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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Rinx club: Quest for Charmix

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Musa Riven
Posts : 1138
Age : 12
Location : With Riley and Maya, New York...not
Hobbies : Taking on the world, watching Disney Channel, Listening to Melanie Martinez lol

PostSubject: Rinx club: Quest for Charmix   Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:56 pm

Guys im so busy with the fanfictions I have been making but not continuing them oright now oh well but today I am gving you guys a gift of freindship and magic ENJOY

One night four girls were having a sleepover then one was having a headache "Ahhh my head" the one with the headache said the others were worried so they took her to the docter the docter said "Shes fine but let her get some rest" the others weren't really happy with the response as it was only 10 but they let her get some rest one of them yelled "Come on we were supposed to be having FUN but ohh little miss perfect has a headache" then Amy yelled at the conplaining Nora "Seriously I THOUGHT WE ALL WERE FREINDS but nooo YOU THINK YOUR THE BEST while YOUR NOT!!!" then the one with the headachee awoke and said "Guys please stop arguing this isn't like us how about we play chess?" the others agreed then Melanie heard something outside and said "escuse me" the others let her past Melanie had saw a person spying on then Melanie yelled "GIRLS come out here we got company" the girls ran outside then the with saw then she shot a icey blast at them they dodged the ice then they all yelled "FREINDSHIP" the witch disapeared cause she hated freindship then the others put there hand together high fiving as they were only 10 then a few weeks later the same witch came bck but with comapny Amy, Nora, Melanie, Ina where holding hands and yelled "GET OUT OF HERE" they glowed a bright pink and fainted there parents where inside the house chatting but when they heard there children they ran outside to see there children on the ground the picked there daughters up and went home the next day Nora woke up with a strange feeling of magic she said "Snow and ice blast" then snow and ice shot out of her hand she was a Snow and Ice fairy and at Ina's house she also felt the feeling of magic Nora had felt she decided to try something with the feeling of magic she said "Harmony and Disaster blast" she caused a storm in her room and a buetifal sunny sun in her room she was confused then at Melanie's house she awoke and said a spell while her father was in her room "GingerBread blast" then gingerbread were in her room her father was so angry that his daughter kept such thing from him he said "Melanie inka harper you are grounded for keeping this from me!" then Melanie said "Yeah yeah ground me all you want your just gonna feel alone" then Ina and Nora used there powers to destroy Melanie's house they giggled then sneaked away Melanie fell to the ground she yelled "SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!" then Nora and Ina came back and laughed and added in "So we heard your dad grounded you while dont worry" then Ina said "Harmony Disaster storm" and Nora said "Ice and Snow storm" then the then Amy barged in and said "Hey what happened here also guess what I HAVE POWERS my power is fire" then Nora got angry that Amy had a cooler power and yelled "SERIOUSLY I WANTED FIRE POWERS BUT OH YOU GET THE POWERS I WANTED" then Ina ran away and cried and said "Only if they knew the true meaning of freindship" then Melanie ran to Ina and said "Ina whats the matter" Ina replied "Well.. nevermind im just gonna go home" Ina didn't go home though she went into the forest then a few hours later Amy and Nora stopped fighting and Nora asked Melanie a question "Hey Melanie wheres Ina" Melanie replied "Ina went home cause you guys were fighting or as I call it argueing" then Amy ran to Ina's house with Nora following behind Ina wasn't there though so they checked the forest they saw Ina singing they ran to her Ina was singing "This is me yeah yeah THIS IS ME im the kinda shy one trying to stop the fighting cause that is just MEEEEEEE" Nora clapped along with Amy they cheered they got along Ina was happy.

Edit: Dont worry il make more of this story!


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Musa Riven
Posts : 1138
Age : 12
Location : With Riley and Maya, New York...not
Hobbies : Taking on the world, watching Disney Channel, Listening to Melanie Martinez lol

PostSubject: Re: Rinx club: Quest for Charmix   Mon Jul 18, 2016 10:30 am

Im just looking at my old stories....and realizing how terrible I was with grammar

I will be continuing though, with my better grammar Razz



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Rinx club: Quest for Charmix
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