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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Katsuya Hamada

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Flora Brandon
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PostSubject: Katsuya Hamada    Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:01 am

First topic message reminder :

Name: katsuya hamada
Age: 18
Gender: male
What Creature Are you?: wizard
Race: Earth
Allegiance: good guys
Origins: magic user
Powers: Storms

Spells: static winds - the user creates a whirlwind full of static energy, allowing the target to feel temporarily paralyzed for 30 - 60 seconds (medium)

Air tight defense - by using winded power, the user is able to surround them self in an air tight bubble which can be used as shield to defend off attacks and redirect them (medium)

Voltage flash - by using lightning particles, he’s able to teleport himself and another user through any lightning that’s locatable (low)

Bolt - a small spell where the uses zaps the target with a lightning bolt. (low)

Soaring skys - a small spell where the uses blast the target with a gust of wind, making them loose their balance and throwing them off guard (low)

Thundering aerial zephr  - this spell can only be performed when katsuya is with his sister. Kastsuya creates a ball of swirling air while shizuka shoot electrical bolts into the ball of air, causing it to have a static discharge. Once the two chat “zaphyr” the ball releases its energy and causes a huge shockwave, temporarily damaging any electrical items and causes great damage to the target and users. (High)


When using his power  he uses a staff which is black, with golden marks on it, with a red orb on the top half. When the staff isn’t in use the staff merely turns into a ring that’s  golden with a ruby which he places on his middle finger on his right hand. When the staff is activated, his black eyes turn ruby red and his hair turns a golden yellow, similar to lightning due to the effect of the staff

Strengths: he’s intelligent. Able to speak two languages due to his japenese roots, but also since moving to zeinith he speaks english aswell as a high intelligence in other subjects. Most notable computer science and mathematics.

He's a tech wiz. Mainly focusing on artificla intelagnce and software developemnet, he's always devloping tech that can benefit others in the most offical way possible.

His magic is strong against dark magic.

Weaknesses: he has developed insomnia, as he'd mostly spend hours awake trying to finnish a project he started, not caring about his mental state. He hates leaving things unfinnished so strives to finnishes them despite it causing himself harm and trouble sleeping.

His over protective nature can cause him to annoy other since he’s not giving them a change to prove themselves and can make him come off as stuck up and unlikable.

Without his staff his powers are rendered useless since he cant control them properly without his staff.

Personality: katsuya has a very bold confident personality, he knows exactly who he is and is content with himself, not needing anyone's approval. He can be very caring and loyal to others, willing to help the out with assistance in any means necessarily.  He can be however very overprotective of his friends and family, over analyzing every little outcome in any situation, he can be quite childish aswell when it comes to gaming and if he loses. While he doesn’t mind losing a video game to his sister, if he loses to anyone else he often snaps and becomes rather vindictive and aggressive. He does have sadistic side to him if you push him about allot, he wont hesitate to think of a way to cause people to snap if they mess with either him or his sister but this is a side of him rarely shown as it takes allot to irritate him.

History: katsuya was the first born of the proud parents of the hamada family, a family born and raised in tokyo japan. When katsuya turned two the hamada family were greeted to the surprise of another child. A healthy baby girl named shizuka. All seemed perfectly normal in the hamada householed until both sibling showed signs of magical abilities. Katsuya showed his abilities at a young age of seven when he was playing a video games with his sister, after losing to her he accidently threw a lightning bolt at the tv out of irritation at losing. Causing the tv to break and himself to get grounded for a month. After being advised to keep his powers secret he did so but it wasn’t long until his sister showed signs of magic herself. When he has reached the age of nine and his sister was seven shizuka activated her powers and threw a bolt of electrical energy at a bully whom was bothering her older brother.

Upon this discovery the children’s parents began to worry, they knew it would be impossible for them to hide both their magic and thought it would of been best for them to live somewhere in magix, in order to protect both of them. The hamada family moved to the technologically advanced planet of zeinith as it was the closest thing to reminding them of their home back on toyko.

Both siblings enjoy their time on the planet as the new technology was incredible for them and they enjoyed the culture of the realm. School however was not entirely a plesent time for the two of them. While katsuya was popular he noticed others were often bullying and making spiteful comment towards his sister due to her dyslexia. This didn’t sit well with the boy and would often cause fights with other pupils, mostly using verbal words to insult their intelligence and defend his sister. He developed a protective perspective  due to this, often helping his sister out weaver it was her struggles with her overcoming her dyslexia or other matters.

When the two reached high school all matters seemed to die down but the question of their powers still remained, the school they were attending wasn't benefiting either of them and kastuya was egar to train his powers. After many conversations he managed convince his parents let him attend red fountain school for specialists as a wizard since there seems  to be a training program there. While he was exited for this he still felt a little saddened as he was gonna be separated from his sister slightly, he still decided it as best to go and if his sister really needed him she could always phone him directly.


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PostSubject: Re: Katsuya Hamada    Tue Oct 27, 2015 7:32 pm

I think that will work, I'll give him a reapproval.


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PostSubject: Re: Katsuya Hamada    Tue Oct 27, 2015 8:32 pm

I'll give a reapproval.


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PostSubject: Re: Katsuya Hamada    

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Katsuya Hamada
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