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Season: Autumn
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Year: 2016
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 Scream Queens

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Charmix Fairy
Charmix Fairy

Flora Brandon
Posts : 197
Location : Italy, Rome
Hobbies : Hey my name is Vanessa! i'm a huge fan of winx club and i'm glad to be in this community <3

PostSubject: Scream Queens    Mon Nov 23, 2015 4:02 pm

When new student Lola Curunsco moves to the Royal University of Solaria, in order to pursue her dreams, chaos starts spreading around campus. With everyone having their own suspicions on who is behind all this trouble-making trust falls short. 
Join the students as they discover and decode who is behind all of this anarchy.
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Charmix Fairy
Charmix Fairy

Flora Brandon
Posts : 197
Location : Italy, Rome
Hobbies : Hey my name is Vanessa! i'm a huge fan of winx club and i'm glad to be in this community <3

PostSubject: Re: Scream Queens    Mon Nov 23, 2015 5:40 pm

First Half
At the Royal University of Solaria...
"I can't believe I've actually made it all the way here, living in the poor parts of Solaria wasn't easy, but now I'm finally here and I can-" The dark brunette girl thought until a scene of embarrassment fell in the rich atmosphere as she tripped over a garbage bin that was beside her. 
With the laughter crawling around the hallways, all the way from the end where the vending machines were placed to the lockers placed in front of her, the girl's cheeks turned rosy red.
"Haha, are you okay?" Someone asks as their kneeling down to help her up. 
"Hey, I'm Damien." The person introduced. 

The brunette arose from the ground with a helping hand and replied,
"Uh, yeah i'm fine...hi, I'm Lola." 

"Oh, you must be the new girl, so what brings you here?" Damien asked as he leaned over on one of the dark blue lockers. 
Suddenly, a burst of voices comes from behind Damien shouting and screaming "Damien!, Damien!, Damien!". Damien turns around and they both see a swarm of girls just running towards him.
The girls reach up to him and one asks,
"Damien! Can I have an autograph?! Please!!!" 
"Oh why, sure mademoiselle." He replies as he signs the girls pink journal. 
"Ooo, Ooo! Damien, can we please take a selfie?!?!" Another one of them asks.
"Uh yeah sure." Damien says as he poses with the girl meanwhile while Lola is standing awkwardly looking at how popular he is. 

As soon as Damien finished taking a selfie with one of his fans and before anyone else could open their mouth for another favor the hallways broke into silence and the only thing you could here were the footsteps of the V Squad. 

Everyone turns around and stares at them in amazement. The V Squad strut in their designer high heels and give occasional hair flips and glances until they walk up to Damien, his fans, and the new girl.
"Oh well...who's this?" The mild blonde girl who was leading the 3 girls in a quadratic formation says as she gives the new girl a cold yet curious look.
"Oh, uh, this is Lola. She's new. I was just welcoming her." Damien answers as Lola throws a hello gesture at not only the V Squad, but Damien's fans as well.
"Oh my gosh, welcome to the Royal University of Solaria. We hope you enjoy your stay here. If you need anything just ask. Me and my girls are always here to help people in need." The girl says with what seemed to be a fake tone in her voice. 
"Here let us introduce ourselves, this is V #4,"

"This is V #3." 

"V #2."

"I'm V #1 Obvi." She finished with herself.

"The V stands for Veronica, my real name is Veronica Star. My father practically owns this school. Oh and one more thing..." Veronica then grabbed Damien by the shirt and placed her arms around him as she gave him a long kiss. 
"Toodles." She says as she struts with her Veronica's exiting the scene.

Second Half
At the V Squad Dorm...

"Alright veronica's, this has got to be the best welcoming party ever." Veronica demands as she puts on her pinkish red lipstick while looking in her vanity mirror. 
The V Squad's dorm room was every girl's dream house. The Veronica's usually hang out in that closet and browse through a hundred - no, scratch that - A BILLION outfits all brought with Veronica's card. Obviously, she did nothing to earn that money. Her father takes care of her and her cash. I guess you can say she has it all. 

"Wait but Veronica, why exactly are we throwing a party for the new girl?" V #3 asks while browsing through some chic outfits held in the massive shiny closet.

