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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 COMPLETE| The History of the Solar Goddesses

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PostSubject: COMPLETE| The History of the Solar Goddesses   Wed May 06, 2015 10:31 pm


Eons ago upon the creation of the Great Dragon from the nothingness, a spark was made that had served under the creator of the Universe. This spark grew to a man, whom was then named Adustio. He was given the element of the Sun, of which he was to be the force that powers the Sun to further continue it on burning for a whole millenia. He was to be the Guardian of the Solar System, to be the Guardian of the beautiful universe his master had created.

Upon the Dragon Flame's ruling, Adustio served as his underling upon creation. The Great Dragon admired his underling's royalty and thus, appointed him to be the King of the Realms and Guardian of the Solar System as the Dragon continue to nourish the planets he had created. The Great Dragon continued to do his job, whilst Adustrio was left to be in charge of the universe, much to his dismay. Growing tiresome, he had decided to create new Guardians of the Magic Universe.

Through the use of the Dragon's Essence, as well as the power of the Sun, Adustio was able to produce a magical energy so strong, that it was split into two. One begin to form into a being, one so powerful that it had brought more colours into the world. What once was lifeless and colourless, the newly proclaimed Goddess Iris had changed that and brought more life into the world.

Iris continued to protect the precious Magical Universe with all her power, and as she watches it flourish more through the convergence of her powers, her Father's, and the Dragon's, she began to grow worried. It was then that her Father had realised that upon the birth of Good, the birth of Darkness had also appeared. Soon enough, rumours were made of the Great Dragon's disappearance, which immediately had both Father and Daughter worried.

As both do their best to devise a plan to protect the Magic Universe, a creature manifested in darkness had appeared; it was the Shadow Phoenix. Both Adustrio and Iris fought against the monster, but soon both realise that they were powerless against the monster. As an act of desperation, Iris had decided to use the unused magical energy to attack the Shadow Phoenix. However, as a result, rather than producing a finishing blow, it had instead began to shape into two beings, one shining with brilliance against the darkness, whilst one illuminated in the darkness. In between them, they held a staff, a magnificent colourful staff. Smiling at Iris, they both hand it over to her, and with the converged magic of Iris and Adustrio, they managed to weaken the Shadow Phoenix, and thus forcing the creature to flee for the moment.

Iris was overjoyed to have realised that the two new beings, born to overcome the darkness, were her new sisters. As the one who had shone in brilliance against the darkness of the skies, the girl was named Asteria, and was appointed the Guardian of the Stars and the Goddess of the Celestial Bodies. Meanwhile the girl who had illuminated in the darkness of the skies, was named Artemis, the newly appointed Guardian of the Moon, and the Goddess of the Night. With that, it was then decided that Iris would be the Guardian of the Rainbow, and the Goddess of the Chroma.

As a welcoming present, Adustrio had presented his newly borned daughters with presents. To Asteria, was a beatiful jewel in which she had stored her magical energy within; the Asteria's Gem, whilst to Artermis, was a magnificent pendant that had the essence of the Moon and the Tides; the Moonlight Pendant. Meanwhile, for Iris; she was appointed the rightful owner of the staff due to it resonating with her powers, thus she had claimed ownership of the Chroma Staff.

The trio lived in harmony amongst the stars and the nebula, however, one day, darkness began to rise once again, this time, it had a bigger army. The Shadow Phoenix, on his path do bring doom into the world, had also made his own army, one that he calls, the Army of Decay. This army in accordance to him, was an undestructable army as no matter how they are destroyed, they will always return to life.

Fearing for his daughter's life, Adustrio had attempted to fight with the Shadow Phoenix and his army. Successful at defeating the monster's army, he was then able to fight head on with the Shadow Phoenix. It was however, proven that him alone was not able to defeat the Shadow Phoenix, and on his final breath, his daughter's were summoned by their magical gifts.

The trio, horrored by the sight of their Father's final moments, had decided to return him into a pure magical energy as he once were, and through their special gifts, split the magical energy into three and stored a part of it within their phylactery so as to preserve him and enable the Sun to continue on shining.

With their combined powers, the trio had then produced the very first 'Ultimate Convergence' in the Magical Dimension, and temporarily defeated the Shadow Phoenix. Through the use of their phylacteries, they created a prison realm for the monster, the Relix Dimension, where the only real opening gate to his freedom is through the use of the Ultimate Power, which is the Power of the Dragon's Flame combined with darkness. With that, all three have decided to part ways and guard over their respective duties, until each have found a planet to rule of their own, and have been appointed to protect the phylacteries they own to prevent the world from falling into darkness for eternity.

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COMPLETE| The History of the Solar Goddesses
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