session will get her more acquainted with us and she'll then get used to us!" Stella explained.

"She did seem very defensive. She was tense the entire lunch period," Flora commented.

"See?" the Solarian princess questioned a little triumphantly.

"Well either way, it was a great idea Stella," Bloom said in her friend's defense.

"Thanks Bloom," Stella said, wrapping an arm around her best friend's neck. "I'm glad someone appreciates my efforts."

"Somebody has to," Musa mumbled.

Rainie, unlike the Winx girls, was still processing everything that had just happened in the cafeteria. She was still surprised that none of the Winx girls had mocked her for her powers, or looked down on her. Tecna even wanted to know the extent of her powers. And hadn't Bloom called it unique? Was Lum right; could they be different?


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Well good chapter, but this really diverges from season 4 since Roxy was supposed to be the only fairy. No matter, I liked the interaction between her and the winx.


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The Battling Toy Fairy
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