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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Past is Present

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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Stella Brandon
Posts : 55
Age : 22
Location : Los Angeles, California, USA
Hobbies : Except Winx i like to swimm, play football and drink beer

PostSubject: Past is Present    Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:53 pm

OMG! This will be just awesome. After my fiasco with both of my fan fictions, i decide to create the new, improved one. Story is unique and if you like soap operas, you will definitely like this. I will take characters from the Winx Club with their personalities, interests and goals from the series and put them in a hole new story. Here, they are not going to have magic and they will actually live in the New York City as a high school clique with boyfriends, rivals and one enemy that will be main antagonist of this.
Here are some elementary infomations about new fan fiction of StellaFromSolaria:

Name: Past is Present
Genre: crime novel/drama/soap opera
Number of Episodes: We havn't even began yet and you are already talking about end. Big story, big number of episodes.

Now i can start talking about plot. Since this story is quite large it will consist of episodes. I will start later, but first things first. Let's introduce you with my fan fiction:

This story follows adventures of students of medical high school at Manhattan and their ordinary life problems such as studies, love and parents. It's all about third and fourth grade. Bloom is third and Stella is fourth grade. They are best friends and main protagonists. Bloom is in relationship with her classmate and guitarist Andy, but she is secretly in love with Stella's classmate Sky. Stella is in relationship with Sky's best friend Brandon and she will non-stop trying to help Bloom with Sky over Brandon.

This isn't so simple and story is a little more complex thing so my next post isn't going to be first episode, but informations about characters. Third post is finally first episode. I hope you'll follow me and thank you ahead!

Last edited by StellaFromSolaria on Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:45 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Stella Brandon
Posts : 55
Age : 22
Location : Los Angeles, California, USA
Hobbies : Except Winx i like to swimm, play football and drink beer

PostSubject: Re: Past is Present    Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:14 pm

Characters - Primary informations about characters so you can undestand plot a little better and without confusion!
Everything will be about third and fourth grade. Third grade are: Bloom, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Darcy, Stormy, Roxy, Mitzi, Andy and several other girls and boys while fourth grade are: Stella, Layla, Icy, Diaspro, Sky, Brandon, Riven, Timmy, Helia and some other students. Bloom and Stella alongside Flora, Musa, Tecna and Layla are clique and are always together while fourth class boys are clique too. Also, three sisters are the clique.

Main protagonists:
Bloom - Bloom is daugther of police inspector Mike and housewife Vanessa. She is modest and cheerful girl whose dream is to become a doctor. Her best friend is Stella and her boyfriend is Andy, but she is secretly in love with Sky. Everything will be focusing on her origin.
Stella - Stella is daugther of civil engineer Radius and former miss of the world Luna. She is pride and little self-centred. She's totally fasion obsessed girl and her dream is to become fashion designer, but she's not thinking about that right now. Her boyfriend is Brandon and due to her parents divorce she wants a good relationship with him.
Sky - Sky is from Canada, but he is very rich and his parents sent him to New York for schooling. Usually, he is caring and responsible. His best friend is his bodyguard Brandon while he's in relationship with spoiled daddy's daughter Diaspro from his hometown Toronto, but secretly in love with Bloom. As time is passing, two of them are getting closer to each other to the level of physical bond.
Brandon - Brandon is Sky's bodyguard, but they are best friends. He is macho boy and all the girls in the school are crazy for him, but one for him is Stella. Usually, he's very kind and cheerful, but also temperamental. His hobby is fighting.

Other protagonists:
Layla - Layla is from Mexico and she came to the New York alongside her fiance Nabu, but he is killed by Brazilian mafia beacuse of his connection to the underworld, arms and drugs. Due to trauma, she isn't so interested in other boys and is interested in extreme sports. Her main focus in to find killers of her beloved one.
Flora - Flora is born in New York and is living with her mother Rose and younger sister Miele. Her father died. She is peacefull and shy girl with great sense for plants and is in love with Helia, but is afraid of talking to him. She's best student in hole of medical high school.
Musa - Musa's life was cruel. When she was a baby her mother died and when Musa grown-up her father abandoned her to travel around world beacuse he was sad his entire life. Now she's living alone on Manhattan and is in love with Riven, but problem is that Riven doesn't care about her. Beacuse her mother was singer, her dream is to become a singer too.
Tecna - Tecna is absolute geek and is obsessed with technology, especially computers and cellphones. She is barely expressing her emotions, but she is in relationship with Timmy anyway. Deep down in her entity, Tecna is sensitive and soft, but her core is not revealing itself.
Riven - Riven is smoking and rumors are saying that he is burglar too, but nobody believes that. He is a rebel and very rude to other students, especially those younger. His mother abandoned him when he was a baby and now he is in relationship with Darcy. He's very sarcastic, aggressive and competitive, but not that bad, after all.
Timmy - Timmy is Tecna's boyfriend and like her, he is geek and obsessed with technology. He's also shy and is wearing glasses. Things with him usually get awkward.
Helia - Helia is sensitive soul and is in love with Flora and just like her, he is afraid of talking to her. He's spending his time with art, poetry and books and is very romantic.

Supporting characters:
Andy - Andy is Bloom's boyfriend. He busy with his rock band that he doesn't have time for his girlfriend. He's such a show-off.
Mitzi - Mitzi is spoiled local girl and is in love with Andy. She will do everything to get between Bloom and Andy. Her rival is Bloom. Mitzi is richer than Bloom, but she's still jealous on her.
Diaspro - Diaspro is Mitzi's best friend and Sky's girlfriend. She's also jealous and afraid of Bloom beacuse she thinks that she would stole her boyfriend from her.  
Roxy - Roxy is in love with Andy too. She has great sense for animals and her dream is to maintain the zoo. Unlike Mitzi, she's not going to get desperate if things aren't so well for her. Her mother died and now she's living with her father, waiter Klaus and with her dog Artu.

Main antagonist:
Valtor - Valtor is enemy of everybody. He is banker and is obsessed with money. He's sociopath and will not hesitate to do anything for his own benefit. His main goal is vengeance and is looking for person that kill his father. His origin is connected to that of Bloom. He is laundering money for Brazilian mafia and is in relationship with Icy, even he's older than her.

Other antagonists:
Icy - Icy is Valtor's girlfriend. She and Bloom hate each other beacuse they are total opposites. Actually, she doesn't love Valtor, but his money. Her sisters are Darcy and Stormy and she's older than them. Icy is ready even for a murder. Sometimes, she's hanging with Diaspro.
Darcy - Darcy is Icy's younger sister and Stormy's twin sister. She is withdrawn and mysterious and usually doesn't speak that much. Her boyfriend is Riven, lonely wolf and beacuse of that they are perfect couple. She's very flirtatious and charming and maybe ready for a murder.
Stormy - Story is Icy's younger sister and Darcy's twin sister. She is temperamental and can burst out easily. Unlike Darcy who isn't interested, Story is not fond of Icy's boyfriend Valtor and would do anything to stop him from hurting her sister.