"We're not actually throwing a party for her hag, we're throwing a party because this way Damien will be able to see that I'm actually really sweet and welcoming." Veronica replies just as she kisses her lips to dry the lipstick a bit. 

"But you're not." #4 replies with a bit of slight attitude as she looks at Veronica who was gazing at herself in the clear and glossy mirror. 

Suddenly, the room goes quiet and #3 and #2 quickly turn to #4 with a gasp as if they knew exactly what was going to happen. Veronica decamps herself from the mirror and slowly strides to #4.

"Bree, do you remember what happened to the last Veronica who threw shade at me?" #1 asks with a threating tone.

Veronica #4 slowly backs up and lowers her tone. "Wow, i'm sur- surprised you know my actual name." 

"Hmph, it's just by luck. I don't really care to know the names of you or these witches that stand beside me. Don't change subject. The last Veronica who dared to challenge me and throw attitude ended up in the Omega Dimension. Let's just say she was accused of a very bloody situation." Veronica says with a nasty attitude. 

"I'm sorry Veronica. I didn't mean what I said." #4 says going to her knees. 

"Hmph, of course you are. Rules are rules." Veronica then says as she kneels and extends into Bree's face.

Bree then gets up with a bit of tears and hesitates. Her hands shake slowly. 

"Do you want one of the other Veronica's to do it? Actually, scratch that. I'll just do it myself." Veronica goes on to say. 

"NO! PLEASE! I'll do it myself." #4 exclaims as tears drop down her face all the way to her fashionable clothes. Veronica #4 then slowly lifts up her quaking hand. She looks at it for a second simultaneously while the room is hushed. She then finally fulfills the rule written in the book of the Veronicas. Bree slaps herself with the sound of the slap gaining outside the campus. She then quakes to the floor and lies there in tears.

"Thank you." #1 says as she goes back to the vanity mirror. 

After classes, students gather in the cafeteria...

"Hello students of RUOS! The popular Veronica and her V Squad have a special announcement for you!" A geeky looking student says with a speaker.

All students; eating, standing, chatting, even sleeping paid attention to the announcement. The cafeteria was painted mostly of rich colors; gold and silver. 
"Okay listen up idiots, in order to welcome our new uni member, Lola Curusco!" Veronica announced after she had stood up on a table.

Followed by the crowd's cheer, Lola blushes and Damien smiles at Veronica.
"The party will be held in the Downtown Club. Be sure to be there or your popularity and dignity will probably fall down to zero and you will obvi become a loser." Veronica continues as she then descends off the surface giving the speaker to V #3.

"Party starts at 8:00 pm sharp, don't be late! Unless, you wannabe fashionably late. Then of course you can." #3 says with a bit of a clueless tone as she then throws the speaker back to it's owner. 

The V Squad then approaches Damien with Lola who was standing next to him. As they did their girly strut among the path of the cafeteria everyone backed to make way for them. The V Squad were truly considered royalty in the university.

"Wow, Veronica. I'm so proud of you. I must say I didn't know you had this side to you."  Damien said with a bright smile. 

Veronica then faces the skin of her hand. She looked at the quote she had written off the Internet. 

"Well you know what they say, An amazing person can bring things into your life that all the cash in the world won't obtain." She reads while trying to seem genuine. 

"A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the money in the world couldn't obtain." Lola adds while looking down to the tiled dark gold floors.

The Veronicas then look at her in confusion while the shadows in the cafeteria stop and stare at them as if they had completely forgotten what they were doing.

"I- Uh- Um, the correct quote is 'A beautiful heart can bring things into your life that all the money couldn't obtain." Lola corrects Veronica. 

"Oh that's incredible and impressive, i can't believe you've read Dau Voire's books before." Damien replies as he completely blocks Veronica out of his sight and focuses on Lola.

"Yeah they are amazing!-" Lola gets interrupted by Veronica's attempt of jealousy. 
"Ugh i know right his work is just so on point. Bae, remember you promised me that you would help me prepare the decorations for the party?" Veronica reminds as she places her head on his chest.

"Oh yeah! Sorry, babe I completely forgot! C'mon let's go. Um, bye Lola! See ya later." Damien says as he leads Veronica out of the cafeteria but still focusing mainly on Lola. 

