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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Magix Times!

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Charmix Fairy
Charmix Fairy

Flora Brandon
Posts : 197
Location : Italy, Rome
Hobbies : Hey my name is Vanessa! i'm a huge fan of winx club and i'm glad to be in this community <3

PostSubject: Magix Times!   Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:49 pm

First topic message reminder :

Disclaimer: This FanFiction has nothing to do with the BelieveInWinx RP. All characters are solely made from my imagination.

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Charmix Fairy
Charmix Fairy

Flora Brandon
Posts : 197
Location : Italy, Rome
Hobbies : Hey my name is Vanessa! i'm a huge fan of winx club and i'm glad to be in this community <3

PostSubject: Re: Magix Times!   Tue Oct 27, 2015 11:38 pm

This episode is a repost because of the episode numbers i edited, The next episode will be out tomorrow.

At the Alfea Dorm Room...
"Hey!" Lisette exclaims to Poppy and Valentina as she enters the dorm room.
"Hey, How was Professor Palladium's Potionology class?" Valentina asks while she does her makeup.
"Ugh, we tried making invisibility potions....Yeah, you know Betty? The poor girl turned herself into a mop." Lisette said as she settled down and pulled out her homework from her bookbag.
"Hahaha....hey does my makeup look alright?" Valentina asks worrying.
"You look perfect. You look amazing." Poppy replies hugging her.
"Oh yeah, you're going on a date with Chris!" Lisette exclaims.
"Yep! Well, here goes nothing." Valentina said breathing in and out as she exited the dorm room.
"GOOD LUCK!" Poppy and Lisette shouted as she exited.

Later at Magix City, The Coffehouse...
"Valentina Hey-" Just as Chris was about to continue he paused and looked at Valentina in amazement. "You look....beautiful." Chris says.
"Haha...thanks." Valentina says as she pulls up a piece of her hair while blushing.
"So um, let's go inside. I'll pay for your coffee." Chris says as he opens the door for Valentina.
"Oh no you don't have to..." Just as Valentina was about to finish her sentence, Chris interrupts and adds "It's okay. Oh and I truly mean it you look beautiful." with a bright smile.
"Thanks. So um, how's your life going?" Once again Valentina is interrupted, this time by the cashier at the Coffehouse.
"Oh um, i'll have the Magix Speciality Frappucino." Valentina says as Chris orders a ordinary coffee.
"Oh my life is going great, Red Fountain is an amazing school and I'm so glad to be there...I'm also really lucky that the school is located in Magix because you know I can get to meet" Chris says slightly stuttering.
"New people? Wait, do you mean new girls? Hahaha." Valentina teases.
"Wha-uh no no! I didn't mean it like that!" Chris says blushing.
"I'm just kidding, i think your a really good guy." Valentina says as she looks at Chris.
"Thanks..." They gaze at each other for a second but Valentina snaps out of it and says "Wow, can you believe what happened at the Festival? Those witches really know how to ruin the vibe."
"Tell me about it. I can't believe they put a dark spell on the dragon! They are lucky no one got dangerously injured!" Chris says clenching his fists.
"Yeah...but let's forgot about them. I mean we make a great team....I mean us with the other girls and specialists of course. hahaha..." Valentina laughs awkwardly.
"Hahaha yeah." Chris laughs.
The two continuously talk and get to know each other.

Later at the end of the date...
"Hahaha, i had a great time Chris." Valentina says smiling at him.
"I had a great time with you too!" He exclaims.
"We have so many things in common, We both love art,nature,and family and friends are the most important thing to us!" Valentina replies in enthusiasm.
"Yeah!...Hey would you like to do this again sometime?" Chris asks hoping for a yes.
"SURE!...I mean sure why not? Haha." Valentina says as they both laugh and head back to their schools.

"Laugh,laugh little fairy because you won't be doing it for long." An anonymous being hiding at the back of the coffeehouse says.