Of other characters, you can see Brazilian mafia know as Black Circle and parents who are mentioned above. Finally, next post is the FIRST EPISODE!
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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Stella Brandon
Posts : 55
Age : 22
Location : Los Angeles, California, USA
Hobbies : Except Winx i like to swimm, play football and drink beer

PostSubject: Re: Past is Present    Fri Mar 27, 2015 5:20 pm

Past is Present - 1 episode

- Valtor's house -
In his house outside the city, near the forest, Valtor is working. He is writting something on a papers and is counting money.

Valtor: Enough work. It's time for break with whiskey.

He poured himself a whiskey and is easily drinking it...

Valtor: Don't worry father... You will be avenged very soon. Those who took you from me are going to pay with their lifes. I swear! Here's to you!

He finished his drink and go on with work again...

- Medical High School at Manhattan -
Biology class of third grade just ended. Bloom is caring some books and walking down the corridor, but suddenly some voices are calling her. It's Flora and Musa.

Flora: Bloom!
Musa: Earth to Bloom!
Bloom: Hey you two! Sorry, i didn't see you.
Musa: We get used to this.
Flora: Never mind. Today's class wasn't that hard, right?
Bloom: Not exactly. Except that detail about upcoming test. What lessons we have to study?
Flora: Heart and blood. I'm going to study, but not yet. We're going out tonight.
Bloom: Where are you going?
Musa: To that new dance club. You can come too if you want.
Bloom: Sure, why not, but what about exam?
Musa: It's not an important exam, but a little test and after all, it's not tomorrow. Like Flora said, i will study, but not right now. So are you coming?
Bloom: Yes i am. When will we be going?
Flora: Tonight at 9 p.m. Shall we call Stella and Layla?
Bloom: They are going to the pool. But wait, where's Tecna?
Musa: She's ill. She called me last night and tells me that she have a flue.
Bloom: Oh man... I hope it's not something serious.
Flora: No it's not. All of us have illness sometimes. Flu isn't dangerous, but boring, you know... If you like, we can go visit her before dancing.
Bloom: Of course.

At that moment, Sky is passing..

Sky: Hy girls! What's up?
Bloom: Hy Sky! How was you class?
Sky: Boring math. Who can like i?
Bloom: Same story for biology. You're lucky that you don't have a test.
Sky: Speaking of lucky, you are. You have just test. Not exam like we do.
Bloom: Oh my... I believe in you. You're going to pass it like you always do with schoolwork.
Sky: You too. Biology isn't that hard subject. We have to much in common.
Bloom: You really think that?
Sky: But of course, but now... I gotta to go. See ya later Bloom! Musa, Flora...
Flora: By Sky!

Sky leaves, but from a corner Andy sees the entire thing. Musa began teasing Bloom.

Musa: What was that all about?
Bloom: What exactly?
Musa: You and Sky...
Bloom: I don't know what your talking about...
Musa: But you know Bloom. You can't fool me.
Bloom: Neither do i want.
Musa: I'm not blind. There's something happening between two of you. If you love Sky you must tell Andy.
Bloom: But i love Andy. Sky and i are just a friends.
Musa: Yeah right...
Flora: Musa, when boy and girl are talking, it doesn't need to be something. There's a diffrence between love and friendship and what i have seen here is classic example of friendship, don't you think?
Musa: Not at all!
Bloom: Alright, that's enough. I gotta to now. My mom's probaly waiting for me already. See ya tonight girls!
Musa: We gotta to go too. We have to buy tickets and you have to look stunning cause, you know, Sky will maybe be there.
Flora: Shut up Musa! Later Bloom!

Bloom leaves and is now in the school courtyard. She bumps into Icy. Her books fell to the ground.

Bloom: Oh, i'm sorry.
Icy: Apology accepted, but if you hit me again like that, there will be some problems.
Bloom: I'm suprised to see you around this time of day...
Icy: What do you mean little sweetie?
Bloom: I mean that you usually skip classes and now that i see you here, i can die.
Icy: Today i'm here. And you will die if a fell. You're lucky that i didn't.
Bloom: Is that all?
Icy: No... Your shoes are adorable. Where did you get them?
Bloom: Why's that important to you? You don't need shoes, you need a miracle.
Icy: For your own good, i'll pretend that i didn't hear that.
Bloom: Have a nice time at school Icy. It only happens once in a lifetime.

Grim Icy enters the building while Bloom is leaving...

- Bloom's house -
Vanessa is sitting and watching TV. At that moment, Bloom enters.

Bloom: Hey mom!

She kisses her on the cheek...

Vanessa: Hey Bloom! How was your school day?
Bloom: It's was nothing special. Tonight we're going out.
Vanessa: You have a pizza in the kitchen. Really? Who you're going with?
Bloom: Stella is busy and i'll go with Flora and Musa. Save that pizza for dad, i'm sleepy, going to my room.
Vanessa: As you wish sweetheart.

As Bloom leaves, Mike enters the house...

Mike: Hey! Is Bloom home yet?
Vanessa: She is. What are you doing here?
Mike: We finished earlier today. What's for lunch?
Vanessa: Bloom wasn't hungry so you have a pizza. What happened? No more criminals to hunt down.
Mike: Come on Vanessa, this is New York City! It can't ever be crimeless.
Vanessa: It never was...
Mike: Memories?
Vanessa: Bad memories. Should we tell her?
Mike: No. As you said, let them just be bad memories. We're not going to let them ruin are lives. But i agree. She have a right to know.
Vanessa: Then why we don't tell her?
Mike: We will, but she's 16. When she gets 18, that is the right time, don't you think?
Vanessa: Well, yea... Would you eat?
Mike: This subject is leaving impact on me. I lost my appetite. Let's take some rest.

He leaves...

Vanessa: You're all resting. Now i can finally have some peace and quiet.

She continues to watcing TV...

- Valtor's house -
Valtor isn't doing everything, but sitting on his couch. At that moment, somebody knock at his doors.

Valtor: Come in...
Icy: It's me my love.
Valtor: Sit next to me.

She kisses him on the lips...

Valtor: How was your day? Were you at school?
Icy: Yes i was. And...
Valtor: And what? What did you wanted to say?
Icy: Nothing. Forgett it.
Valtor: Tell me. Is something wrong? Did you get in trouble?
Icy: Nothing like that, it's just... Can you buy me new pair of shoes?
Valtor: And that's it? Of course i can. It's not a problem, but i don't understand. You have a good shoes.
Icy: Bloom have better.
Valtor: I see. Don't worry, you'll have your shoes till tonight.
Icy: There's that new dance club. I'm going, but my sisters aren't. Would you go with me?
Valtor: Sorry my love, but i can't. I have some work to do.
Icy: Again? Come on Valtor, you're not going anywhere with me.
Valtor: You want those shoes or not?
Icy: Yes i do...
Valtor: Then let me earn some money. Take Diaspro, new shoes and dacne all night long. Next time i'll go with you, i promise.
Icy: Alright then, but i'm not going to forgett what you say...
Valtor: But of course.

He kisses her on the lips...

Icy: I'm out of here. See ya soon!

As Icy leaves, Valtor's cellphone starts ringing...

