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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Winx Club Fan Forms

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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Stella Riven
Posts : 8
Age : 21
Location : Somewhere in the Crystal Ruins
Hobbies : Art, Watching Videos, Anime

PostSubject: Winx Club Fan Forms   Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:22 am

If anyone knows which group this goes into, then please tell me and I'll switch it~


We all know they exist, but they might not be well-known by others. Yes, they are the fan-made forms for the Winx. Whether we put it in the cannon or not, they are still around to stay probably for a long time.

So, here is a template you can use when talking about your Winx form. I will be using my own fan-made form as an example.


Form Name: Krystellix

Similar to Bloomix, but the fairy has a crystal look that replaces their previous design(s). However, they still keep their unique colors and abilities. The wings look like big crystals, and the fairy's element appears on them as decoration (ex: water is represented as waves on the wings). The only exception to the rule is Krystelle, who has heart-shaped wings and she has fluff instead of crystals in some parts of the outfit.

How To Obtain:
The faerie has to go through a great trial that will test their heart. If they fail, then they will be encased in Crystal forever. If they succeed and face their fears, they will gain the power of the Krystellix. However, it only lasts a short time and can make the Faerie weak afterwards. They can access this in any other form as long as they are near the Crystal Heart.

The Crystal Heart gives the faerie part of its own power, but channels that through the Faerie's abilities which gives them a unique color and wing decoration. However, the only exception is Krystelle as she is the last heir to the Crystal Empire and she has a close connection to the Crystal Heart.
The group has to obtain this form to defeat the Dark Lorde, the being that is the embodiment of Negative Energy and has grown over time due to the lack of Positive Energy. After they gain this form, despite the power increase they have to ask other people to believe in them so they can use the Positive Energy from that.


+ They do still keep the same attacks as their Believix, it just gets an insane power-boost while they are in this form.

Believe In Us
+ The faerie has to ask others to believe in them, and as more people cheer them on their power increases due to the amount of Positive Energy they are receiving. Sometimes, a person will turn into a faerie (Winx form only) in the process and help them in the fight. After that, the person will either turn back to normal or can choose to become a Faerie.

Heart Stream
+ All the faeries, whether they be in this form or not, will ban together and hold hands in a circle around the target. After all their Elements are connected, the Crystal Heart will appear in the middle and shoot a beam of Pure Energy made from all the Faerie's hearts. This will near-eradicate the Negative Energy, and will stall the growth process of it for a long while as the beam then releases a huge amount of Positive Energy to the world.

Current Faeries Who Have Gained This Form: Krystelle, Eric, Diana

Extra Info:
This is for my AU story 'Magix', but I will allow others to use it as long as the character has already achieved their Believix and the character will pass the test given.

After the fairy travels to the Crystal Empire, they are encased in a crystal so their body will not be harmed in the process of the mental battle they will go through.
The fairy has to face their fears in the form of a Sin, a being that is constructed after a person becomes a fairy and is created from the Negative Energy they hide in their heart. The Sin will chip away at their emotions through imagery and words, breaking them down until they go insane and their body is forever trapped inside the crystal.
However, if the fairy can accept their evil side as a part of them the Sin will turn into a Virtue and give them a special item that fits their Element. This is the embodiment of their own heart (Ex: A star fairy will obtain a Star Heart), and is a conduit for the Crystal Heart so it can give them part of its power.
After the fairy succeeds, they will be released from the crystal and can now access their Krystellix form.

Transformation Scene: The person gets encased in a crystal, and after they burst out their element surrounds them and eventually becomes a decoration on the wings. The outfit is formed before they get encased, as the crystal forms the outfit. The person's eyes also change to resemble a crystal, the iris becoming a darker-ish version of the eyecolor. The hair stays the same as Believix, but somewhere in their hair (often in the form of a headband or ribbon) there will be a crown of crystals with their Element symbol in the middle formed by the crystals. Their lips & eyeshade also become lighter than normal, sometimes being near-white.
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Flame Melody

Stella Brandon
Posts : 5194
Age : 2016
Location : 1313 Webfoot Walk, Duckberg
Hobbies : Scaring/Banning members c: - We'll fairy you!

PostSubject: Re: Winx Club Fan Forms   Tue Jan 13, 2015 8:00 am

You can't switch sections, but you may ask a moderator who mods this area to do it or a super moderator. Anyways moved to correct section~. And I like your concept of this transformation, it's fun to see someone actually basing an upgrade on a higher fairy form, which didn't happen except in season 2.


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Musa Riven
Posts : 1138
Age : 11
Location : With Riley and Maya, New York...not
Hobbies : Taking on the world, watching Disney Channel, Listening to Melanie Martinez lol

PostSubject: Re: Winx Club Fan Forms   Thu Jun 25, 2015 12:26 am

Ohh fan forms well heres mine

Form Name:Nymphix

Appearence: Same outfit from when Daphne was a nymph except its there magic color whith a bracelet with there powers as charms and the same headband from there bloomix.

How to obtain: A fairy must be at bloomix and go to Solaria and then domino and then zenith and melody and lynphea and then andros and find the gems of Fire Light and Technology and Music and Nature and Waves.

Purpose: Once obtained it can let you go to the nymph world where you can see all the nymphs but they have a evil vsrsion of them self in the nymph world withc might mean theyl have to attack.

Abilitys: Same spellss as there bloomix but with an IMENSE power boost with musa getting more spells.

Current fairy who has have gained this amazing transformation: Daphne.

Proccess: The fairy has to go into the throne room and look around (If there a princess) (But if there not a princess then) they have they have to look in there room.

Transformation Scene: They are incased in a glowing piece of there power and they burst out they then have sparkles over there head and then pops the bloomix headbands and then they have sparkles over there body and then pops up there dress a.k.a daphnes old nymph dress and then they have sparkles over there feet then pops up some sneakers xD then sparkles go over there back and the pops up there wings made of there power.


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PostSubject: Re: Winx Club Fan Forms   

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Winx Club Fan Forms
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