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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Tynix plot.

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PostSubject: Tynix plot.   Thu Feb 04, 2016 6:57 pm

Creating a Tynix plot.

For general guidelines regarding the creation of plots please refer to

A Tynix plot follows much the same guidelines as mentioned in the guide linked above but with one particular aspect which is the main focus of the Tynix plot.

Tynix gain Condition.
In order to gain Tynix one must restore an important ecosystem which has gone (severely) out of balance.

Main plot aspect.
With the restoration of an ecosystem, which is the main aspect of the Tynix plot several issues rise. One must think about how the world in which they wish to restore an ecosystem functions.
-How does the ecosystem function? (Mind that a world can have multiple ecosystems both on a macroscopic scale as a small scale.)
-What part of the ecosystem is in trouble?
   -Why is it in trouble?
   -What impact does it have on the macroscopic ecosystem? Does the imbalance of one threaten other ecosystems as well?
   -What needs to happen in order to fix the ecosystem?

For those who aren’t completely aware of what ecosystems are, or how they function, please refer to the following page:

Even if you know the ins and outs of an ecosystem the page above can still help with the plot creation, to gain inspiration how to build your own ecosystem, where to add imbalances into your system and set up your entire plot.

The ecosystem has to be (severely) out of balance and the character(s) involved will not be able to solve it with one or a few minor steps. The ecosystem must also be important to the realm it is on.

Multiple characters.
It’s allowed to have multiple characters gain Tynix from resolving the same issue, but mind that if multiple characters are involved, all involved characters must have equal share in the work needed to resolve the issue. This also means that with multiple characters involved, the problems faced must be more severe since it would be unfair for five to gain Tynix from resolving the same issue as someone else would on his/her own. So when constructing your plot, take in account how many characters are involved and make sure to ramp up the challenge accordingly.

Miscellaneous things to consider.
Worldbuilding is an important aspect when creating the Tynix plot. Keep in mind that the ecosystem you want to work in actually has to fit the area that’s being worked in. Most of the realms have established what the climate is; what kind of nature is around. When creating a Tynix plot on a canon realm, please don’t alter the pre-established forms.
However, it’s allowed to create a problem within a preexisting system, else it would rule out a massive portion of the realms for you to work with. But when you do, you will have to use the canon surroundings. Of course, it’s also entirely possible to go to a different part of the realm to create your own ecosystem from scratch to your heart’s content.

We hope this small guide will help with the creation of the Tynix plot and for any questions, feel free to contact the roleplay moderators.



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Tynix plot.
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