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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
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Year: 2016
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 How to create a proper (enchantix) plot.

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PostSubject: How to create a proper (enchantix) plot.   Wed Sep 30, 2015 7:59 pm

How to create a proper hero plot.

With year three nearing it’s time the OCs who will be in their third year at Alfea get ready for their Enchantix. Before any OC can get their Enchantix they will have to go through a rite of passage; saving one’s home planet from grave danger or saving the life of someone from the OC's home planet as well. 

The hero plot.
The hero plot is a device used in many stories and movies to depict the hero’s starting point, the challenges they have to face and the way the hero, or in this case the OC will get to the goal that is wished.

The base.
This is your hero’s starting point, the point of origin if you will. By now your OC has been subject to two years of development since the initial background has been constructed and adapted a certain skillset and mindset.

Important things to consider.
-Where does your character come from?
-What are the realm’s customs?

The incentive, the call to adventure.
For the Enchantix plot, or any plot to be successful your character must have a reason, an incentive to undertake the journey or the adventure. There must be an issue that arises to get the character on the move. A very popular and perhaps one of the best known examples is ‘The Lord of the Rings’ where two hobbits are sent on a perilous journey, far outside of their comfort zone in order to protect the world they live in. Granted the Winx universe is made up of multiple realms, the same principal for incentive still apply.

Important things to consider.
-The character encounters an issue on her home realm.
-Possibly someone close to the character is involved.
-Is your character the sole person who can resolve this issue?

The start of the journey.
Here there are several takes on the way your character engages the issue that has risen, as shown in the previous segment. Either your character will already possess the necessary skills to overcome the challenge (which will inevitably shorten the plotline significantly because a lot of the challenge has been taken away from the character), or the character has to learn something entirely new. Even if the character already possesses the necessary skills to overcome the challenge there is always the option to involve emotional hurdles for your character or certain character flaws your character must overcome in order to resolve the issue.

Important things to consider.
-Which skills does your character lack to overcome this challenge?
-Which personal hurdles does your character need to overcome?
-What important persons to the character are involved?

Facing the challenge.
After acquiring the necessary skills, overcoming personal hurdles or both, it is time for your character to face the challenge at hand. Depending on the nature of the challenge it is time for the character come up with a plan, a course of action or strategy of how to face the challenge. How will she make use of her allies and those who stand with her? How does the challenge impact the character emotionally?

important things to consider.
-Who is involved? (This includes ‘passive’ characters or those who are in peril due to the issue chosen for the plotline).
-What peril will the character expose the allies to?
-What peril does the character involve herself to?
-Realistic approach to the challenge.
-Chance of mortality for the hero (optional).

The aftermath all depends on what challenge your character has faced and on which realm your plot takes place. For example, on Earth people would react completely differently to strange phenomena happening than they would on Solaria. The way the realm will react on the happenings is but a small part of the aftermath. How will your character come out of the entire experience? Even though she might have been successful, is there any turmoil left afterwards? This is in regard of how your character would react and reflect on how the entire thing progressed. For example; if the mess that was caused, was caused by the character, would she feel guilty despite being able to resolve it? Or if it’s an external force (villain, natural occurrence, a blast from the past), would the character feel helpless or also guilty for allowing something like the event planned to take place in the first place.

Important things to consider.
-Impact on the realm.
-Impact on the character.
-Impact on the character’s allies.
-How will your character move on from this point on?

General considerations.
The impact the plot will make on your character is a gradual progression, though it’s important to think of how the plot will influence your character along the way. Some steps might cause a dramatic change but neither step in the entire process will be the cause of all the change the character might experience along the way. Usually the biggest change will take place during the part where the character faces the challenge head on and has to apply everything she had learned in the part(s) leading up the that moment.

Author’s note.
I hope you find this guide helpful while constructing your Enchantix plots. If you have any further questions feel free to PM me.



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How to create a proper (enchantix) plot.
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