Valtor: I'm listening.
Mysterious person: Well, well, well... Is that our deer mr. America, our amigo, Valtor or prohapse somebody alse?
Valtor: No, it's me. What is going on? Why did you call me?
Mysterious person: I'm going to check it out on you Valtor.
Valtor: But why, i mean...
Mysterious person: Beacuse i know you Valtor. You're ready for everything. I'm afraid you're going to trick us.
Valtor: I will never try to trick you.
Mysterious person: I hope. For you own good Valtor... If something went wrong i'm coming all the way from Rio de Janerio and you're not going to like it and neither shall New York City.

As they break call, Valtor starts laughing...

Valtor: You're going to kill me, ha? I will destroy you all. But not now... I need you for my plan. When i succeed mighty Black Circle mafia will be kneeling in front of me! If my name isn't Valtor, but i'll do it.

- Bloom's house -
Bloom is laying in her bed and she takes her cellphone. She is calling someone.

Bloom: Hey Stella! How are you doing?
Stella: I'm doing great. I'll go to the pool along with Layla tonight and adrenaline is breaking me apart.
Bloom: I didn't know that you like to swimm...
Stella: Funny you mentioned it, no i don't. I'm going there to show-off with some my new clothes and i refuse to go unnoticed.
Bloom: What would Brandon think about all of this?
Stella: What Brandon doesn't know it didn't happen, right?
Bloom: Definitely... No! I didn't see you at school today. One number of our clique is ill.
Stella: Tecna, right? I knew it. She always on those silly computers and never on fresh air. And about that other thing, you probably didn't see me cause you're third while i'm fourth grade. Or did you forgett it?
Bloom: No, definitely not. But let's get to buisness. I call you to ask you for a walk. So, would you take a walkd with me?
Stella: Yes. While my mother is busy with her makeup, i don't have anything better to do. So when are we going and where exactly?
Bloom: See you in Central Park in half an hour.
Stella: Alright then.

- Central Park -
On a bench, Sky and Brandon are relaxed. They are sitting and talking.

Sky: Timmy wasn't at school today. His girlfriend is ill. He's not just a geek, but very caring, too.
Brandon: I'm also very caring...
Sky: What do you mean?
Brandon: Today after school i buy Stella flower and chocolate.
Sky: And that's it?
Brandon: Well... After a long walk at East River shore, two of us share a kiss.
Sky: WOW, congratulations man! I didn't kiss a girl for quite some time.
Brandon: What are you talking about? You have Diaspro.
Sky: Diaspro? Who's that? Is it that girl from our Toronto that is with me only beacuse i'm full of money? If that's her, i'll pretend that you didn't say that.
Brandon: You're talking like that cause you love Bloom and that is not going to change anytime soon, right?
Sky: What can be changed? Bloom is with that jerk Andy. Only i can do is talk to her like i to back in the school.
Brandon: You talked to her?
Sky: Just for short time and i can tell you, she's wonderful person. Much better than mine silly princess.
Brandon: You must solve that with your self first and than and only than you can choose between Diaspro and Bloom. If Bloom doesn't love you back, you're lucky too beacuse you will lose Diaspro and be solo, right?
Sky: But if she loves me?
Brandon: Then she will leave that guitarist and you can sing to her.
Sky: Shut up, you sound like Helia!

Currently, Riven is passing that way...

Brandon: Hi Riven!
Riven: Look who i bump into... My favoirute classmates. What's up Sky?
Sky: Nothing serious Riven. What did you get from that chemistry test?
Riven: C, you?
Sky: Straight A!
Brandon: I'm B!
Riven: Why don't you help me?
Sky: I didn't have a time. First i'm working for my self and then for others.
Riven: Brandon is first working for you and then for himself. He's not your friend like your calling him, but a servant.
Sky: What did you called him?
Brandon: Chill out Sky... He's not worth of it. Jealousy is killing him beacuse of your A and his C.
Riven: Sky could help you too, but he didn't. Instead, you get a B. Is that enough for you? Is it ok to being runner-up? If it is, i'm not going to say a word.
Brandon: We're best friend since our birth. No one including you wouldn't change it. It is usless to even trying.
Riven: Sky, do you want some cigarette?
Sky: No Riven, i'm a good guy. But you're not some bad guy you're pretending to be. I never see you smoke.
Riven: You never will. I'm smoking all alone.
Sky: All alone with Darcy?
Riven: Don't you dare mentioned her again.
Sky: What if i do?
Riven: Well... See ya later losers!
Brandon: I don't know who's the loser here?

Andy sees entire thing behind the tree and he goes after Riven...

Sky: What a fool, i can't believe!
Brandon: I said this before and i will again. He is jealous. Riven, you are jealous! But face it bro, you'll never be better than Sky! And what are you going to do about your girls?
Sky: I'll wait. What other choice do i have?
Brandon: Hm...

- Bloom's house -
In the courtyard, Bloom washes her car, but Mitzi is passing there on her scooter. She stops.

Mitzi: Hi Bloom!
Bloom: Oh, hi Mitzi... What's up? Are you studying for upcoming biology exam?
Mitzi: No beacuse it's not an exam, but a silly test. If it's other way around, i'll maybe study.
Bloom: Maybe?
Mitzi: That's right. And you car is dirty by it's back.
Bloom: Where exactly? Hey, Mitzi, where are you?

Little further on a semaphore...

Mitzi: Bloom, i just can't stand you. Tonight, you will see who Mitzi really is...

- Riven's house -
Andy is knocking on Riven's door. He opens him.

Riven: You're that guy from third grade... Andy, right?
Andy: Andy. And you're Riven.
Riven: But of course. Younger knows older and not vice-versa. And what did you want from me Andy?
Andy: We have a common enemy.
Riven: Aham. You're talking about Sky, right? You want some cigarette?
Andy: I'll take one. Rockers never deny vices. How do you it's about Sky?
Riven: He's around Bloom since the second grade...
Andy: But.. but...
Riven: Easy, i'm just teasing. But, he is around her last couple of months, that's for sure.
Andy: And you're in his shadow since the first grade.
Riven: I know that better than you do same as you know truth about Bloom. So what's your proposal?
Andy: You and i, together, can beat him down.
Riven: Say what?
Andy: You heard me well. We can fight him together. Literally, phisically.
Riven: It's not that easy. Everybody in our class likes him. If he recognize me, i'm in big trouble tomorrow at school.
Andy: We'll take mask. Rockers always have some...
Riven: You're boring with your rockers. When are we going to the action?
Andy: Tonight, i'm playing at the new dance club at the beach. That's a perfect opportunity.
Riven: Brandon will be somewhere with Stella and she doesn't like to dance. Great idea Andy. This could be the beggining of very useful partnership.

- Central Park -
Stella is sitting at the bench and looking to her nails. At that moment, Bloom parks her car next to her.

