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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
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PostSubject: Sorellix Club    Thu Dec 17, 2015 6:52 pm

When strange dreams begin to haunt Aqua, a girl from Lunaria, she discovers a horrifying secret and finds herself falling into danger and only the truth can stop it. She and her best friend Luna, fairy of the Shining Moon, meet four other fairies, Clarissa, Fairy of Air, Tacy, Fairy of Silence, Ciara, Fairy of Void and Sahara, Fairy of the Desert, and form the Sorellix Club.

Book/ Season 1: The Arctic Fairy
Episode 1: A Discovery

Around her there was water. Lots of water. She could feel it as it swirled around her legs, her hands, plucking at her blue tunic. Was she underwater? She looked down at her feet and noticed the ground was covered in pale sand and silt and glimmers of light refracted across it, forming strange ripples and shapes.. Coral reefs in gentle pastel shades of all shapes and sizes grew from the ground. Swaying fronds of emerald green kelp reached out like fingers towards her. Undrwater plants in pale pinks, like that of a dying sunset, vivid yellows and intense oranges branched out in the water. Anemones, ranging from pale reds to aqua blues, blossomed around her. Neon, glinting fish darted around her, scales flashing. It seemed like the most beautiful place in the world, but she even know where she was.


The voices was steady and smooth, but vaguely familiar. Was someone with her?

Aqua turned around, heart pounding, her waist-length, striking midnight blue hair floating around her face. Behind her, there was only a colourful coral reef. She was underwater. But how? How was she breathing? What was the voice? Her eyes widened as she tried to comprehend what was happening.

"Who's there?!" cried Aqua.

Her hand flew to her mouth as she realised she had just spoken underwater. Things were getting weirder by the minute.  Why was she here? Who was the steady voice who was calling her? She waited for it again, wondering how she was not drowning.

"Discover the truth..."

A dark blue glow radiated through the water and surrounded her. It felt like ice and mist, frost and snow, freezing yet thrilling. Aqua swerved around, her heart beating faster than ever, as she tried to escape the glow.

"What truth? What's the truth? I-I don't understand!" she yelled.

Aqua awoke, shaking with fear. Her cyan eyes glanced around her and she realised her she was in her room. She looked at her hands and saw they were dry. It was only a dream. But how? thought Aqua. It had been so vivid yet so strange. She could remember every detail. The elegant coral reef. The cold currents swirling around her. Even the way her hair had floated in the water. Most of all, the could remember the distant voice telling her to discover the truth.

She shook her head, dismissing her thoughts. It was just a nightmare. Pulling herself out of her soft bed, she glanced at her calender and her heart dropped. Today was he day her best friend Luna was leaving to go to Alfea and learn how to use her magic.
Unlike Luna, Aqua had never displayed any signs of magic. She was going to be stuck  in some boring high school on Lunaria.

She stared at her hands, willing for something to happen. Maybe a glimmer of magic. A spark. A flash. Anything. But nothing happened. Was she even a fairy? Her mother, Annabelle, had told her she was. Her mother had magic powers so how come she had none?

Getting ready, Aqua put on a light blue sundress and matching sandals then went downstairs, the thought of her best friend leaving saddened her. Her mother saw her glum expression and frowned.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" asked Annabelle.
"I'm going to miss Luna so much," replied Aqua.
"Well, if your quick, you can go meet her before she goes," her dad Joseph added.
"Really? I thought she goes at nine. It's quarter to nine now."
"Her hover bus has been delayed till ten, so you can meet her now," he replied.

Smiling, Aqua ate her breakfast as her golden Labrador puppy bounded down the stairs, tail wagging. The puppy barked and yapped at Aqua, who picked her up.

"Hello Fliss, do you want to see Luna today?" asked Aqua. "I do."

Fliss barked even more and Aqua put her down. Excitement filled her as she grabbed Fliss's lead and collar. She was actually going to see her best friend today!

The hyper puppy leaped around the room, sensing Aqua's excitement. She then jumped onto the leather sofa and began chewing and ripping it, sending stuffing everywhere.

"Fliss!" gasped Aqua, racing towards the sofa.
She stared at the scuffs and tears in the sofa and shooed Fliss over the sofa. Her parents hadn't noticed the damage yet. Aqua grabbed a nearby blanket and spread it over the ruined sofa, hiding the evidence.

