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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Moon Pride, Act 1

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PostSubject: Moon Pride, Act 1   Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:12 pm

The sun rays shone upon her face as the daylight entered and surrounded her room. Her hair was all around the bed, she should have had them cut once they were below waist length, but she decided to have a long flowing thick black hair. It was nice to have such luscious lengthy locks, the way they were almost reminded her of her mother’s long flowing silver locks, the ones she used to love combing with her little hands.

“Noko…” a gentle voice said. It was a familiar tone; however it was a voice that she hasn’t heard in a while, 10 years to be exact. She opened her eyes, it was dark, and the moon shone beautifully. As she looked around, confusion overtook her face, after all she only had just recently felt the warmth of Solaria’s sun spread across her face, but all of the sudden it was dark once again. A woman was shown in a distance, wearing a beautiful silky dress. A ribbon was tied around her waist, and it shimmered like the tender rays of the moonlight. The woman continued to call her. Noko recognized her long flowing silver hair; it had belonged to her late Mother’s. However, she could not make out if it was indeed her Mother’s as she had her back turned to Noko.

Noko began making her way towards the woman, but the more she tried getting closer to her, the more their distance expanded. Noko soon found herself running, as the distance soon grew from mere metres to miles, and in desperation, she yelled “Mama!”

The woman turned around with a smile, her face now being covered by her hair as the wind continued to blow upon East. What helped Noko determine it was indeed her beloved Mother was the pendant she wore. It was of striking resemblance to the one Noko had, given to her before her Mother’s death. Tears began to crystallize upon her eyes as she watches the woman slowly dissolve into thin air, her presence slowly disappearing from sight.

Once she was gone, Noko ran to where she stood before, and had found the pendant. “Mama…” she muttered to herself as everything around her slowly dissolved.

“Nokomis Cranford! Get up this instant! It’s your first day to Alfea and you’re going to be late!” said a booming voice. Noko rubbed her eyes open, to find her mother standing by the door, arms crossed and face filled with annoyance. Although she may act strict, Dawn always treated Noko like her own. It was 7 years ago when they found Noko and took a liking for her upon their visit to the Solaria Adoption Home.

Dawn shook her head and rolled her eyes, obviously getting fed up that Noko threw her blanket on top of herself and went back to sleep. She walked towards the sleeping girl and grabbed the blanket, pulling it out of Noko’s grasp.
“Mum!! It’s too early! I wanna keep sleeping!” whined Noko as she searches for her missing blanket.

Dawn shook her head and walked a distance from Noko, trying to keep the blanket out of reach. Seeing Noko struggle as she rolled around in her bed made her giggle. Her daughter has always been like this, especially during her junior days at Solaria. But she’s growing up, and she needs to improve upon her magic, so Dawn knew they had to send Noko to Alfea to become one of the best.

Unfortunately, Noko had something else in mind. Thinking that Alfea was just the same as other schools in Solaria, she didn’t want to move and live in their dormitory. She wanted to stay in Solaria and study Moon Magic there instead.

Noko’s magic is special; it’s a unique type of magic that is rarely used within the Magic Dimension. Some would say that this magic was dangerous, as it holds many mysteries that no one has ever touched upon yet, some would say it was luck that some people were able to acquire such a unique magic, but for Noko, it was a curse. Growing up as a child in Solaria, she was teased for being weak when her exposure to the Sun reaches its limit. Noko was never particularly fond of the Sun, especially in Solaria. The Sun had a stronger effect in Solaria than it did on Earth, probably because Solaria is the home of the Sun Magic.

Moon Magic however, had no home to call its own. It was an outcast upon all the magic’s in the Magic Dimension. As it is shown, different Moon’s found within the Magic Dimension are always empty, only standing as source of light for when the night comes. The only evidence Moon Magic had its own Kingdom was a thousand years ago when a Kingdom called “Moonlit Serenitis” had apparently existed. It was located between the planet Earth and Solaria, but due to an occurrence in which the absence of the Dragon Flame had occurred, the Moon Kingdom died and it was now a desolate planet that orbits the planet Earth.
Girls at Noko’s age usually expect to become a full-pledge fairy by the end of their 3rd year, but the problem was, Noko had no intention of becoming a Guardian Fairy of Solaria. She disliked the idea, and instead wanted to become normal. She wanted to live with her parents, and just live without magic.

After Noko finished changing and packing, her Dad took her bags to their car, and they drove off to the Teleportation Station. Saying their final goodbyes before Noko leave for Alfea, she hugged both her parents and headed off.

Upon arriving to Alfea, Noko gave a huge sigh. She knows it will be a bad year, she was sure of it. She was bullied in her previous school in Solaria due to her powers. People thought it was a curse, and so they avoided Noko in order to prevent themselves from becoming ridiculed for being friends with the outsider. Alfea won’t be so different; she won’t have friends there either. She was an outsider, there’s no mistaking that.
After the famous “Welcome to Alfea” speech from Miss Faragonda, Noko didn’t dare talk to the other students, she immediately headed to her dorm room in a hurry. Whilst strolling through the halls of Alfea, Noko noticed something unusual, something different. She could sense a dark presence in the halls, something roaming around that shouldn’t be there. She began to slow down her pace, and look around carefully.

“Well, well. Don’t we have a little inspector here? You shouldn’t be roaming the halls of Alfea lone fairy, you might just find yourself being attacked by one of the worst.” a voice whispered from behind. Noko turned around, and found a girl in purple, with frizzy hair that was all over the place, and an evil glare within her eyes.

It was someone who she hadn’t expected to be there, “Stormy?” exclaimed Noko as she jumped back. The witch began to laugh, and formed electricity within her hands. “A moon fairy huh, we could use someone like you. Hehehehe, I won’t let this opportunity get away! Take this!” she shouted as she hurled the electricity sparks towards Noko.

Noko jumped to the side to dodge the attack.

“I may be new, but I’ve had experiences of fighting before! Moon Power Charm! Transform!” she chanted as she held her pendant with both her hands and began to transform. With her pitch black hair, Noko’s transformation outfit shone blue like the Moon at its peak within the sky. Her Moonlight Pendant shimmered on her chest, as if the Moon is reflecting upon it, and she stood on her battle stance in which her fists are clenched and ready to fight.

Noko fluttered her wings, “Noko, Fairy of the Crescent Moon! Stormy! How dare you roam the halls of Alfea and abduct innocent students, with the magic of the Moonlight, I shall punish you!” she shouted.

Stormy grinned with delight, knowing that this freshman fairy was about to fight her. She fought against the elite of Alfea like Musa before, and she’s won some battles against her. Yet, this little fairy was stupid enough to fight her.

“Crescent Moon Whip! Take this!” shouted Noko as she formed a whip on her left hand, and slashed it towards Stormy’s direction.

Stormy blocked the whip with the electric sparks she formed upon her hands, and shot them towards Noko’s direction.

Noko helplessly stared as the electric sparks made its way towards her, “Selene’s Protection!” she shouted as she tried to conjure up a shield. The shield immediately formed around her but soon broke, allowing the electric sparks to touch her and inflict damage to her.

“Arrgghh!!!” she screamed in agony as the electric sparks began to bind her, disabling her to move or conjure an attack. She stared helplessly as Stormy slowly began to grow closer to her direction, not knowing what to do...

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PostSubject: Re: Moon Pride, Act 1   Fri Jan 23, 2015 6:22 am

I love this story. So this is where your RP came from. I think it's absolutely and stunningly amazing. Keep up the good work. Smile


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Moon Pride, Act 1
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