Bloom: Hi girl!
Stella: What you took you so long?
Bloom: Nothing, it's was just crowd on the road.
Stella: I have a car too and i'm driving as fastest as i can everytime i see crowded road.
Bloom: I know that your wild but, never mind roads. What happened on a date with fatal Brandon?
Stella: You're so curious! Nothing happened...
Bloom: And you except me to believe you? Come on, details, details!
Stella: Well, let's get started. First, we eat some pizza at Times Square. It wasn't tasty and we didn't talk that much. Then he take me to a walk across the coast of East River. It was beautiful, especially end.
Bloom: What happened at an end?
Stella: Something we call... Kiss! Hey, why did you call me in the first place?
Bloom: Kiss, ha? Nooo! Why i can't be that lucky?
Stella: It's not a big deal, it's just a simple kiss.
Bloom: Just a simple kiss? Andy never sees me and today i have a talk with Sky. Oh Stella! He's so adorable and cute.
Stella: My kiss with Brandon isn't subject anymore. Good. Very good. What are you going to about Sky?
Bloom: Not me, but you...
Stella: What do you mean?
Bloom: You can ask your Brandon? Two of them are best friends, just like me and you. Diaspro is biggest problem, Andy not so much. We can break up, but Sky can't break up with Diaspro.
Stella: Diaspro is my classmate. She's an idiot. And everybody sees that Sky doesn't love her. Actually, all the time at classes, he is pensive. Maybe, he's thinking about you.
Bloom: Yeah right... So, will you ask Brandon to ask Sky?
Stella: I don't think that's a good idea, but as you wish.
Bloom: Boy easily open up to a friend. That's an excellent idea!
Stella: Tomorrow, you'll know everything you want to know. What are you doing tonight?
Bloom: I'm going with Flora and Musa to some lame dancing club.
Stella: Don't fight with Icy. She's going there, too.
Bloom: Say what?
Stella: Are her sisters normal?
Bloom: Yes they are. You can't believe that, right? I almost fight Icy today.
Stella: I gotta go now. Layla's waiting for me at Statue of Liberty. Kiss Tecna for two of us.
Bloom: Don't worry about that.

Bloom winked to Stella as she is leaving. She takes her cellphone outside the pocket.

Bloom: Flora, where are you?
Flora: We're at my house. We're leaving now and we'll wait for you at Tecna's house. You're with car, right?
Bloom: Sounds good to me...

- Icy, Darcy and Stormy's house -
Icy is dressing for a dance in her room. At that moment, Stormy enters her room.

Icy: Why don't you knock?
Stormy: You're my sister. Why do i have to knock?
Icy: Where's Darcy?
Stormy: Out, but i don't know where exactly. Who you're going with?
Icy: Diaspro...
Stormy: Diaspro? Where's your buisnessman?
Icy: You mean Valtor? He's busy. Look at my new shoes hew buyed me.
Stormy: They're just great...
Icy: I gotta go now sis. If Darcy returns, you two can come to a beach.
Stormy: Maybe, Icy, maybe...

Icy leaves...

Stormy: Hm... Darcy's gone and Valtor's busy...

- Tecna's house -
Tecna is sitting in her bed and eating some soup Timmy cooked for her. Timmy is sitting next to her. At that moment, Bloom, Flora and Musa enters with Musa caring some presents.

Musa: Oh man! How are you poor thing?
Timmy: She's better, but still under the flu.
Tecna: I can't be awaked. Neither can sleep. Oh man, i wish i'm not who i am.
Flora: That's natural. Do you have some vegetables in that soup?
Timmy: A little, but i'm not some expert. I will leave you alone now. Girls, she's yours. I'm going to bring you laptop.
Bloom: We're going to dance at new club at the beach. Are you going?
Tecna: Haha. So funny and so logical. After all, it's you Bloom. What happened at school?
Flora: We will have test from biology about heart and blood. You can reimbursed everything, don't worry.
Musa: You're famous geek, after all.
Tecna: Tnx you girls...

Bloom kisses Tecna on the cheek twice...

Bloom: This is from Stella and Layla...
Tecna: Are you still up in the sky?
Bloom: What do you mean?
Musa: She mean up in the... Sky.
Flora: Musa, i told you. Stop teasing her!
Musa: Actually, it was Tecna, not me.
Flora: At school, you were teasing and Tecna was nowhere to be found...
Tecna: Technically, Musa was speaking the truth.
Bloom: Some things will never change.
Musa: Exactly. Hahahaha!
Flora: You must create your own immune system Bloom. Like plants do.
Bloom: I already do. Tease how much you want, i'm immune to it.
Tecna: Hey Sky!
Bloom: Where is he?
Tecna: Not here, but you can dream.
Bloom: Tecna, i'll get you for that.
Musa: Where's your immune system now? On a vacation? In cinema?
Timmy: Hey girls! Here's your laptop Tecna.

He kisses her on the cheek...

Flora: Fast recovery Tecna!
Musa: And from me, too.
Bloom: We all love you including those from fourth grade.
Timmy: What's wrong with out grade?
Bloom: See ya!

- Dancing Club at the Beach -
Andy's band on stage playing without him while somewhere alse Bloom, Flora and Musa are dancing. Next to them, Icy, Diaspro and Mitzi while Sky and Brandon are talking.

Brandon: Hey Sky, Bloom is here and Diaspro, too. What would you do?
Sky: We shouldn't be here, that's what.
Brandon: Now it's too late to turn back, ha? I'm going to get us some drinks and you calm down.

Brandon leaves, but Riven and Andy are spying from outside...

Andy: You were wrong. Brandon is here.
Riven: But now, Sky is vulnerable with Brandon gone.
Andy: Let's take him down, shall we?
Riven: Yes we shall. It's action time!

They are approaching and Sky is recumbent to a bar watching over Bloom and Diaspro...

Bloom: Andy is not here.
Flora: Sky is here and that's all that matters.
Bloom: You weren't teasing and you give me advice about immune system. What's wrong with you now?
Musa: She's not teasing, she's speaking the truth. Finally Flora, congrats!
Flora: No problem Musa!

Two of them give each other five. Icy and Diaspro approaches them with glasses of wine.

Diaspro: What's up macho girls?
Bloom: Who are you?
Diaspro: Stop pretending you don't know me Bloom. We both love same boy.
Bloom: Sky and i are just a friends, but i'm not sure he's happy with you.
Icy: Hey Bloom, what do you think about my new shoes?
Bloom: They're not that bad, after all.
Icy: Not bad, that's all you have to say?
Bloom: Your dress is lame, isn't it?
Icy: And you don't have yours anymore...

She spilles her with a wine...

Bloom: What have you done?
Diaspro: Something that i should...
Musa: Icy, Icy! Run, it's better for you!
Flora: Musa, don't...

As Musa is going after Icy, Bloom goes to bathroom. Flora is all alone and sad. She sits and drinks her juice. Riven and Andy are finally with Sky.

Andy: Stop flirting with my girlfriend Canada boy!
Sky: I'm not flirting with her. What's wrong with you Riven? You're bringing me that idiot to attack me? If you want to fight, you can just tell and we will fight.
Riven: I was always in your shadow and it's time for payback. You have always been better than me. Now, i'm going to make you regret it.
Brandon: Easy bad guy! What's the rush, i have just arrived. If you want to fight, well let's fight.
Sky: That's right Brandon. We're ready. What about you? Are you ready?
Andy: Sky, you will not...

