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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 The Third Grand Magix Games Reaping

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Fearless Diva

Stella Helia
Posts : 3914
Age : 19
Location : Rosewood
Hobbies : TV Shows, Music, Movies.

PostSubject: The Third Grand Magix Games Reaping   Sat May 16, 2015 9:33 pm

First topic message reminder :

Welcome to this year's Grand Magix Games, a bloodthirsty, ferocious, brutal competition which takes place here on BelieveInWinx! Two people between the ages of 8 and above will be selected from each of the eight planets as tributes, in which they prepare for a week - then are sent into a surreal simulator to fight for their survival. The last remaining tributes or tribute, depending on how the games end, will receive special prizes.

A tribute will be voted out or killed off; either per day, or per week. The decision will be up to the members, of course. A poll will be held -summarizing the recent occurrence and notify members who are still left in the competition- for members will get to vote for the person who they want to leave the competition!

To enter, you must state your name, age, and which planet you would like to represent. The planet you choose will be your attribute, so choose wisely.
Fill this form in:
Quote :
Representing Planet:
You may join using your own name or any name of your choice.

List of Planets:
Each planet has the power you will obtain written next to it.

Also, remember this isn't like a normal Role-Play where you use your OC. You play as yourself and not anybody else.


It's our honor to inform you that previous winners and tributes of The Grand Magix Games are indeed allowed to join the games this year. Since there are no mentors this year, you'll have to depend on yourselves.

Magic is limited in the games so you'll be allowed to have three spells:

>Attack Spell
>Defence Spell
>Special Spell

The spells will be picked by the Gamemakers and given to you a day before the Grand Magix Games.

Whenever you make a decision - for example attacking another tribute - a Gamemaker will be there to either bring you to the positive side of your plan, or to the negative one. 

This year's Gamemakers are:
         Flame Melody - Fearless Diva -  yukai5 - AlexisWinx        

And here's the GMG official manual to guide you through the basics!

Choose wisely and get prepared for this year's Grand Magix Games that will begin on July 1st - 2015!

May the Dragon Flame be ever in your favor!

Accepted Tributes

Potitius representing Andros
Shiki representing Andros 

Kyra representing Dolona
Renee representing Dolona

Ray representing Domino
Lily (Lyna) representing Domino

Lauren representing Earth
James (Jimmy) representing Earth

Lily representing Eraklyon
Simon representing Eraklyon

Holly representing Espero
One slot left for planet Espero

Elentari representing Lynphea
Stephanie representing Lynphea

Ella representing Melody
One slot left for planet Melody

Silvanus representing Solaria
Selena representing Solaria

Helix representing Whisperia
One slot left for planet Whisperia

Nikkie representing Zenith
Brooke representing Zentih

President John as a side-participant from Whisperia



Last edited by Fearless Diva on Sun Jun 21, 2015 5:52 pm; edited 23 times in total
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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Musa Brandon
Posts : 5333
Age : 27
Location : New Zealand

PostSubject: Re: The Third Grand Magix Games Reaping   Mon Jun 29, 2015 1:16 pm

Though it shouldn't be said, but this is only to help to ease any confusion before the games starts this week for the newcomers/tributes who has no clue about how to play the game. I know how confusing it was, and I think I should pass on a v. important piece of wisdom

You will be rping in first person. So instead of saying your name, you will replace with words like "I", "Me" "My" and so on.

For example: 'I climbed up the highest hill and saw a figure standing there on the edge of the cliff. "Who's there? Hello?" I cried out, being curious.'

I hope that this helps. And I hope we see you all in the battlefield when it starts.


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Fearless Diva

Stella Helia
Posts : 3914
Age : 19
Location : Rosewood
Hobbies : TV Shows, Music, Movies.

PostSubject: Re: The Third Grand Magix Games Reaping   Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:01 pm

Today is the last day we accept entries, it's your last chance to sign up for the Grand Magix Games!


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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Musa Riven
Posts : 5
Age : 20
Hobbies : Computer, TV, Budapest by bus and train

PostSubject: Re: The Third Grand Magix Games Reaping   Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:27 am

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 18 (I'm in Season 3)
Representing Planet: Iconia
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PostSubject: Re: The Third Grand Magix Games Reaping   

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The Third Grand Magix Games Reaping
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