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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Why do you love Winx Club?

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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Stella Brandon
Posts : 55
Age : 22
Location : Los Angeles, California, USA
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PostSubject: Why do you love Winx Club?   Sun Apr 05, 2015 3:50 pm

First topic message reminder :

Why do you love Winx Club? What makes them so special? What is so unique about them? It's complex and serious and there are plenty of reasons...

They are girls that fight witches, demons, wizards, tritons with magical powers, but still they have there own life such as their past and their current things and problems including school, parents, boyfriends and even each other. Isn't that special enough? Real emotions followed by fairy tale adventures. Who can want more?
Take look at Red Fountain aircrafts and weapons. They are mix of technology and magic. Take look at City of Magix. It's very advanced city with everything connected to it's own magical energy, but with flying cars, talking computers and holograms all around the place. That tell us that we can be modern, but at the same time, we must not forgett our traditions. I mean, they are kingdoms with king, queen and princes/princesses.
Our favourite show usually have a good story. Every new season is new story, but connected to one before. If nothing happens to connect two seasons, they will at least mention some event from before. It all doesnt matter beacuse every new seasons have a new main antagonist. Trix in seasons 1 and 6, Darkar is season 2, Valtor in season 3, Wizards of the Black Circle in season 4 and Tritannus in season 5. They all, except Trix, give us enough time to hate the and fans just can't wait to see them fall. It's also unique beacuse of return of Trix, not one, but more of them as a servants or "friends" of that new villain.
Maybe now girls are grown-up and they spend too much time together to become similiar, but still they are diffrent and that makes us fans fall for this show in the first place. They all came from diffrent planet and realm, they all have diffrent interests and are diffrent at all aspect. I mean, just take a look at their personalities, but still they are all best friends and are there for each other at every time and every place.
For what now seems like eternity, Winx and Trix will be fighting in a ultimate endless battle. They are total opposites, but they changed each other as the seasons progress. Winx were at first insecure and shy, but after all the battle they had with Trix, they become more confident and mature. Same is other way around. At the beggining, Trix knew their aim and were careful, but as the Winx keep defeating them every time, again and again, they grown tired and currently are very uncareful and will just focus on killing our heroins without any. Pefect concept between good and evil and their absorption of each othe. No matter what, one thing is certain. We will see Trix again sooner than we think.

I will writte this as a two-parter. I'm lazy to finish this now...

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Sophix Fairy
Sophix Fairy

Bloom Posts : 512
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PostSubject: Re: Why do you love Winx Club?   Thu Dec 22, 2016 3:09 am

a thing that i like about the winx is how much they preceded the mane six from MLP:FIM; Flora Basically is a mix of twilight and fluttershy.


Kiko tongue out Pixie
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Flora 24
Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Flora Helia
Posts : 20

PostSubject: Re: Why do you love Winx Club?   Sun Nov 12, 2017 4:01 am

I love Winx Club because it is a very good cartoon series about fairies who save the world from evil and I am a huge fan of fairies too. I have always been a fan of Winx Club ever since I was a little girl and I would always watch the series whenever it's on TV too. Winx Club is one of the cartoon series that always inspires me to be a very positive person and to never give up on my dreams because I know that if I believe in myself I can reach for my goals. I even got my little stepsister into liking Winx Club too and she's also a huge fan of fairies.
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PostSubject: Re: Why do you love Winx Club?   

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Why do you love Winx Club?
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