That's it for today's episode! Next Episode:
The girls at Alfea have a big assignment from Professor Palladium that counts as 60% of their end of semester grade. The girl's find the answer sheet near the professor's desk but they ponder if they should take a peek at it or not. Aside, Alfea has some new drama cooking up.

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Charmix Fairy
Charmix Fairy

Flora Brandon
Posts : 197
Location : Italy, Rome
Hobbies : Hey my name is Vanessa! i'm a huge fan of winx club and i'm glad to be in this community <3

PostSubject: Re: Magix Times!   Wed Oct 28, 2015 8:59 pm

"Okay girls, remember that this assignment counts as 60% of your semester grade. You have to answer all the 300 questions about potionolgy in the booklet. The assignment is due on Friday so you have 3 days to do it excluding this one."
Professor Palladium reminds the class as the end of class bell goes off.
The students head out of the classroom and hangout in the hallway for a bit.
"Did you hear that? 60% of our semester grade! 300 questons!" Melody exclaims.
"And we only have 3 days to do it so, i'm heading to my dorm room to get started." Valentina says as she goes to her dormroom.
The other girls follow her to the dormroom so they can study together.

Later at night...
"ARGH! We've been studying since 3 pm and it's now 8 pm!" Poppy exclaims in frustration.
"This is impossible. These questions are too complex." Lisette adds.
"If Jack has 3 potions that were once of positive energy and have turned into negative energy what would he have to calculate to change the chemical reaction that took place in order to make the potion negative?" Melody says as she reads one of the questions of the booklet.
"WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!?!?!" Poppy shouts in desperation as she slams her head on a pink pillow.
"You know what, not even a magic calculator can help us solve these problems. Let's just pick up from tomorrow." Valentina says.
The girls head off to sleep. Later that midnight.
"Hahaha. It's time to cook up some good mischief. Enjoy the drama girls..." The anonymous being says as he casts a dark unbalancing spell on Melody.
The anonymous being then leaves.

In the morning...
"HEY! TURN THAT DOWN!" Poppy shouts.
"Oh sorry Ms. I'm too cool!" Melody replies.
"MELODY TURN THAT DOWN!" Poppy continues.
"NO! MAKE ME!" Melody also continues.
Poppy has enough and turns the music off.
"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! NEVER TURN MY MUSIC DOWN AGAIN!" Melody says as her facial expression turns into extreme anger.
"Guys, what's going on?" Valentina asks as she comes out of her bedroom.
"Melody is blasting music at full volume this early in the morning!" Poppy replies.
"Whatever, you guys are lame." Melody says as she gets her red snapback to exit the room.
The girls forget about the drama and get ready for Wizgiz's class.

Later at the cafeteria...
"Mmm, this fruit basket is delicious!" Poppy says.
"Yeah it's totally- Oh hey! Melody, over here!" Valentina exclaims to Melody. Melody sees her friends at the table but gives them an angry look and goes to sit with another group of girls.
"Okay, what's with her. She's been acting all weird lately." Lisette says.
"I don't know. Hey, I left my Potionology notebook in Palladium's class. Would you guys come with me to go get it?" Poppy asks.
"Sure!" Valentina and Lisette say in unison.

At Palladium's class...
"Ah! There it is." Poppy says as she goes to get her book.
Valentina stares at the room and stumbles upon an envelope in front of Professor Palladium's desk. "Hm, what's this?"
"It looks like an envelope, should we open it?" Lisette asks.
"No of course no- Look at what it says in front of the envelope!" Valentina exclaims.
"Potionolgy Booklet Exam Answer Sheet" Poppy says as she reads it.
"THOSE ARE THE EXAM ANSWERS!" Poppy shouts loudly.
"SHHHHHHH! We shouldn't open it....but then again it could really help us." Valentina adds.
"Yeah, but i think we should all get a say if we should open it or not and Melody isn't here." Lisette says.
"Ok, well let's take it to her!" Poppy says.