Brandon punches Andy and he fell to the ground. Riven punches Brandon, but he didn't fall. Sky punches Riven, but he didn't fall, too. Then Brandon hits Riven with head and he fell to the ground.

Brandon: What about this?

- Valtor's house -
Valtor and Darcy are kissing. At that moment, Stormy enters and sees them. She is terrified and suddenly starts running.

- Dance Club at the Beach -
Bloom is in WC and is washing her dress with water. And that moment, Mitzi enters WC and Bloom spots her in the mirror.

Bloom: Hey Mitzi! What are you doing here?
Mitzi: Is it forbidden?
Bloom: No, it's just...
Mitzi: Life is forbidden for you...
Bloom: What do you mean?

She takes gun from her jeans...

Mitzi: Andy will be mine! And you will be up... in the sky.

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PostSubject: Re: Past is Present    Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:07 pm

Past is Present - 2 episode

- Valtor's house -
Outside the house is Stormy and Darcy arrives next to her...

Darcy: Stormy, my twin sister. It's not how it looks like.
Stormy: I'm not stupid sister. You are such a manipulator. You are using both Icy and Riven for your own games.
Darcy: But Valtor and i are...
Stormy: Just a friends, ha? Give me a break! I'm calling Icy.
Darcy: Please Stormy, don't. I will never ever see Valtor again. That's a promise.
Stormy: What if i refuse?
Darcy: Then you lost your sister...
Stormy: I make the rules here. You are blackmailed and you have to do what i want from now on.
Darcy: What do you want?
Stormy: Wait till you see...

Valtor is standing on his balcony looking at the garden...

Valtor: Intersting, very intersting. What a mighty emotional play. Too bad that i'm using both Icy and Darcy. It's Stormy's turn.

- Dance Club at the Beach -
In WC, Mitzi holds Bloom as a hostage...

Bloom: Mitzi, think again. Nobody wants this. Calm down and we can talk.
Mitzi: Shut up Bloom!
Bloom: Put the gun down!
Mitzi: I make the rules here. Don't you dare to forgett it.
Bloom: I didn't know that you love my boyfriend. I don't love him and he can be all yours.
Mitzi: You're going to say that in front of him. My condition is his arrival here. Otherwise, you're not going out of here anytime soon.

Outside bathroom, Flora is still drinking her juice and is very worried...

Flora: Sky, can you come here?
Brandon: Go! Andy and Riven are going to be alright...
Sky: What is it Flora?
Flora: Bloom is with Mitzi inside for quite some time. Can you check it out?
Diaspro: But Sky! You can't just leave the party.
Sky: Yes i can. Bloom is my friend and is maybe in trouble. You like it or not, i'm going to help her.

Sky enters the WC very quickly, but Mitzi spots him...

Mitzi: Don't move! Don't move or i'll kill both of you!

Sky grabbed Mitzi's gun and they start wrestling around it...

Bloom: Help! Somebody help! Brandon, Brandon!

- Streets of New York City -
Icy is running in the dark with Musa's right behind her. She is very angry.

Musa: Stop! You're not going to get away with it! You spilled her by wine!

Icy have nowhere to run and she suddenly stops...

Icy: Chill out Musa. What's wrong with you? I'm fourth grade and i can defeat you easily.
Musa: Bring it on!

Icy slaps Musa and she fell to the ground. They are wrestling on the ground, but Musa hits her with knee to stomach. Musa is on the top of Icy, but she pushes her with legs and then she get up. Musa and Icy are staying and Icy scrath Musa's with nails to the face. Musa's pushes her and starts running.

Icy: Run if you intend to survire!

From out of nowhere Stella and Layla shows up...

Musa: Layla, Stella, what are you doing here?
Layla: We're just back from the pool. It's was unforgettable adventure and workout.
Stella: What is going on? What are you doing here?
Icy: No, what are you doing here?
Stella: No, what are you doing?
Icy: No, what are you doing?
Layla: What are you both doing?
Musa: We were at dance and Icy spilles wine to the Bloom's new dress.
Stella: Big mistake dearest classmate. Ready Layla?
Layla: Ready when you are Stella!

- Dance Club at the Beach -
Brandon enters WC and is spliting Mitzi and Sky apart...

Brandon: Sky! Dude, it's just a girl!
Sky: She's a murderer!
Brandon: Calm down...

Bloom pushes Mitzi from behind and she fell to the ground. Brandon takes gun, lock it and drop it.

Sky: Bloom, are you alright? What exactly happened?
Mitzi: She tries to murder me. Where's Andy. I got to speak with him.

Bloom leaves...

Sky: Andy, ha? What about me?
Brandon: Andy is knocked out, rembember? Take adventage of that. Get rid of him and Diaspro, too.

Back at the party room, Flora hugs Bloom...

Bloom: It's alright. It was nothing.
Flora: We gotta to go Bloom.
Bloom: Where?
Flora: Musa is fighting Icy somewhere in the streets.
Bloom: You go. I'll come in one minute.
Fora: Alright.

As Flora leaves, Andy approaches Bloom...

Andy: What happened? Why did you wanted to see me? Let me kiss you...
Bloom: No chance Andy. Until you explain to me your relationship with Mitzi there's no cuddling and kissing.
Andy: I'm a guitarist and she was attending some of my concerts, that's all.
Bloom: She fell in love with you you jerk!
Andy: You can't talk to me like that.
Bloom: Yes i can! Why are you so bloody?
Andy: Ask your hero Sky.
Bloom: Maybe i should...
Andy: Oh yeah! Then do it, i'm leaving, ask your friend Sky about helping you with that street fight, but not me. I'm respected rocker.
Sky: Don't worry Bloom. He's just jealous.
Brandon: Who normal wouldn't be?
Bloom: Thank you Sky, thank you Brandon.

She kisses both of them on the cheek. Diaspro follows Andy in an attack of jealousy as Sky, Brandon and Bloom follows Flora.

- Streets of New York City -
Stella and Layla grab Icy by right and left shoulder and are taking her somewhere. From out of nowhere, Darcy and Stormy appears and start pulling hairs of Stella and Layla.

Stella: Leave me alone or alse...
Darcy: Or alse what?
Layla: Or alse this...

Layla pushes Stormy to the ground and is pulling her hair down with Stormy screaming...

Layla: Leave Stella and i'll leave Stormy.
Darcy: Never going to happen.
Stormy: Darcy, let Stella go or alse...
Darcy: Go!
Stella: Good. Now Layla, let's finish this.
Flora: No more fighting! Is that clear? We are stundets of Manhattan high school and we need to behave accordingly to that fact.
Musa: They were just protecting me.
Icy: I was just protecting my self from you.
Musa: Rembember why do i attacked you?

Angry Icy hugs Musa by her stomach and is pushing her to the lamppost. Musa's spine hits lamppost, once, twice.

