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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Strength Enhancement Guide

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Flame Melody

Stella Brandon
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PostSubject: Strength Enhancement Guide   Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:26 am

This guide is dedicated to answer some concerns regarding how can OCs be stronger in battle (whether physically, mentally, or even magically). This will be a simple and a straight-forward guide; ensuring you comprehend the basic idea of boosting your OC's strength.

Magic Users:

We'll start with magic users. Let's take the two most common OC types: fairies & witches. Fairies and witches rely heavily on magic in battle. Strengthening your OC's magic can be done by several methods. The most effective way would be obtaining a new transformation, as it drastically increases your OC's magical abilities and strength. 

Other methods include: training your magical abilities, obtaining items that boost your magic, learning new spells, and learning more about your magic and the way it works to be able to use it to its full extent.

Moving into a combination of magic and physical users, these users can enhance their magic abilities the same way normal magic users would. However, enhancing their physical abilities is a different story. Read below to see how to increase an OC's physical strength.

Physical Users:

To enhance their physical strength, they must train their body itself. Constant and heavy training is the most effective method to strengthen their physical abilities. The more agility, speed, strength, and resistance they have, the stronger they are in a battlefield. 

Other methods include: training your physical abilities, obtaining items that boost your strength, learning new battle techniques, and boosting your speed and agility.

Usually, physical users have a weapon of their choice; which would be best to train the art of using their weapon to be more effective in combat.

Moving into a combination of physical and magic users, these users can enhance their physical abilities the same way normal physical users would. However, enhancing their magical abilities is a different story. Read from the beginning of the guide to see how to increase an OC's magical strength.

A note regarding physical users: 

It is common knowledge only fairies and witches can obtain Charmix & Gloomix at the OC's first 2 years in the role-play, but that does not necessarily mean physical users (noticeably males) should fall behind. By training their physical (and magical, if they have) abilities normally and their weapon of choice (if they have one), they will be on the same levels as other magic (or physical/magic) users.

Do keep in note that role-playing moderators are the ones who determine the ultimate decision if an OC is stronger than another or not, and make sure we'll be always fair and professional in our judgement. With that said, don't fret if you think your OC is weaker than most OCs, as we'll analyze the situations and decide your OC's level.

A note about Stars, Absorption, Technology, Justice, War, Wood, and Gem users:

All these users have their magical strength less by 20% (30% for Star users) and keep in mind the degrading percentage of their powers is permanent.


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Strength Enhancement Guide
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