With Damien's exist, Veronicas #2, 3, and 4 remain for a second. They stare deeply in Lola's soul hoping to make her feel inferior. They then flip their hair and continue to follow their leader.

Thank you for tuning in on the first episode of Scream Queens! The next episode premiers tomorrow and a few unexpected things happen with the welcoming party. Remember to leave your feedback for this episode!

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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Scream Queens    Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:04 pm

Love this! The plot seems very exciting. One thing, maybe you could add some description in a paragraph so we can get a sense of the surroundings, instead of it all being speech. Overall, this is a great story and I can't wait for more! Very Happy


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Charmix Fairy
Charmix Fairy

Flora Brandon
Posts : 197
Location : Italy, Rome
Hobbies : Hey my name is Vanessa! i'm a huge fan of winx club and i'm glad to be in this community <3

PostSubject: Re: Scream Queens    Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:36 pm

Thank you for the feedback! I'll try and improve on that! The second half for the first episode is up! The Next episode premiers tomorrow!


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RP Moderator
RP Moderator

Posts : 9992

PostSubject: Re: Scream Queens    Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:43 pm

I still think a bit more detail is needed, as well as cahracter actions and thoughts. But it seems good so far.


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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Charmix Fairy
Charmix Fairy

Flora Brandon
Posts : 197
Location : Italy, Rome
Hobbies : Hey my name is Vanessa! i'm a huge fan of winx club and i'm glad to be in this community <3

PostSubject: Re: Scream Queens    Wed Nov 25, 2015 7:32 pm

Previously on Scream Queens:
New student, Lola Curusco arrives at the Royal University of Solaria. She meets new people and new soon to be friends. The V Squad, the most popular girls on campus decide to throw a welcoming party for her at a club. How will it go?

That night at the Downtown Club the V Squad were adding their finishing touch to their outfits in the bathroom before descending downstairs to present the party to the guests.

"Welcome to the welcoming party for Lola!!!!" #2 Announces as she gets down the stairs right behind #1. #3 and #4 were right behind her as well.

The audience cheered while the girls arrived at the main hall. The party seemed to have a theme of 'Young and Filthy Rich'. The solo cups that were placed on the lengthy white cloth covered dining table were dark gold and had white dots on them. Right next to the cups was a massive chocolate fountain which individuals were already crowded around. Right next to that was a container which held caramel covered popcorn and a section which was covered in ice with cold drinks. Who could forget the music which the DJ was playing?, the tecno filled mashup with lots of bass drops for the stereotypical cool kids. Many were gathered on the dance floor enjoying themselves with the drink filled cups in their hands. 

Lola entered the atmosphere and slowly walked around looking at how lit up the place was and how glamorous it was for a club. She also noticed the people having the time of their lives. 

"I know this is my party, but why does it seem like it's completely about someone else?" Lola pondered to herself as she looked over to the V Squad who were now also bopping to the music. 

In a trice, Damien came up to Lola noticing she had a frown on her face and said "Hey new girl! C'mon this part is for you! Let's dance!" 
He immediately grabbed Lola's hand and accompanied her to the dance floor.

Lola nervously and awkwardly stood around the moving individuals. She wasn't in the mood for dancing,chatting, or any of this teenage dream. 
"Oh, how I would rather just be at home studying." She thought. 

"Hey Veronicas, I'm gonna go powder my nose." #4 said as she exited the dance floor leaving a blank space between Lola and the other Veronicas.

Veronica looked at the nervous girl with an unwelcoming facial expression. Lola quickly faced down on the neon patterned dance floor and placed a string of her hair behind her ear. #1 then looked up obnoxiously and continued dancing in a enthusiastic way.

"Lemme hear ya say VERONICAS!" The DJ chanted 3 times as he hyped the crowd completely forgetting what the supposed purpose of the party is. The crowd then replied.

It seemed everyone was having a good time, except Lola of course. She retired from the dance floor and went to sit down on one of the luxurious leather couches. The only thing on her mind was how maybe moving to the University wasn't a good idea. 

"Where the hell am I going to go? This is the only actual University Solaria actually has to offer." She thought as she just swallowed up her problems.

"Hey, you okay?" A stranger asked as they came to sit next to her.

"Uh, yeah I'm fine. It's just... I'm having doubts of even being in university. You know this whole classification system just isn't for me." Lola replied rubbing her palms on her jeans.

