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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Unpopular Opinions in Winx

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Sailor Lily
RP Moderator
RP Moderator

Tecna Timmy
Posts : 7758
Age : 18
Location : On the moon! In the room next to Queen Serenity!
Hobbies : Watching and reading sailor moon

PostSubject: Unpopular Opinions in Winx   Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:15 am

First topic message reminder :

This is the thread where you post your opinions and thoughts that not a lot of other people share in the winx fandom.

For me:

- I actually like both the bloomix and mythix song
- I like the mythix look a lot
- I think Bloomix looks better than Enchantix
- I don't find roxy annoying
- I'm not that wowza on Helia x Flora, they just seem too nice to each there relationship revolves around poems, flowers, and origami. (PLEASE DON'T KILL ME Razz )
- Tecna is my favourite winx
- I do not like the look of sirenix but if I had to choose one then I would go with Daphne
- I was hating on the winx for a few episodes of season 4 because of how they were treating the specialists
- I don't feel like the mythix wands are a rip off of sailor moon since fairies are often drawn with fairy wands.
- I didn't fall for the fake surrender of the black wizards
- I was suspicious about Avalon like Tecna but then kind of lost that suspicion after Tecna was proven wrong in episode 9 of season 2.
- I don't care about the selkies
- I didn't like the animation in the movies at all


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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Tecna Timmy
Posts : 7
Age : 19

PostSubject: Re: Unpopular Opinions in Winx   Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:10 pm

Hmm not sure how many of these are actually unpopular opinions but I'll give it a go.

-I hate the concept surrounding Bloomix but I love the design and theme.
-I actually quite like all of the transformation themes (even Mythix.)
-I never get tired of seeing the Trix.
-I quite dislike most of the romantic subplots. Daphne's in particular.
-Season 4 is one of my favorite seasons.
-I actually really like the design of Tynix.
-Season 6 had a worse ending than 5 (even though it was overall an improvement otherwise).
-I wish we had a bit more focus on Flora, Musa and Tecna.
-The overall design of Enchantix doesn't appeal that much to me.
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Lucky Star
Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Tecna Timmy
Posts : 87
Age : 24
Hobbies : I'm a big dork who likes running around the internet making new friends. You can call me Lucky. My favorite cartoon is MLP, and I like a lot of different anime and manga. I also play minecraft an Elder scroll and Fallout games.

PostSubject: Re: Unpopular Opinions in Winx   Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:13 am

This new theme.
The second of season one.

It's not as good as the first.
I could have the first one on set on repeat for like hours, but this new one.
I find myself skipping it. Just like I do for MLP. MLP also has a pretty crappy opening song.
Hmmm, I hope the next time they change it it sounds good.

I've only juststarted the show recrently and for all I know, they could swap the opening every so often.

I guess I'll find out.


Anime is life. So's eating and sleeping.
But I'm sure you knew that
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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Flora Helia
Posts : 45
Age : 30
Location : USA
Hobbies : Writing, 3D Modeling, Listening to K-Pop

PostSubject: Re: Unpopular Opinions in Winx   Fri Nov 06, 2015 12:36 pm

I think just about everything I think is unpopular. Razz Let's see. I'll try.

- I loved the first three seasons, but I don't think they're "mature" masterpieces like everyone does. This is still a show aimed at kids, and those seasons had problems, too.
- I'm fine with the first transformation being renamed Charmix. It needed a name (and the original Charmix was lame, anyway).
- I don't know what people mean when they say Valtor got weaker at the end of season three. He still seemed pretty tough to me.
- I didn't like season four that much. I hate it when the Winx spend lots of time on Earth, I hated the pet shop and the Winx Band, and I don't think the real life elements — having a job, getting engaged, etc. — are that big a deal. (Why does "real life" automatically equal "mature?") And it had the worst finale in the whole series — worse than season five's.
- I liked Aisha and Nabu, but her mushy-gushy demeanor around him always felt out of character to me. I also don't think they were the best couple in the show, and I don't want Rainbow to bring him back. It'd be a terrible move. (Eventually, I'll write a blog post about it.)
- I love the post-season four art style. The animation was bad at first, but it's gotten better.
- I hate Sirenix. The song was awesome, but the transformation's hideous.
- In general, I liked season six. It still wasn't great, but it was at least watchable — definitely more than season five.
- Obviously, I like Nex a lot. He's not a Riven clone, and I love him and Aisha as a couple. I never liked Roy, and I don't think he was a good match for her. (I feel like the fans only prefer him because they hate Nex.)
- I never liked Riven, and for the life of me, I can't understand the fanbase's obsession with him! He's not attractive, and he was rude, aloof, and obnoxious the entire time he was there. I admit he was never boring to watch, but his character development never stuck. He was always the same old jerk. I'm glad he and Musa broke up. She deserves better.
- On that note, I want Musa to get a new boyfriend. I wanna see her in a healthy relationship.
- Speaking of relationships, I'm not into this "independent woman/we need a single girl" thing. I am single. Even though I don't want a boyfriend right now, I feel like singleness is overrated and no more ideal than being in a relationship. Men aren't evil, freedom-sucking leeches. I'd rather see all the Winx living happy lives — whatever that means for them — than for one girl to be single just to make us single folks feel "represented." (That was a little heavy. Sorry.)