Snapping on Fliss's collar and lead, then raced through the front door and into the street. Other flats, like hers, surrounded her, painted grey and silver, the national colours of Lunaria. She walked down the pavement and followed the path until she got to the forest. Lunaria was filled with pine tree forests, as the moon's energy supported their growth. She knew the path to the royal palace well as she had travelled their many times. The smell of pine trees was Aqua's favourite scent as it reminded her of the times she and Luna had spent climbing trees in the forest.

After a twenty minute trek through the forest, she saw the Royal Palace. It was an ancient construction, with soaring towers and arched windows. The whole building was made from moonstone and gleamed brightly in the silver light. She approached the entrance and the guards let her through into the vast, tiled lobby. In the middle, stood Luna.

Her waist-length blonde hair was fastened into two high pigtails, her pale blue eyes sparking with excitement. She wore a a white knitted jumper, a silver, metallic sequined skirt and silver heels. Luna had a bright personality and a glistening smile to match.

"Aqua!" yelled Luna.

She ran towards Aqua and hugged her tightly.

"I hope you do well at Alfea," muttered Aqua.
"I wish you could come," responded Luna.
"Me too," sighed Aqua.
"Hey, no need to be so blue, well you can't be because of your hair."

Luna gestured at Aqua's striking blue hair. She stuck out of crowds like a sore thumb because her hair was such a vivid shade of blue: the colour of midnight.

"I'm just joking," laughed Luna, "anyway, I've been doing ally my studies and I really need to be prepared, I heard they do simulator tests so I've revised in all my herbology books because I need to know how to grow seeds in arid environments. Oh, I hope I pass!"
"Don't worry do much, your not even there!"
"I don't want to be there though, but it's the best school in Magix and it seemed like the best option."
"It's okay..." mumbled Aqua, in spite of her sadness.
"Hey, let's go for one last walk together. Let's go to the moors!"

A grin spread across Aqua's face as Luna mumbled something to a guard. The pair then raced through the courtyard and through the pine forests, talking about old memories and jokes. Birds fluttered through the sky as the moon shone down on the forest.

When they arrived at the moor, Aqua smiled once again as she gazed across the grassy green hills dotted with daisies, dandelions and Dutch clover. Purple heather covered the mossy ground and rocks pointed up out the ground.

Fliss leaped happily on the grass as Aqua and Luna sat on a nearby rock. Aqua glanced at Luna, only to see her friend's eyes were filled with uncertainty. Fliss's frantic barks filled the air.

"What's wrong?" asked Aqua.
"Some thing's wrong..." replied Luna.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a grey, shaggy wolf darted across the moor and jumped straight at Luna. She let out a scream as the wolf knocked her to the ground. Dazed, she looked up only to see the snarling figure of the wolf.

Panic filled Luna as she about six more wolves approach, all eyes and claws.They had grey, furry coats. Their eyes  were filled with an aggression she had never seen before. Luna's high-pitched scream interrupted her fear and she darted to her friend. Luna scrambled to her feet as the wolves prowled towards them.

"Transform!" she yelled.

Luna floated in a silvery background and created a burst of moonlight within her hands and bended it to form her outfit. Her hair fell down, flowing down her black and a ray of moonlight shone on her back, creating her wings. A ring on her finger transformed into a silver scepter which glistened in her hands.

"Luna, Fairy of the Shining Moon!"

Fluttering her wings, Luna stared at the wolves. She wore a sparkly, silver tube mini dress with a small slit up one side and shorts underneath, white cuffs and grey ankle boots. Her wings were glistening and shaped like two crescents.

"Don't worry, Aqua, I've got this!" yelled Luna, "Rising Moon!"

She raised her hand and fired a silvery ball of moonlight at a wolf, stunning him.  Another darted at her, but she managed to kick it away.

Watching Luna, Aqua doubted she could handle seven vicious wolves by herself. But what was she going to do? She had no magic at all. But, she had to at least try.

A large, furry wolf, the one which had knocked her down, approached Luna. It growled and it's fur stuck up menacingly.

"Lunar Wind!"

Slamming her scepter onto the ground, a burst of moonlight flashed from it. A wolf was blown back and landed on the grass, unconscious. The big wolf growled at her and ran towards her. Determination filled Luna's eyes but they soon filled with fear as the wolf ran towards her. She managed to quickly fly out the way before it could hit her.

"Back off!" yelled Aqua.

Three wolves approached Aqua, running at full speed. Aqua realised she had just made a big mistake by yelling at the wolves. But, still, they had just attacked Luna. Fury surged through her as she thrust out her hand,  eyes glinting with anger. Then she felt something, triggered by her rage. Magic. It felt as if a dam had just been released within her. Ice burst from her hand and formed a frozen, shining shield of ice around her. The wolves hit the shield but fell to the ground, stunned.

