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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Xanthe Diamond, Fairy of Photonic Crystal

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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Musa Brandon
Posts : 5333
Age : 27
Location : New Zealand

PostSubject: Xanthe Diamond, Fairy of Photonic Crystal   Mon May 04, 2015 3:09 am

First topic message reminder :

Name: Xanthe Diamond
Age: 16
Gender: Female
What Creature Are you?: Fairy
Race: Magixian
Allegiance: Nerual
Origins: Magic User
Powers: Photonic Crystal (light user)
Photon Burst: Using her powers, Xanthe creates burst of light that looks like fireworks. Can be used to stun or blind foes for several seconds, low
Mirror's glint: A shield spell that if used right can reflect a minor projectile back at the foe, medium
Lance of Light. Forming the weapon from her light, Xanthe quickly chucks this at her foe causing high amount of damage to the target. Even if not a direct it, there will be splash damage from the shock wave it puts out. High
Light ray snare. This trap type spell, snares a target in a field of light, slowing their movements for several seconds. Medium


The poses I found from winxclubepsoides's Galeria (Gallery)

Strengths: She's able to throw her voice and thus able to create distractions, she loves the subject of Transfiguration, and she has more stamina than most due to her past demonstrations at work.

Weaknesses: Due to her time preforming in small crowds at work, she has a bad case of anxiety which causes hives, and thus makes it a bit harder to open up and she's fails miserably with her potions class, leading her to possible hurting people. She also developed stage fright which affects her performances slightly. She has also a temper problem which can blow if something doesn’t sit right with her.

Personality: Xanthe is a shy girl who is an introvert though of her past indevors of people bullying her verbally. She struggles with teamwork with other people and prefer working alone. She panics when there’s a situation that she can’t handle which her anxiety triggers. Xanthe is a dreamer and day dreams constantly. She is also shy around people which causes her not to talk a lot and doesn’t trust them straight away. She love to cook and takes it up as a hobby. She also loves to serve others, as her goal is to be a waitress in a restaurant. Xanthe has an eye for picking up details that other missed. Xanthe loves to read novels (fantasy and murder-mysteries), cook books and comics. She is helpful to the ones she knows and will do anything for them.

History: Xanthe was born and bred in Magix City. She lived there all her life. Her parents owns the local Karaoke Bar, though they hired someone to run it for them. She didn’t have much friends though and usually play super star in front of her mirror in her room. She never had any other siblings to hang out with in her early stages so life was pretty dull. At school, she was verbally bullied for day dreaming in class, thus not trusting and isolating others.
When she got a bit older, she was able to develop her voice, that her parents paid for her to have private lessons with a tutor. Xanthe entered talent competitions from the age of 8, and usually get in the top three, usually third, and first a couple of times. Before her second contest at the age of 9, the Trix’s conquest came to town, sealing everyone in cocoons. Xanthe didn’t escape, and ended up in the cocoon as well. She was confused about what happened when she was released and why the three were being crazy. That was one thing she will never forget, though she wished she was.  One time though, when she was 12, she ended up getting talent spotted, but turned it down. She didn’t want to leave her family behind. She lived her live as it was, living with her parents. At the age of 14, she gained a small demonstration job at the Karaoke Bar (thanks to her parents and boss) to show how the rooms work and how to treat the room plus guests correctly.
One year later (age 15), at one of her demonstrations, she raised her hand, and a beam flow upwards. To the crowd, they though it was a really cool special effect, but little did the girl know, that her power activated for the first time. Xanthe became scared, and ran out of the room, leaving the crowd confused. Thus developing stage fright because of the incident. She still does her demonstrations now and again, but not as she used to. One time, she spotted some of the staff and asked her parents if she can try what they are doing. They agreed, and she started as a waitress. She fell in love with her new responsibility and made it her goal to become a waitress one day.
But that made her parents worried about her daughter and her powers, so, they decided to send her to the local College that was about 10 minutes outside the city, which they think that it will help her control her powers. They told Xanthe, and she fangirled. She told her parents that it’s the best College around, and would be happy to go there. And since that she lived nearby, she was able to commute to Alfea, than living there, though this might cause anger to some of the students currently studying there.


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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Musa Brandon
Posts : 5333
Age : 27
Location : New Zealand

PostSubject: Re: Xanthe Diamond, Fairy of Photonic Crystal   Mon May 25, 2015 6:00 am



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RP Moderator
RP Moderator

Posts : 9992

PostSubject: Re: Xanthe Diamond, Fairy of Photonic Crystal   Mon May 25, 2015 11:17 pm

I think she's passable now, *stamps approved on her forehead*


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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Flame Melody

Stella Brandon
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Age : 2016
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Hobbies : Scaring/Banning members c: - We'll fairy you!

PostSubject: Re: Xanthe Diamond, Fairy of Photonic Crystal   Fri May 29, 2015 4:19 am

I approve.


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Nikkie (✿◡‿◡)
Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Flora Helia
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Age : 26
Location : Netherlands
Hobbies : Worldbuilding, writing, making music, watching shows, reading, dungeons and dragons.

PostSubject: Re: Xanthe Diamond, Fairy of Photonic Crystal   Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:47 pm




Avatar made by Mary Kate! (Thanks <3)

Best img ever:


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PostSubject: Re: Xanthe Diamond, Fairy of Photonic Crystal   

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Xanthe Diamond, Fairy of Photonic Crystal
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