Bloom: What is going on here? Sky, Brandon, stop them!
Brandon: Easy Icy. It's alright. Stop fighting.
Icy: I'll take your girl down.
Stella: You? Take me down? Bring it on.
Sky: Alcohool is rensponsible for this. We're lucky that nobody is using drugs.
Layla: Drugs, ha?

Layla leaves in tears...

Flora: Oh no, Layla! We have to go after her.
Bloom: That's right.
Icy: You haven't heart the last of me Bloom...
Darcy: Come on Icy. We gotta to go. But this isn't over little sweeties.
Stormy: Till next time...

Sisters leaves and Musa and Flora, too...

Sky: I'm going home. This was one long evening...
Brandon: See ya tomorrow.
Bloom: Thank you Sky.
Sky: No problem Bloom.
Stella: Why are you bloody? Who you fight againt this time.
Brandon: Hey, you fight couple of minutes ago...
Stella: Why's your cheek marked with carmine?
Bloom: It was me. He saved me from Mitzi.
Stella: Mitzi?
Bloom and Brandon: What a story we have for you!

- Valtor's house -
Valtor can't sleep and he is walking around his house nervously. He's thinking about revenge.

Valtor: Who killed my father? He must be in New York. My father was killed in Miami, but by who? I don't know, but i'll get him and when i do, truth will be all reveald. Tomorrow, it's time for new transaction. Let's earn some money and let's break hearts of three sisters to not get bored of this place during my revenge campaign. I'm rich enough, but can you ever grown tired of gold and luxury? Like i said, new day - new plans. Bad time my dear Valtor.

- Central Park -
Layla is crying on a bench, but Bloom, Stella, Flora and Musa arrives just in time. Flora and Musa sit next to her.

Flora: What’s wrong Layla? You can tell us, we’re your best friends.
Musa: Bad memories. I have them, too. It is horrible. My mother died when I was a kid, but one day I’ll be singer.
Flora: My father is gone, too, but what now? Life goes on…
Layla: But, but… Nabu and I had too many plans, but he was more loyal to street fighting and drugs than to me. He was obsessed with stupid fire weapons and at the end, they sent him into the abyss.
Bloom: Do you have any idea who can done such a thing?
Layla: I’m thinking about that for quite some time, but nothing. Like my brain is empty.
Musa: What exactly happened that day?
Layla: I was at school. He skipped classes that day because he was in the church. I knew that something was wrong because he was an ateist. He wanted to change because of me, but old scores are unforgettable. He calls me after school beacuse we have to meet each other to determine our wedding date, but I was waiting and waiting. He never shows up. I called him couple of times and then police reported to me truth I didn’t accept all the way to today. Nabu was killed in a battle with Brazilian mafia?
Stella: Brazilian mafia in New York City?
Layla: That bothers me from the very beggining. What was Nabu's connection to them?
Bloom: I think i can help you. My father is police inspector. If anyone can help you, it's him. Tomorrow you can come to my house after school.
Layla: Thx Bloom...
Bloom: And it's not just me. You can count on all of us in your journey. It will be painful and full of suffering, but useful, at all. Stone will be taken off your heart.
Musa: Absolutely you can count on me.
Stella: And on me, too, i mean... We wouldn't let you to get in a conflict with mafia on your own anyway.
Layla: But we can all end up killed... Are you ready for that risk only beacuse i'm your friend?
Flora: Only? You're not only our friend, but our soulmate and we will be friends forever. I don't want you to talk like that right now. Don't cry anymore.
Layla: I will not. Like you said Flora, life goes on. We can't change past.
Bloom: But we can fix it and that's why Nabu's assassins must be punished. We'll take any risk for each other.
Stella: Even fighting Icy, Darcy and Stormy?
Bloom: Even fighting Icy, Darcy and Stormy.
Layla: Thank you guys. You are world to me.
Musa: And you to us.
Stella: Big hug time...

They all hug strongly and unbreakably...

Musa: We just need Tecna...
Flora: Don't worry Musa, she'll be with us very soon...

- Sky's house -
It's morning. Sky's preparing for school, but Diaspro enters his room...

Diaspro: Sky, i want to talk with you...
Sky: Then talk! I'll pretend that i'm listening.
Diaspro: Your still mad at me?
Sky: Of course i'm mad at you. You wanted me to stay away while Bloom was in trouble.
Diaspro: If you love her you can just tell me...
Sky: I love you Diaspro, but i'll help anyone. I'm with good manners and i'm always going to be. Only beacuse i'm with you, it doesn't mean that i will always spend my time with you. Frienship is friendship. On other hand, relationship is relationship.
Diaspro: Alright then. I'm sorry. I'm never going to be silly like that. Bloom is not just yours, but ours friend and will be until the school is finished. Can you forgive me?
Sky: No!
Diaspro: Then tell me why...
Sky: Beacuse i already do!

To of them share their kiss...

Sky: Now i gotta to go. Brandon is waiting for me. Are you coming?
Diaspro: I'll come later... I have something to do.

As Sky leaves, Diaspro takes her phone of out pocket and is calling somebody...

Diaspro: Andy, rembember our last night's deal?
Andy: Yes i do.
Diaspro: Well, it's time for it...

- Bloom's house -
Mike is preparing to go to job, but Bloom sit next to him...

Mike: Hey sunshine! Aren't you going to school?
Bloom: Yes i am, but before i leave, i'll like to share a word with you.
Mike: Tell your dad what's bothering you, but hurry, i'm very busy today and i'm already late.
Bloom: Tell me something about Brazilian mafia...
Mike: Why honey?
Bloom: Layla is interested in them beacuse of Nabu.
Mike: Don't interrupt in such a thing. They're dangerous honey.
Bloom: No i'm not, i'm just asking you a simle question.
Mike: I never had a connection with them, but i know that their name is Black Circle. They are stationed in Rio and they are in war with Mexican underworld for what it seems like eternity.
Bloom: They are the ones that killed Nabu, but why? What did he have to do with them?
Mike: I wasn't working on his case, but my college was. There wasn't enough proves and case is closed.
Bloom: Maybe he's killed beacuse of the criminal war between Brazil and Mexico. Layla told me that Nabu was a burglar and they are from Mexico. It can't be accident. Maybe he was working for Mexican underworld.
Mike: He was a criminal, that's for sure. His record isn't for envy and he was doing activities like arms and drugs dealing.
Bloom: Thank you dad.
Mike: You can talk with Stella. Her father is working in Miami where Brazilian mafia dominates. If somebody knows them, it's Radius.
Bloom: Maybe i should... Anyway, i gotta to now. See ya dad! Have nice time at work if that's even possible.

- Icy, Darcy and Stormy's house -
Darcy is dressing for school and her door bell rings. Stormy opens and it's Riven.

Stormy: Hi Riven. Icy is already gone and i'm ready, too, but your girl is still busy with dress-up.
Riven: No problem, i can wait...
Darcy: Don't have to. I'm done.
Riven: WOW Darcy! You look stunning.
Stormy: She's good, but i've have seen better.
Riven: Who alse can be better than my girlfriend?
Stormy: Her older sister...

Stormy leaves...

Riven: What was that all about?
Darcy: Two of us had some argument last night, but nothing important. Kiss me for school luck. Today's we have so much to learn.
Riven: With pleasure...