Luna stared at Aqua in shock. Aqua glanced at her hands, amazed at what she had just felt. A wolf's growl interrupted her from her thoughts.

Part 2 coming soon....


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RP Moderator
RP Moderator

Posts : 9992

PostSubject: Re: Sorellix Club    Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:15 pm

Not bad, thought I see some minor grammatical errors and the like, it was enjoyable. Nice way to have Aqua learn her magic.


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Sorellix Club    Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:24 pm

@zerowing21 wrote:
Not bad, thought I see some minor grammatical errors and the like, it was enjoyable. Nice way to have Aqua learn her magic.

Thanks. I've spell-checked the story so now it's okay. Do you have any tips on how I could improve my writing? I'm always open to suggestions.


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RP Moderator
RP Moderator

Posts : 9992

PostSubject: Re: Sorellix Club    Thu Dec 17, 2015 8:28 pm

Well, the biggest thing is to get a beta reader since they will help on what you might have missed. I would also suggest doing more with character movements and body language. Add in tone of voice that character uses when they speak some times to show worry. One of the biggest things I've learned, show what is happening, do not tell us that it did. By showing, you make it feel more alive. Detail is also very important, add in as much as you can to a place or someone's thoughts. I would also use a thesaurus so you can use other words not just the same ones over and over again.  Some of these tips I've received from other writers, but I discovered some on my own.

I would also suggest you check out some other peoples stories as well. Check on Kyra's story on her as well as my own. I'm sure seeing those will help you as well.


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Sorellix Club    Thu Dec 24, 2015 6:26 pm

Episode 1, part 2.

Glancing up, Aqua paled. The biggest wolf was running straight towards her. It's eyes, a cold blue shade, as it were made of ice, were full of anger. It's dark, steel-grey fur was raised and a deep growl rumbled from it's throat.  Aqua took a few wary steps back but it was like her legs could hardly move at all. With a rage-filled snarl, the wolf pounced, sending Aqua crashing to the ground. A burst of pain ripped through her head and Aqua could feel her heart pounding harder than ever. She opened her eyes and her own bright, cyan eyes came face to face with the cold, icy ones of the wolf, which gleamed like knives. It's teeth were bared, razor sharp and as the wolf went to deliver the killing bite on Aqua's neck, she let out a scream.

"Get back!" she shrieked.

A fierce, crashing wave, the deep blue of a wild ocean, burst from Aqua. It swept high into the sky, knocking the wolves far away as it gleamed in the silver light. The sweeping blue-green wall of water fell back to the earth with a violent crash, sending a spray of white seafoam across the clearing.

"Aqua! Aqua, are you alright?!"

The voice was high and frantic, but Aqua couldn't tell where it came from. She was filled with a sense of dizziness and when she tried to stand up, the whole world tilted and shifted like a turbulent sea. Her midnight blue hair, entwined with twigs and leaves, was damp and clung to her. She wiped it out of her eyes and realised she was drenched in water. Standing in front of her was Luna, her pale blue eyes filled with concern.

"Did you see what you just did? I never thought you had it in you!" gasped Luna.
"I'm a...fairy..." mumbled Aqua.
"Aqua, are you alright?!" asked Luna.

The worried tone of Luna's voice seemed to cut through the fog in Aqua's mind. Her eyes widened at the realisation of what had occured. She had made magic! Never mind a glimmer or a spark, she had a created a glistening ice shield and a sweeping wave of water! So, she was a fairy. A sense of relief filled her as she actually had an answer for once in her life.

"Aqua! Are you okay?!" queried Luna.
"I'm fine," replied Aqua, her voice now steady.
"I think all the magic took it's toll on you," explained Luna.
"I'm okay now though."

Aqua picked up the cowering Fliss and the pair walked back to Aqua's house and were met with the harrowed face of Aqua's mother, Annabelle.

"Where have you two been?! It's half nine! Luna, your hover bus picks you up at ten and it's a twenty minute walk to the palace! Aqua, what's up with your hair? And Fliss chewed up the sofa!"
"Mum, calm down, I need to explain-"
"You have alot of explaining to do, Aqua!"
"Um, Annabelle, we actually do need to tell you something..." muttered Luna.
"Well, you better come in now."

Aqua and Luna walked into the kitchen, exchanging glances. Annabelle, slightly more calmed now, offered them a seat as Aqua's dad, Joseph, walked into the room.