"Hmph, it's the V Squad isn't it. They think they're so cool with their designer clothes and gross rich families." The red headed girl returned.

"But hey, this is a royal university after all. Everyone in this university must be gross rich if they could even afford to go here." Lola said with a bit of laughter.

"Hahaha yeah, hi I'm Layla." The girl finally introduced as she put her hand out to be shaken.

"Hey, I'm Lola." Lola introduced with a smile.

Meanwhile in the girls bathroom...

#4 had just finished using one of the black polished stalls. She then exited the stall and looked into a mirror to make sure everything was in place.

"Ugh, I should really start eating less. I'm getting kind of chubby." She thought as she looked into her purse for a eyebrow pencil.

Suddenly, the lights went out. 

Standing in the eternal and suspenseful darkness #4 after a few seconds got her phone out of her bra and turned on the flashflight. She found the handle to the door that lead back to the dance floors but it was jammed. She screamed and screamed for help.


All of a sudden, silence fell upon into the room. Shivers fell upon #4's body. She looked around even though the room was nothing but inky. The lights then turned on but a blood-curdling presence could be felt in the atmosphere. Bree quickly turned around and a figure in a red cape was standing there. The individual looked up and a mask was placed on it's face. 

#4 could feel her lungs closing up completely shocked and unable to use magic to escape the situation. The red cape slowly started approaching her. #4 could only reach so far until she met a tiled wall still her lungs falling apart. 

Unexpectedly, the red cape pulls out a phone and looks at #4 for a second followed by what seemed to be a text. Bree's phone then rang indicating she had received a text message. She slowly got her phone and read the text message. 

"Pretty girl, such a shame you have to go. -V" 
The text stated.

All at once, the red cape pulled out a sharp axe. 

Back at the dance floor...

"Woah, what the heck was that?" Layla asked a bit worried as she heard the commotion over the crowd behind her.

"Relax idiots, I'm sure everything is fine. I told you tecno geeks that the lights were supposed to be 100% perfect well, guess who isn't getting paid tonight." Veronica said as she looked at the geeky looking university freshman who were crowded in one corner.

"AHHHHH! OH MY GOSH VERONICA WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!" #2 exclaimed as she came down the stairs in tears and rushing around everyone to get her pink designer bag.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Veronica asked as she stopped #2 from all the hurrying. 

With heavy breathing, #2 told Veronica the horror she had witnessed. 
"#4 is dead, I- I - went to the bathroom to check if she was okay after that blackout and she was laying on the floor in a puddle of blood!" #2 said as she freaked out and fell to the ground on her knees.

"No. No. No. This can't be happening." #1 followed by a huge crowd of people including; Lola, Layla, #3, #2, and Damien rushed upstairs.

"Oh my gosh......" Veronica uttered in shock.

"Everyone get out. Everyone just get out!!!!!!" Veronica screamed as she turned around to the huge crowd. 

The individuals left in a hurry and in complete shock. Damien stopped Lola from exiting by tightly holding her hand. #3 and #2 stayed as tears fell upon her face.

"What, are we going to do?" #3 asked with clear pain in her voice.

"Call the police. We're getting out of this place." #1 said with a serious tone as she quickly descended down stairs to get her stuff followed by the other remaining people.

"No! You can't just leave her here. Your friend has just been murdered in the bathroom we have to talk to the police at least!" Lola exclaimed completely leaving her timid side behind.

"LISTEN! I don't care what happens to her. She's dead! I just want to get out of here." Veronica declared as she headed towards the door.

"Veronica, she was our friend!" V #3 shouted with the pain still in her voice.

Veronica quickly turned around to stare at the individuals with the batting of her eyelashes. 

"Meh." She replied as she exited the club.

Hope you enjoyed this episode and hope you're on the edge of your seat for the next episode! Stick tune as things get bloody at the Royal University of Solaria!


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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Flora Posts : 20
Age : 13

PostSubject: Re: Scream Queens    Fri Jan 29, 2016 3:07 am

Scary!! (I swear theres a show like this!!) The detail is getting better!


Nobodys perfect you live and you learn it remember that! Life Is A Dream cherish the ones you love as they may be gone soon
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PostSubject: Re: Scream Queens    

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Scream Queens
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