In the Dormroom...
"Hey Melody! Look what we found!" Valentina exclaims as she shows the envelope to her.
Melody rudely grabs the envelope out of Valentina's hands.
"Hey!" Valentina shouts in discontent.
"Oh nice, the booklet answer sheet. We are so opening this and copying every single answer." Melody says as she rips the envelope open.
"NOOOOO!" The other 3 girls yell in unison.
"We wanted to talk about this together!" Lisette says.
"Well, what is there to talk about. Look, if you guys don't wanna cheat that's completely fine. You can just stay here like the losers you are. I'm gonna head to the coffehouse and copy all of the answers myself. That way I'll get the highest grade in class and you can just stay the losers you are. Ciao!" Melody replies as she disappears.
"Something is seriously wrong with Melody, she would never say something like that." Poppy says.
"Well then it looks like it's our job to find out what's happened to her." Valentina adds.
"CHARMIX!" The girls yell.

That's it for today's episode!
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Charmix Fairy
Charmix Fairy

Flora Brandon
Posts : 197
Location : Italy, Rome
Hobbies : Hey my name is Vanessa! i'm a huge fan of winx club and i'm glad to be in this community <3

PostSubject: Re: Magix Times!   Fri Nov 20, 2015 5:08 pm

At the Magix Coffehouse...
"Those fairies are so boring." Melody says as to the anonymous behind the dark alley behind the coffehouse.
"Tell me about, but make it short because I have to destroy you." The anonymous says as he summons a magical sphere in his hands.
"What? Destroy me?" Melody says in confusion.
"Oh you poor fairy, don't you see? You're under my power. I brought you here to finish you." Anonymous says.
"Sphere!" The anonymous exclaims as he resummons the sphere to eliminate Melody. However, he got interrupted...
"HEY! LEAVE HER ALONE!" Valentina yells as she shoots a magical beam to knock the anonymous person to the ground.
"Yeah! NO ONE TOUCHES MELO- Oh hey i know you! You're that girl that got rejected from Alfea!" Poppy says in surprise.
"Wha- Oh yeah! I remember you, you like flooded the Alfea Courtyard with your tears." Valentina adds.
"I don't blame her. She's missing out on a lot, a lot, a lot, a lo-" Lisette gets interrupted by the not-so-anonymous.
"ENOUGH! Yes, it's me Anivia. The girl who got rejected at Alfea. Alfea should have never rejected me! I AM THE MOST POWERFUL FAIRY EVER! HAHAAHAHHAHA" She exclaims while laughing dramatically.
"Geez, the most power fairy ever? More like the most delusional witch ever." Poppy says quietly to the girls.
"Bring it on Ms. Alfea and Fashion Reject, honestly what is that black shirt i mean look at the stains and that hair, girl dark purple is like so out." Poppy teases.
"UGH YOU LITTLE-! DARK SPHERE! ATTACK!" Anivia shouts as she throws the spheres at Poppy.
"Water Shield!" Lisette exclaims as she goes to Poppy's aid.
"Phew thanks! Caramel Swirl!" Poppy says as she summons candy strings to tie up Anivia.
"ARGH!" Anivia grunts as she breaks herself out of the strings. "Sphere Tempest!" She commands as a rain of dark spheres fall upon the girls in the alley.
"Ow! Ouch" They cry in pain.
"UGH! Golden Caramel Shield!" Poppy replies by summoning a shield that protects her and the girls from head to toe.
"I've had enough of you! Lunar Blast!" Valentina exclaims as she shoots a bright laser line at Anivia to deal damage.

The laser line shoots Anivia and causes her to fall to the ground.
"Charmix Convergence!" The girls shout together.
"Water!" Lisette exclaims.
"Lunar Energy!" Valentina exclaims.
"And Sweets!" Poppy exclaims finishing the convergance.
"FINAL BLAST! HUA!" They yell as they shoot a powerful energy wave at Anivia.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She screams vanishing back to where she came from and along with her the controlling spell vanished.
"Melody! Are you okay?" Valentina asks as she goes to hug Melody.
"You guys saved me! Your truly my best friends." Melody says as the girls all get into a group hug.
"Wait but how do we know Anivia's gone and she won't come back?" Lisette asks.
"We don't know if she won't come back but the convergence weakened her power for a long time so i hope we won't be hearing from her soon. hahahaha" Valentina replies as the girls laugh the night out.
"Oh no! Professor Palladium's homework! Let's get back to Alfea!" Poppy exclaims.