"We were attacked by wolves in the forest," blurted Luna.
"What?!" came Annabelle's reply.
"Seven of them, all vicious and angry, approached us. And I fought them off using magic!"

A smile spread across Aqua's face but Luna could see the worry on her mother's face. There was sense of doubt to her, but Aqua seemed blissfully unaware of it.

"Sweetie, are you sure?" asked Joseph gently.
"Joseph, she did, she made a massive wave of water and knocked back the wolves; she saved us," explained Luna.
"Mum, please can I go to Alfea? Please!"

Annabelle and Joseph glanced at each other then back at Aqua, whose cyan eyes were glimmering with hope.

"Of course!" they said together.
"Thankyou!" gasped Aqua, her eyes filling with tears.

Luna smiled at her best friend and hugged her, happy she wasn't going to Alfea alone.

End of episode.


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RP Moderator
RP Moderator

Posts : 9992

PostSubject: Re: Sorellix Club    Thu Jan 07, 2016 3:18 pm

alright, I know I'm late on reading this, it's not bad. I would have through the parents would be a bit more resistant to her going. Also, a tip from one writer to another, do not use the same word like eyes twice in once sentence. Other than that, it's an enjoyable read.


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY
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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Flora Posts : 20
Age : 13

PostSubject: Re: Sorellix Club    Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:33 pm

Very good! Its like episode 1 of Winx Club but kinda backwards =P


Nobodys perfect you live and you learn it remember that! Life Is A Dream cherish the ones you love as they may be gone soon
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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
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Age : 15
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Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Sorellix Club    Sun Jan 24, 2016 4:25 pm

Episode 2:

In the gloom of an abandoned alley, three shadowy figures stood, arms crossed, their voices laced with anger.

"The wolves didn't work."

A witch, around the age of eighteen, stepped out from the shadows. The orange glow of a streetlight played across her face, revealing furious hazel eyes and a mane of red curls. She wore a long black gown and a sense of rage seemed to surround her.

"We need a new plan, something that can actually get the sceptre," she snarled.

"I have the perfect plan Flame," piped up another witch.

She created a ball of light in her hands, harsh and white. It wasn't like the gentle rays of the sun, but something harsh, like electric light. It was intensely hot, butthe witch seemed like she could handle it. She brought it up to her face, illuminating her slate-coloured eyes and long brown hair.

"Really Lyla?" scoffed Flame, "when do you ever have a plan? Your stupid wolves didn't even work!"

Lyla's expression darkened.

"Look, I cast a communication spell and talked to those wolves," explained Lyla, "they told me that there was another girl, with blue hair, who was really powerful. They tried to kill her but she was too powerful."
"We need to get to Luna though, not some blue-haired girl,"  exclaimed another witch, with dishevelled black hair and emerald green eyes.
"I see your point Shauna," stated Flame, then she turned to Lyla, "well, what's your plan?"

Lyla waved the burning light in her hands and it seemed to glow brighter than ever.  A grey wolf stepped out from behind a dustbin.

"More wolves?" scoffed Flame.
"Yes, but this wolf, Jo, can track them down," announced Lyla.
"How?" asked Shauna, "we don't have anything of theirs; he won't know their scent,"
"Actually, we do,"  smirked Lyla.

She gestured at the wolf, which had a scrap of blue material between it's paws.

"It's from that girl who was with Luna. There probably still together now, so we can track them."

Holding the shred of material to the wolf's nose, she smiled at the others.

"Now I'll do a communication spell, so the wolf tells me where they are," grinned Lyla.

She summoned a swirl of light in her hands and magnified it so it was now a twirling, crackling burst of light.

"By the power of burning light,
I ask for a power, one of might,
That I can understand the animal's growl,
Communicate through a wolf's growl!"

Lyla listened to the wolf growl. She could understand it, but it was hard to make out the words. She wasn't that good communication spells. before...I followed them...talking about...Alfea...

So, that's where they were heading. Alfea. The communication spell ended. Lyla smirked then turned to Flame and Shauna who were looking at her like she was insane.

"They're heading to Alfea. They'll be on Magix by now.We'll have to teleport the wolves."
"Wolves?" echoed Lyla.

Lyla waved the light ball in her hand. The sound of paws against concrete filled the alley as six steely grey wolves with eyes like knives pounded towards them.

"You didn't think he was going alone, did you?" [/i]

Gazing out the hoverbus window, Aqua smiled. Her whole life was going to change. It all seemed so amazing how she had fought off the wolves. Glancing over at Luna, who was busy studying a book.