Um...I'll stop there.
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Believix Fairy
Believix Fairy

Flora Brandon
Posts : 389
Age : 16
Location : The Lunar Capital
Hobbies : Fangirling about Kaguya, Yoshi, Sailor V and Flora, LoLK easy scoring, watching lots of youtube (mostly SMG4), moderating on WFM

PostSubject: Re: Unpopular Opinions in Winx   Sat Nov 07, 2015 8:09 pm

-I honestly don't mind the Winx having more than 1 transformation per season.
-I like season 7. But I'm not overly keen on some of the voices or Butterflix.
-Butterflix is my least favourite transformation.
-I honestly don't dislike Flora's 3 most recent forms. They're not the best but I like them.
-I dislike Bloom and her relationship with Sky is dull (this may be a popular opinion but eh).
-I like everything about Bloomix except the name.
-The Winx have bonded with too many things that will probably disappear next season.
-I don't really like most of the Winx couples, I like Tecna and Timmy as well as Flora and Helia and Stella and Brandon.
-I wish the Winx defeated the final enemies together.
-I think they ruined the idea of the Mini Worlds. They look gorgeous but just because s7 is about animals doesn't mean EVERYTHING has to be about animals.

I probably have more, I can't remember everything though.

Just edited the Bloom one as I like her a little more now.



Right now, all Earthlings will wander forever, without ever reaching the moon. And the people of the moon are just the same...
- Eirin Yagokoro

Last edited by Minako on Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:32 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Flame Melody

Stella Brandon
Posts : 5228
Age : 2016
Location : 1313 Webfoot Walk, Duckberg
Hobbies : Scaring/Banning members c: - We'll fairy you!

PostSubject: Re: Unpopular Opinions in Winx   Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:47 pm

This has been said multiple times it might be "popular" at this point but whateves. I think Bloom gets too much hate for being the one Rainbow focuses on. Sure it is annoying, but I think blaming Bloom all the time feels very annoying. Yes, we get it, Rainbow can do a better job, we know. There's no need to keep yelling about how Bloom is the main focus. Don't watch the show if the only thing you'll do is complain about Bloom - because Winx is mainly about Bloom. Live with it and spare us the tears.

It's like, people live to complain about Bloom being almighty and powerful. I personally don't care if she's the most powerful Winx. It never bothered me and I don't see anything wrong in her being extremely powerful. Only thing bugging the community is the focus on her - which thus makes them philosophize about Bloom being a "sue". Like, all the Winx are a sue. LIVE WITH IT~.


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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Aisha Roy
Posts : 8006
Age : 18
Location : Fantasy Island: The only place where my dreams come true
Hobbies : HUGE N'SYNC FAN, Crushing SO HARD on Lance Bass, singing, dancing, playing on the computer, watching Power Rangers, and writing music

PostSubject: Re: Unpopular Opinions in Winx   Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:31 pm

*I liked the animation before Season 5
*Season 5 made Believix look terrible since it is my favorite transformation
*I don't like it that the Trix have been used so much
*I like Season 4 a lot because it gave different villians and not have the Trix come back near the end of the Season unlike Season 7


"When I Want You Back"

Last edited by aisha238 on Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:46 am; edited 1 time in total
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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Flora Sky
Posts : 22
Age : 28
Hobbies : Reading