That's it for today's episode! Season 1 of Magix Times is soon to come to a finale so make sure you tune in on the last episodes! 
Next Episode: It's the last day for the girls to do their assignment so how will it go?


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Charmix Fairy
Charmix Fairy

Flora Brandon
Posts : 197
Location : Italy, Rome
Hobbies : Hey my name is Vanessa! i'm a huge fan of winx club and i'm glad to be in this community <3

PostSubject: Re: Magix Times!   Sat Nov 21, 2015 6:55 pm

Back at Alfea...
"Hey Professor Palladium we just wanted to return this envelope we found lying on the floor. We realized opening it wasn't the right thing to do so we completed every question on our own." Valentina said as she was happy she did the right thing.
Professor Palladium then takes the envelope and smiles. Suddenly, Palladium rips the envelope in half and throws it to the sky so it becomes glitter and then he laughs.
"Wha-Professor?!?!?" Poppy asks in shock.
"Congratulations you passed the assignment, The real assignment was to see if you girls would have done the right or wrong thing and you did the right thing. Every group found an envelope somewhere in Alfea. The girls who opened  the envelope, well, they failed. The girls who didn't open it passed." Palladium explained.
"WOOO! YAY!" The girls shouted.
The Next Day...
"Ah the weekend!" Lisette exclaims as she exits her bedroom to the dormroom.
"Yea, let's head to Magix to shop till' we drop?" Poppy asks Lisette as she eats some bacon and eggs with coffee.
"Sure! Melody and Valentina are also coming?" Lisette asks as she looks at Mel and Val.
"Yup!" Melody and Valentina shout in unison.
At Magix City, The Fashion Boutique...
"Ooooo, cute cute cute" Poppy says as she browses some of the outfits on available.

"Poppy don't spend all of your student loan." Valentina says to tease.
"Girl, an emergency is an emergency I am so getting this pineapple print crop top." Poppy replies as she buys the items.
"Hey Lisette, what do you think about this dress?" Melody asks Lisette and Valentina.

"Wow! Beautiful!" Lisette and Valentina say in unison.
"Why are you buying such a dress, you never care about fashion." Poppy adds.
"Yeah but you know when we went to the festival? Yeah, you know that cute guy short-haired guy that helped us fight the witches? His name is Eugene and he asked me out on a date..." Melody explains.
"Wow! Melody we are so happy for you!" Valentina exclaims hugging Melody.
"Yeah you should totally buy that dress." Lisette adds.

Later at The Magix Center Sidewalks...
"Oooo a street show!" Poppy exclaims with the shopping bags in her hand.
"Yo Yo Yo, Check it out now!" The street performer starts rapping.
"Oooo, drop the beats yo!" Poppy tries to imitate as the girls laugh at her.
Suddenly, as the girls are watching the performance and having fun the clouds turn dark....
"Wha- They said it was going to be sunny today!" Poppy complains.
Then a lightning bolt strikes down on the girls, but luckily they dodge it.
"HEY SERIOUSLY??!?!?" Poppy yells.
"You thought you got rid of me? NEVER!" Anivia yells as she descends to the girls.
"Oh you have got to be kidding me." Melody says as she drops her shopping bags.
"CHARMI-" The girls get interrupted from transforming.
"UGH,  CLOUDTOWER WITCHES?!?!!? Fine i'll just have to destroy you all!" Anivia says with a crazy expression.
"CHARMI-! The girls get interrupted once more.
"Don't worry girls, we're here to save you." The Specialists say as the come out of nowhere.
"OKAY CAN WE JUST TRANSFORM?!?" Lisette exclaims.
"CHARMIX!" The girls finally transform.