Part 2 soon


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Musa Riven
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PostSubject: Re: Sorellix Club    Sun Jan 24, 2016 7:39 pm

O.O is this what I think im seeing? ITS WONDERFUL!! Great writing!


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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Sorellix Club    Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:01 pm

Thanks Mcwinx Smile

Episode 2, Part 2:

Glancing out the rain-soaked window, Aqua watched as the droplets slid like tears over the glass, reflecting her dismal emotions. Her reflection was mirrored across the glass, showing a girl with  striking blue hair wearing an unsure expression. Beyond that, the plane's wing tore through the sky and stretched through the grey clouds, it's white's surface glistening with rain.

She turned away from the sombre scene, listening to the drone of the engines, and back to Luna, who had pulled down the table from the seat in front of her and was studying a book intensely. Papers were scattered across the table. Luna was now wearing glasses, as she was long-sighted, a fact Aqua had just found out. She glanced at the words on the page which Luna seemed to be concentrating on deeply.

To perform an energy spell, you must gather the magic from your heart and concentrate on bringing it out of your hands.

Aqua stopped reading. She had doubted her own magic ever since she had gotten the hoverbus from Lunaria to the airport and boarded the plane. She had performed magic against the wolves, but it seemed so long ago, even though it was only yesterday. She had waited so long for this to happen and now disbelief and doubt seemed to be the only things she could feel. But, she should prove those emotions wrong and try a spell.

On the pull-down table in front of her sat a glass of water she had ordered from the flight attendant. Aqua placed her hands infront of the glass and began to concentrate, her eyes closing. She repeated the words from Luna's book in her mind again and again. Searching deep inside her, she tried to feel any magic within her. Nothing. She tried to imagine some magic coming from her hands but when she opened her eyes, the water stood there, still as ever. Sighing, Aqua glanced downwards, only to notice a shred of fabric from the hem of her dress had been torn away. Strange.

Suddenly, the captain's voice rang out across the intercom, startling Luna, who had been deep in concentration.

"We are starting our descent to Magix Central Airport, where the weather is slightly more improved than up here and we will be landing in about five minutes. Flight attendants please prepare for landing. Thankyou for flying with Magix Air."

This was followed by announcement from a flight attendant.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have begun our descent to Magix. Please fasten your seatbelts, ensure all tables and seats in the fully upright position, tuck carry-on luggage under the seat infront of you, ensure window shades are up and turn off all electronics."

Following the instructions, Aqua took a hurried look out the window, only to see they were below the crowds and the city of Magix was visible. However, the view was obscured by the rain on the window. All Aqua could see were blurs of colour, but the feeling she was finally going to be in Magix City was amazing.

Luna crammed all her papers and books into her bag, shoving it under the seat infront of her before fastening her seatbelt. She followed Aqua's gaze through the window and scowled at the waterfall of rain streaming down it. She turned to the flight attendant, who was clearing a glass of Aqua's table.

"How is this weather "slightly more improved" down here? It's worse! The captain must be bonkers to call that improved!" glowered Luna, gesturing angrily to the window.
"Well, the weather must have changed," shrugged the flight attendant, "you can buy an umbrella at the airport."

As the flight attendant walked away, Luna glanced at Aqua with frustration before slamming the table back up with a burst of moonlight from her hand.

"What's wrong with it raining?" asked Aqua.
"My study papers will get ruined," huffed Luna.
"Don't worry, look the rain's clearing!" replied Aqua.

Gesturing at the window, which was now clearer, Aqua saw they were closer to the ground than ever. The runway, illuminated with bright lights which shone through the drizzle of rain, was closer than ever. But she couldn't help but feel nervous as they approached the runway. It was her first time flying and it didn't help that someone was freaking out two rows behind them.

She gazed intently out the window as the runway seemed closer together and watched as the runway lights seemed to get brighter. She heard the thud of wheels on tarmac as the plane landed, a thrill spreading through her. She felt the plane slow then turn as it taxiied to a halt.

"Please gather all your belongings," announced a flight attendant, "on behalf on Magix Air, I'd like to thank you for flying with us and we hope you will fly with us again in the future. Have a nice day."

After gathering all their belongings, Luna and Aqua stepped of the plane and into the light spray of rain. Everything seemed to be lit up with bright, flashy colours, such as neons and reds. The air was surprisingly fresh and the droplets of rain on her face seemed cool and refreshing. This was Magix.


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PostSubject: Re: Sorellix Club    

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Sorellix Club
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