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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 The Winx Club Tag

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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Helia
Posts : 1063
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PostSubject: The Winx Club Tag    Wed May 27, 2015 12:50 am

The Winx Club Tag
I had always wanted to post different tags on the forum but I never knew if they where allowed or not but Loxa just confirmed that they are. I googled a Winx Club Tag to start us off. And unlike youtube tags where you tag a person at the end of the video you are going to tag a new tag or create your own tag! (The first person who responds must make a tag or find a tag with link to the original source of course) Since I am tagging everyone in the forum to participate. The original video for this tag that I found was from Harmonix Collector on youtube! Lets Begin shall we?
1. When and how did you get to know the Winx Club?
2. Who was your first favourite fairy?
3. Who's now your favourite fairy?
4. Which is/are your favourite season/-s?
5. Which season do you like less?
6. What's bothering you with Winx?
7. Which dolls do you like the most? (Mattel, Witty Toys, Jakks Pacific or Giochi Preziosi)
8. Which dolls you'd wished to have seen from Mattel?
9. Which is your favorite winx club theme song!? (Changed Question) 
10. What is your favorite winx transformation!?
My Answers:
1. I first got to know winx club way back when they aired it on Cartoonetwork I was scrolling through TV in my parent's room and I came across that show and I saw Tecna flying around and I believe I saw knut too. But I was really into winx club back in 2011 when Nickelodeon first aired the 1hr special "The Fate of Bloom" and I was instantly hooked. 
2 & 3. My first favorite fairy and still my favorite fairy would have to be Aisha/Layla! She has always been my favorite fairy and will not change. 
4. My favorite seasons of winx club are 1,2,3,4, & 5 I can't count 6 because it wasn't finished and Season 7 hasn't aired yet. 
5. NONE! I love them all <3 
6. The only problem with Winx that I have and I know that it's not a bad thing but I hate that they have been pushing this in your face alot recently especially with seasons 5 and now 7. Is the whole "SAVE THE PLANET" THING! I get the message but there should be a way to convey the message without it runing the show or the plot of the season. 
7. My favorite doll line is Mattel and Jakks Pacific
8. My favorite winx club theme song would have to be the original Rai English theme song for seasons 1-3!
9. My favorite transformation is Sirenix! 
Remember: The first person to respond to this tag is to create a new tag or find one themselves.
*If you have responded first to a tag already let the second person respond to the tag and so on and so on. 
Have fun xD 


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Ask me questions:
I will be doing Q&A's of the questions on my blog on Saturday's! Ask me questions!
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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Aisha Roy
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Age : 18
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PostSubject: Re: The Winx Club Tag    Wed May 27, 2015 4:03 am

1. I first heard of Winx Club when I was 5 but then I forgot about it and in the summer of 2012, I got back into it.


4. Season 4 but Season 7 might tie with it

5. Season 5 because they stopped using Believix

6. People are expecting more from a kids show

7. Jakks Pacific and Witty Toys

8. Winx Mermaid dolls

9. Season 4 theme song


Now my tag: Power Rangers tag

1. What is your favorite season of Power Rangers?

2. Who is your favorite ranger from your favorite season of Power Rangers?

3. Who is the hottest Power Ranger?

4. What is your favorite zord from Power Rangers?

5. Who is your favorite male ranger?

6. Who is your favorite female ranger?

7. Who is your favorite villain from Power Rangers?

8. What is the best season of Power Rangers?

9. What is the worst season of Power Rangers?

10. What color should be a Power Ranger color?

My answers to my tag:

1. Either Lightspeed Rescue or Wild Force
2. Carter Grayson or Cole Evans
4. The Tyrannosaurus Dino Zord from Season 1 of Mighty Morphin
6. Shelby from Power Rangers: Dino Charge
7. Master Sledge from Power Rangers: Dino Charge
8. Again, either Lightspeed Rescue or Wild Force
9. Operation Overdrive
10. Neon Pink


"When I Want You Back"
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The Winx Club Tag
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