PostSubject: Re: Unpopular Opinions in Winx   Sat Feb 20, 2016 3:55 am

I don't know why are some people complaining? Yes, Bloom is main protagonist and that is what makes this show Winx, if it's not like that, show would be completely winxclub. Imagine everything is about Aisha and instead of saving Bloom's parents, first movie is focused about Aisha and her loneliness or whatever. It's just like you are complaining that W.I.T.C.H is mainly focused on Will or Mermaid melody is mainly focused on Lucia. It is just stupid, Bloom is nice leader, good friend. She has most amazing and interesting story she is brave, she has most beautiful romance (I don't think anyone would like to see that show is mainly focused on Aisha and her suffering for Nabu). There HAVE to be main protagonist EVERY movie, series, anime, manga or cartoon. It's just TV show at least. Very Happy


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Believix Fairy
Believix Fairy

Flora Brandon
Posts : 389
Age : 16
Location : The Lunar Capital
Hobbies : Fangirling about Kaguya, Yoshi, Sailor V and Flora, LoLK easy scoring, watching lots of youtube (mostly SMG4), moderating on WFM

PostSubject: Re: Unpopular Opinions in Winx   Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:30 pm

Tbh, I'm fine with Bloom in season 1-4 and the first 2 movies, she's mildly annoying but I like her more.

Seasons 5-7 is when she gets on my nerves. I know she's the main character, but I wish they would focus on the other Winx more.

I just find her annoying and not the most likeable character- she has her fair share of likeable moments imo though.

Anyway, more:

-I don't like Enchantix much. Most of the looks don't appeal to me, and they're not as 'mature' as some fans make them out to be.

-Seasons 2 and 4 are my favourites. 4 has a highly anti-climatic ending; they could have done something so much cooler :c

-It makes me mad when Rainbow use Flora as a punching bag- she's not the weakest

-I like Mythix- it's simple but beautiful :3

-I haven't seen the last 2 episodes of season 6, yet. But I've watched all of season 7.

-I like the Harmonix part of season 5, it's repetitive but quite enjoyable

-I love Tynix's sequence but I wish it was longer so I could experience the awesomeness more.

-I love Winx couture and Butterflix's couture is one of the few things I like about Butterflix.

-I think Believix looks better than Enchantix. I like the Earth-like outfit and the boots- I'd certainly wear some of the boots!



Right now, all Earthlings will wander forever, without ever reaching the moon. And the people of the moon are just the same...
- Eirin Yagokoro
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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Stella Brandon
Posts : 12
Hobbies : Drawing, listening to music

PostSubject: Re: Unpopular Opinions in Winx   Thu Mar 10, 2016 1:19 am

-Shouldve not done harmonix, shouldve kept believix till they found the gems needed for sirenix. -Shouldve used harmonix design w/ more intricate and more better design for each different fairies and called it sirenix.
-Sirenix is such a pretty name for ugly costumes
-bloomix was such a wierd concept... like dragon flame was given to the girls... they were given harmonix why do they have to proove that they were worthy enough for bloomix? and why did bloom earn bloomix last....was she not the owner of the dragon flame?
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Sophix Fairy
Sophix Fairy

Bloom Posts : 512
Location : El Salvador
Hobbies : Magnanime, Movies, books

PostSubject: Re: Unpopular Opinions in Winx   Thu Mar 10, 2016 5:25 am

my ideas:
i insist that altough i like the character design of the show, would be better if straffi used the characters design that used in huntik.

i think that the girls could have a little bit more of development in their personalities, altough i cant hate and even i like some of they in some chapters they feels a little bit flat.

the show need fix the dialogues consistency, it it something that i notice in the latinoamerican dub.

if rai had asked me how must be the halloween episode, it would be very different: the girls always going to the party, but they could discover that inside of the haunted mansion really lies a true monster(and the monster design would be worth of a creepypasta, trust me) the winx must fight with him and in some point bloom saves almost by accident miszi, something that must start a evolution in the character.

instead of create new transformation, was enough with the enchantix, and i would introduce other source of power: the sincronization. this consist in a spell where two fairies portray a specifically ballet steps that at the end, causes both fairies united in one unique being, the sincronization however need a requeriment, the fairies powers, or the fairy and the witch powers must be compatible in order to make a good sincronization(this pairs could work:laylaXflora:the plants needs water to survive, bloomXstella:the correlation light and fire, musaXtecna: electronic music, roxyXflora: plants and animals needs mutually) if the sincronization is maded between two fairies or a fairy and a witch which powers dont correlate, only produce a little explosion that rejects both magical beings(bloom and icy could not make the sincronization due to the oposition of fire and ice for example), the same thing could happen if the sincronization is maded between a woman and a man.


Kiko tongue out Pixie
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PostSubject: Re: Unpopular Opinions in Winx   

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Unpopular Opinions in Winx
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