"Water Ball!" Lisette shouts as she throws an attack at Anivia.
"Dark Sphere!" Anivia yells clashing her attack with Lisette's.
"Illusion Blast!" Grace yells attacking Anivia.
"Illusion Blast!" Grace yells again this time attacking Valentina.
"HEY! WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON??!??! LUNAR BLAST!" Valentina yells attacking the witches.
"Ice!" Mia yells as she shoots ice beams at the fairies.
"HIYA! HUA!" The specialists yell attacking Anivia and the witches.
"DARK SPHERE! ATTACK!" Anivia yells again shooting a sphere at Chris and Eugene.
"OH NO! LUNAR ECLIPSE!" Valentina yells as she shoots a strong ray of light that attacks both the witches and Anivia.

"Oh no...Chris? Chris!?!?!" Valentina exclaimed as she hugged Chris who was lying on the floor unconscious.
"EUGENE!!!" Melody also exclaimed as she cried looking at her date unconscious.
"YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!" Valentina and Melody said in unison as they flew up with the rest of the girls.
"Oh please...what are you going to do? SPHERE TEMPEST! MAXIMUM POWER!" Anivia shouted as a powerful sphere storm hit the fairies,witches, and the other 2 specialists (the dreadlock guy and a light red-headed guy with glasses).
"UGH! Lunar Bolt!" Valentina yelled shooting a basic attack.
"Melodic Wave!" Melody added as she pushed Anivia back.
"HAAHAHAHAHAHHA!" Anivia laughed crazily as the girls attacks deal very little damage.
"Guys, i don't think we can fight this alone....maybe we should work together with the witches...." Lisette adds.
"Ha work together with you loser-" Destiny was about to finish until Anivia shot a strong sphere at Karma. 
"NOOOOOOOOOO!" The witches yell in unison.
"What did you do! YOU UGLY LITTLE UGH! YOU WILL SURELY PAY! FAIRIES LETS DO THIS!" Destiny comes to her senses. 
"Silver Storm!" Destiny yells as she summons thunder out of her palms.
"Lunar Bolt!" Valentina adds dealing a damage attack.
"Reverse Candy Rush!" Poppy shouts as she summons a rush of sweets that weaken Anivia.
"Illusion Blast!" Grace adds dealing more damage.
"Melodic Wave!" Melody commands as she pushes Anivia back once more.
"Water Ball!" Lisette yells as she attacks Anivia with a basic attack.
The girls attacks surely got Anivia weak and that's when they knew it was time to end it.
"CHARMIX CONVERGENCE!" The fairies yell.

"CHARMIX BOLT!" They yell as they deal a lot of damage to Anivia.
"Our turn witches! Darkness destroy her!" The witches chant as they shoot a powerful dark wave at Anivia for a final attack that sends her into oblivion.
"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Anivia screams as her body falls into the oblivion.
The battle was done for good this time...
"Chris? Chris?!?!?" Vanessa asked as she cried.
"Eugene?" Melody cried as well.
"Karma!" The witches yelled in unison.
"Girls, there's still a chance to save them! Remember when Professor Palladium taught us about convergence spells? He mentioned the healing convergence with sheds energy into a person and makes them strong again." Lisette explained.
"Yes! Of course! Let's try it." Valentina said as she flew once more into the sky to cast the healing convergence.
"Focus all of your energy!" Lisette said.
Then a powerful wave of light fell upon Chris,Eugene,and Karma causing them to flow up to the sky as well. 
"HEAL!" The girls yell to for the final part of the spell.
So with that spell Chris,Eugene, and Karma fell gently to the floor and got strong again.
"WOOOO!YES WE DID IT! TOGETHER!" The witches,specialists, and fairies said together celebrating.
"Hey, Valentina....Thanks for what you did..." Destiny says to Valentina a bit shyly.
"It wasn't only was all of us." Valentina says as she hugs Destiny. 

That's it for Season 1! Watch out for Season 2 coming soon! Will the fairies,specialists,and witches team up? What new adventures and enemies arrive? Find out on an all new season of.....



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PostSubject: Re: Magix Times!   

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Magix Times!
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