Riven kisses Darcy...

Riven: Can we leave now?
Darcy: Sure, why not?

Outside, Icy is waiting for Stormy. Stormy finally appears.

Icy: What took you so long? Where's Darcy?
Stormy: She's coming with Riven...
Icy: What is going on between two of you? Last night during that street fight i've have seen some tensions between twin sisters.
Stormy: Trouble in paradise, isn't it?
Icy: Sure it is, but why? I'm older and you owe me explanation.
Stormy: Prohapse after school...
Icy: No, now!

Darcy and Riven are here, too...

Riven: Hey Icy!
Icy: Hey Riven! Do you know what is going between those two? Don't worry, they're behind us, they can't hear us.
Riven: Darcy tells me about some argument, but i don't know anything yet just like you... Well, it's nothing important.
Icy: Probably not. Let's take down Bloom.
Riven: Let's take down her love...
Icy: Why do you hate Andy?
Riven: It's not Andy, but our dear classmate Sky.
Icy: Good to know about secret love between them.
Riven: What's your plan?
Icy: Wait till you see...

Right behind them are Darcy and Stormy and are arguing again...

Stormy: In front of us are two persons that you destroy with your actions. Are you afraid of consequences?
Darcy: Are you? Icy will lose both of her sisters if truth ever sees the light of a day. What do you want me to do?
Stormy: I'm not afraid, but you should be if you don't do what i want...
Darcy: Then what do you want?
Stormy: Your car to be mine...
Darcy: I can't.
Stormy: Icy!
Darcy: Shut up, it will be all yours, but for what you need it for?
Stormy: Not of your buisness. I have my own buisness and that's a keyword.
Riven: Are you coming darling?
Darcy: I'm coming my handsome...
Stormy: Haha! You're speaking about Valtor?
Darcy: You are stupid!
Stormy: I'm maybe stupid, but give me your key or alse...
Darcy: Ok, ok, but this isn't going to well for neither of three of us...

- Bank at Manhattan -
Valtor is up in his office and is talking to his buisness partner...

Valtor: I hope that this is good for both sides.
Buisness partner: Better than i hope.
Valtor: Then we have a deal. You will have your money tonight, but first things first. When will i have my weaponry?
Buisness: We must watch out for police, but you will have it before i had money. Don't even think about deceiving me cause i have my men all around the city and even in the United States.

Man leaves, but Valtor is laughing...

Valtor: You think that i don't, ha? Ogron will pay for this, but let's wait, let's be patient. Nobody threatens me... My name is Valtor!

He takes his phone and sends some message...
"You're going to hunt tonight, but be careful. Police is everywhere and you need some pro to help you."

- Manhattan High School -
Our famous clique is at corridor and are talking...

Musa: It's nice to have you back Tecna.
Tecna: It's much nicer to be with all of you again. Layla, sorry i wasn't there for you.
Layla: Don't mentioned it. Bloom is half-way there. Stella can help you, right?
Stella: Yes i can, but how?
Bloom: I'll tell you later and don't worry Layla. One day, Nabu will be avenged.
Layla: I truly hope so...
Flora: Let's talk about something lighter, shall we?
Musa: Something like Helia?
Stella: Or something like Riven, ha Musa?
Musa: I love Riven more than my self, but he is in love with that trash.
Bloom: Darcy is hard trash, but not even close to her sister. Who is she in relationship with?
Stella: With some older guy, that's all i know. He is some banker or what? He was living in Miami where my father's working as s civil engineer, but i don't know why he came to NYC...
Musa: How do you know all of this?
Stella: Long talk with Diaspro... I don't know his name cause she didn't want to tell me.

Helia is currently passing alongside Sky, Brandon and Timmy...

Helia: Hi girls! What's up? Flora, would you come with me?
Flora: Of course. Where are we going?
Helia: I want to show you something... Shall we?
Flora: But of course!

They leaves, but their friends are laughing...

Bloom: Hey, where's Riven?
Brandon: He wasn't with us since we fight him at dance club.
Sky: We don't know where he is and we don't care.

Icy and Diaspro are currently passing. Diaspro kisses Sky on the lips.

Diaspro: Hey my love. Our class is about to beggin.
Icy: What's up Bloom?
Bloom: Nothing Icy, but what about you? Are your injuries already healed?
Icy: What about you and Mitzi?
Musa: I could clean the floor with you, but i was lazy...
Icy: Yea, you were lazy and easily defeated. Same old story. It's classic and it doesn't work.
Bloom: Musa, calm down. It's below your lever to arguing with this...
Icy: I have my name! And i would like a word with you after a class...
Stella: I got your back Bloom!
Brandon: That's my girl!
Sky: Brandon! We couldn't let them fight around school.
Bloom: Who's talking about fighting? Just a little talk...
Musa: I will like to talk with Icy, too.
Icy: Or with my sister Darcy...
Musa: Why with Darcy?
Icy: You know why...

She, Diaspro and boys left. Somewhere behind them, there are more students including Darcy and Riven.

Darcy: Will you go with me tonight?
Riven: Where?
Darcy: Into the action...
Riven: Alright then, but i'm not a burglar.
Darcy: No you're not, but this is for our own benefit and nobody will get hurt. Tonight at 9 p.m.

Classes are over and it's again crowded in the corridors. Bloom is at her closet for P. E. Andy arrives next to her.

Andy: Bloom!
Bloom: AAAA!
Andy: Calm down Bloom, it's just me.
Bloom: Andy, you stupid rocker! You scared me!
Andy: I want to talk with you about Mitzi and all that stuff with Sky.
Bloom: You were right. It's just you. And i don't want to talk with somebody who don't trust me.
Andy: I trust you, but you don't trust me and that's a problem. Mitzi isn't even in school today.
Bloom: She tries to kill me only beacuse she's in love with you. You're telling me that you didn't know it?
Andy: I swear i didn't, but she's always around me.
Bloom: She's a good friend with Roxy. I'll talk to Roxy to talk with her.
Andy: Would she do it?
Bloom: With no doubt...
Andy: Mitzi solved, but what about Sky?
Bloom: Mitzi isn't solved!
Andy: Do you trust me or not?
Bloom: Well yeah...
Andy: Then it's solver and i trust you with Sky, too. You are my girlfriend like you have been.
Bloom: We never actually break up...
Andy: Can i kiss you now?
Bloom: Well yeah...

Andy and Bloom share their kiss. Sometime later in the school courtyard Andy and Diaspro are talking.

Diaspro: So, is our plan working?
Andy: Prohapse. I'm with Bloom and i'll keep her away from Sky? Will you do other way around?
Diaspro: I'll keep Sky away from Bloom. That's a promise.
Andy: Your idea was great. By blaming ourselves for everything we get them again. Let's keep it that way, shall we?
Diaspro: Yes we shall. Don't tell this even to you rockers.
Andy: Don't talk with Mitzi and Icy.
Diaspro: You can count on me and on our future partership cause Bloom and Sky aren't going go forgett each other and they will be good friends. Let's keep them from getting any closer.
Andy: Count on it...

