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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Winx Club Special: Left in Legendarium

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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Flora Sky
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PostSubject: Winx Club Special: Left in Legendarium   Sat Oct 03, 2015 5:24 pm

Welcome to my first fanfiction. So, I'm from Serbia, so there could be some mistakes, but don't judge me. So only thing you gave to do is that I will write this fanfiction like I'm just watching it right now. So I will write my feelings and express my thoughts and opinions. This special is somewhere between 6th and 7th season. Very Happy

EPISODE 1: Opposite released

Alfea 3:45 AM
Everyone is sleeping. Including Bloom. But, wait? What was that? Is that some kind of shadow? Bloom's doors opened. Someone is entering her and Flora's room. But there is only Bloom inside. Where is Flora? Now, I see five more shadows! They all are standing next to Bloom's bed, and staring at her. Suddenly someone turned light on.
Stella:'Bloom wake up! Sky is here to see you.'
Bloom:'What? Sky? Why?' She was opening her eyes. She was tired but suprised.
Flora:'Sky, I think you should tell her.' She looked with serious look, but she was kinda happy. I think she was smiling.
Sky:'Bloom, this is very important. My family calls us on Eraklyon, and we should go right now!'
Bloom:'But...why?' She was so confused.
Sky:'I don't have time to explain. My parents aren't there and we have to go, to lead kingdom.'
Bloom:'But...I'm not ready...I'm not for...'
Sky:'Bloom!' He was angry. 'Oh my god, just go, please!'
Bloom:'Hey, you don't have to yell!'
Flora:'Bloom, believe me. Don't talk. Just go with us on Eraklyon.' I felt empathy in Flora's speach, but she was very serious.

Eraklyon 5:50 AM
After one hour of driving, they are on Eraklyon.
Musa:'Bloom, don't be sad. Situation is really serious, just that. Come on. You will go into the castle, your clothes and crown are ready.' Musa tried to cheer her up.
Bloom:'I don't know Musa. This situation is like in bad movie when action is too fast. It was just... In one hour I'm on Eraklyon. And how long will I be a queen?'
Musa:'I'm scared that you could stay like that forever.'
Bloom:'What? I'm going to see Sky!'
She runned into caste. Sky was in big hall.
Bloom:'Sky!' She was angry. 'Tell me what's going on.'
Sky:'You really don't know when to shut up? Bloom, stop!'
Sky:'Please. Go and put clothes and crown on. People are waiting!' Nah, what's happening with Sky? Wait, there is someone behind the door. Someone is listening their talk. I know that blonde hair! DIASPRO!
Diaspro:'Bloom is queen? What? I should be queen. I should! Why her?'
Guard:'Hey, she's that witch! She is banished from Eraklyon. Catch her!'
Diasnpro:~Situation here is very dangerous, I should go!~
And then she appeared in Gloomy wood forest.
Diaspro:'They will never find me here! Huh, this looks like hole from earthquake or something.' She found crack in ground. She went inside of it.
Diaspro:'Weird box!' She was holding Agador box! I knew this place is familiar to me somehow! Now I know how. Winx defeated Valtor here! 'There is such a good magic potencial here. And magic object are everywhere. Which one is the most powerful? Let's see. By the power of dark magic, I summon vacuum!'
Vacuum leaded her to red crystal.
Diaspro:'Let's see power of this little thing.' Vacuum showed her a battle of Winx and Valtor and how Valtor used that crystal to absorb the power of Water stars inside of it. 'Water stars! That's why this object is so powerful! With that, I can defeat Bloom!'
Meanwhile Bloom is already queen. Sky is already King. But there is no celebration. Everything today is so weird. Even Winx are extremely sad! What happened that only Bloom doesn’t know? Then…explosion…smoke…screames…Diaspro standing in the middle of hall.
Diaspro:’Oh I’m sorry for interrupting! But I just made a little trip on Magix and I find this!’ She showed crystal.
Aisha:’Oh no! Crystal with water stars! We forgot on it for all this years!’
Bloom:’What should I do! There is no place when she can catch me!’
Tecna:’But Bloom there is place like that!’
Bloom:’You don’t think? But Legendarium is locked!’
Stella:’We don’t need Legendarium! We have our wands!’
Bloom:’There is no chance to go with me! I go by my own!’
Tecna:’No Bloom, we are going with you no matter what! Magic Winx! Mythix!’
And they disappeared. Then they appeared on gate of Legendarium world.
Musa:’Oh my god! We are here again!’
…:’Exuse us!’ Someone said.
Aisha:’I would recognize that voice everywhere! Icy!’
Darcy:’Do you like how we changed Legendarium world? We rule here!’
Stormy:’And don’t think you can escape!’
Icy:’Feather of legends!’ Golden feather appeared in front of her. She picked it and casted a spell on Winx. ‘Good bye. Winx!’
Stormy:’Yeah! Wind od darkness!’
Icy:’No Stormy! You musn’t interrupt the spell or feather will…’ Feather exploded. ‘…break! Stormy, no, no, no! With this we could rewrite every story.’
Darcy:’I can’t believe. So what did you do Icy?’
Icy:’I summoned every villain they beated. Darkar, Valtor, some guys in black, Tritannus. But because of Stormy, I didn’t destroyed their powers. Ugh! I just took them and now they can be on every corner of Legendarium world!’
Flora:’ Did you hear that Winx? We can restore our powers, and they can’t take them away anymore!’
Tecna:’But we still have a Mythix!’
Darcy:’It seems that you didn’t took their myth power away from them.’
Icy:’Yes, but it’s incomplete! Come one Winx, try to escape from Legendarium world!’
Tecna:’Mythix teleportation! Magic dimension! Winx it’s not working!’
Every single fairy was just standing on platform of Legendarium world gate. Silence. And then, every single fairy started shining. Stella screamed.
Stormy:’What’s happening? New powers?’ She seemed very scared.
Icy:’No!’ She smiled. ‘They became fictional characters!’ Trix disappeared with big laugh.
Darcy:’See you soon, Winx!’
Bloom:’Come one fairies. Let’s go! Mythix teleport!’ They were sad. Some of them started crying. They appeared in garden of Rumpelstiltkin’s garden.
Rumpelstiltskin:’Oh! Look who’s there! The most beaut…’
Musa:’It’s not the time! We need your help! We lost!’


I know that this is little shorter, and action is too fast, but It's first part. Tell me what do you think, it mean a lot for me! Very Happy


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Winx Club Special: Left in Legendarium
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