Somewhere later, Flora approaches Helia...

Flora: Helia, thank you for buying me this beautiful rose. She smells so natural.
Helia: You're my best girl friend i ever had.
Flora: Can i ask you something?
Helia: Whatever you want...
Flora: Are you in love with me?
Helia: I'm in love with other girl, but i wanted to buy a flower to a friend and i did it.
Flora: Oh, sorry...
Helia: It's all fine...

Flora kisses Helia on the cheek, but Riven approaches them...

Riven: Hey Helia!
Helia: I'm not speaking with you cause you attacked Sky and Brandon.
Riven: I wanted to ask you for some money to buy cigs, but you are probably busy by your girlfriend.
Flora: I'm not his girlfriend.
Riven: Shut up you nature-obsessed foolish girl!
Helia: How did you called her?
Riven: Same as you heard!

Helia punches Riven and he fell to the ground...

Helia: Is that enough for you or you want more?
Riven: Is is all you got? Honestly, i hope that you would give me some sport.

Riven get up and punches Helia, but he didn't fell. Helia attacks him with his body and drops him to the ground. There, he is kicking him, once, twice, etc, etc.

Riven: More, more, i want more!

Darcy quickily approaches and is spliting Helia apart from Riven...

Darcy: Let him go you peasant! Fighting isn't always a solution!
Helia: Isn't it!
Riven: Are all of your frustrations out?
Helia: You're dead man!
Flora: Helia, it's all right. Let him go.

Darcy and Riven are leaving and he laughs...

Helia: This isn't over. I'll see you again...
Flora: What you did was nice and all.
Helia: My love isn't here. She's in California and i'm going for disco tonight. Would you be my escort?
Flora: With pleasure dearest Helia! Why did you defend me?
Helia: Beacuse you are sweet!

He kisses her on the cheek and she leaves. Little further, she is in the clouds.

Flora: Oh Helia, i love you!

- Valtor's house -
Valtor just enters his house and is back from the job. His cellphone is ringing.

Valtor: Hello! Ogron, is that you?
Ogron: Yes it is. It's a sunny and hot day in our Rio and i'm currently looking to the Jesus's statue. Is Sun above the Statue of Liberty?
Valtor: Something like that...
Ogron: Let a day like this stay like this. Don't give me some bad news.
Valtor: Our laundering project is going well, but i have some feeling that money isn't safe anymore. Tell me it's location.
Ogron: Why Valtor?
Valtor: My man give me some informations about possible FBI check. I'll hide money, not waste it, i'm afraid of you.
Ogron: You better be. Money is outside the down, near the cliff. You'll find it in grass and sand.

They break their call, but Valtor calls Darcy...

Valtor: Go outside the down, near the cliff. You need to dig and find money somewhere. Who are you with?
Darcy: My boyfriend Riven...
Valtor: This is quite ironic, don't you think? You are stealing for your lover with your boyfriend...
Darcy: Everything for you Valtor.
Valtor: Are you doing everything for Icy?
Darcy: Good one, haha!

As they break call, Stormy enters Valtor's house...

Valtor: Who's there?
Stormy: It's just me...
Valtor: So you needed car for arriving here?
Stormy: Wrong. I can walk. Car is for something alse, but not yet... Stay away from my sisters! Both of them! That's why i'm here.
Valtor: I'm not afraid of anyone in my house, especially sister of both my girl and my lover and my future lover.
Stormy: I'm not your lover! And i'm not going to be for everything in the world!
Valtor: Not even to save your sisters?
Stormy: What are you talking about?
Valtor: I'm rich and powerful and i can do whatever i want including murdering your sisters.

Stormy is terrified...

Valtor: Would you test me or kiss me?
Stormy: Second option is better for Icy and Darcy.
Valtor: Clever girl, hahaha!
Stormy: I didn't decide yet...
Valtor: You have time until tomorrow before school and if you're stupid when returning from school Icy will be hitted by a van while Darcy bitten by a mysterious snake. Cases are cleared. Your sisters will be nothing less than a tragic accidents.
Stormy: You are sadist...
Valtor: Maybe, maybe not. You can't know that and you better don't test that.
Stormy: Alright. You know decision already. You don't have to wait till tomorrow.
Valtor: You don't have to kiss me yet, haha! I'm patient guy and it's just a good buisness. Nothing personal.

- Graveyard in the Brooklyn -
Musa is at her mother's grave and is very sad...

Musa: I decide to come to you thanks to mentioning our life problems and obstacles in school. Father is gone beacuse of your death and is traveling all around this big world. But don't worry, i'm not alone. I hate him, but i have my friends and memory about you. I must get a boyfriend. I love Riven more than my self, but he loves that trash. You can't force someone to love you, but i'll fight for him no matter what. I'm going to be happy just like you told me to. That's a promise! And i promise to you that one day, i'm going to be successful singer like you were mom. I love you!

Flora arrives and put her arm on Musa's shoulder...

Musa: Oh, Flora!

They hug with Musa crying...

Flora: Cry, cry, lighten up. It's a circle of life and like i said to Layla, life goes on in that circle over and over again. You have us and you will have Riven.
Musa: I decide that i'm going to fight for him no matter what.
Flora: Helia doesn't love me back, but i'll try to make things accelerated. I don't care about his girlfriend from LA.
Musa: We'll both fight?
Flora: We'll both fight? Word of 6 of us!
Musa: Oh, Flora! Where are our friends?
Flora: At Bloom's house. They are solving problems about Nabu.
Musa: Let's visit them. I have an idea.

- Bloom's house -
Bloom, Stella, Tecna and Layla are sitting and talking...

Bloom: Tecna, your duty is to find some more informations about that Black Circle from Brazil that works in Miami while Stella, your duty will be asking your father about Black Circle and his buisness partners. Maybe they are connected.
Stella: That wouldn't be problem, but i'm not on some god terms with my father.
Bloom: Then ask Luna to call him...
Stella: She cheated him! He's no crazy to talk to her... But let's not give up hope. I'll think of something and fast.
Tecna: Internet searching wouldn't be problem neither...
Layla: I feel totally useless. You're helping me and i'm just sitting and doing nothing.
Bloom: Layla, what are friends for?
Layla: I know that and all, but it can't be like that. I'll talk to that Icy's boyfriend.
Stella: Diaspro tells me that he's dangerous. Take Brandon with you.
Layla: Thank you Stella. If anyone can tell me informations about Black Circle and my Nabu, it's Valtor who once worked in Miami.
Stella: I'll ask my dad about him, too.
Bloom: Then we all have agreed, but don't tell this to Mike. He's going to kill us all for looking for informations about mafia.

Musa and Flora enters...

Musa: Guys, fourth grade boys can help us...

- Outside New York City, at the place surrounded by grass and sand -
Darcy and Riven are approaching the cliff. Everything is silent and creepy.

Riven: Where is the money? How did you found out about it?
Darcy: Icy found out from her boyfriend Valtor.
Riven: Isn't he dangerous?
Darcy: Not at all. Shut up now, we're getting closer!

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Past is Present
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