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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 REG: Lyrics - Be Something (REMIX)

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PostSubject: REG: Lyrics - Be Something (REMIX)   Sat Apr 16, 2016 9:47 am

Remixed By: Carly F.
Original Lyrics By: E-Dubble
Remix Title: Be Something (Remix of "Be A King")
Nites; this is a winx-inspired remix which is basically meant as kind of an anthem for everyone who's going through a tough time or going through a challenging situation. The original lyrics had some profanities, but I think I did a great job of fixing most of the major issues and really having some fun with this one. I know you probably can tell I didn't do too much to this one except a few minor touch-ups here and there (if you look at the original and this side-by-side) , all the same I thought I'd give it a go.


"Be something (Faragonda Told Me)"

Faragonda told me-
One day I'mma grow up big and I'mma be something
And my Prof. Wizgiz told me-
It's ok to believe when life hurts
Don't forget your dreams
Cuz' they'll get you through this
So called life, they call living but I call it strange
And I bet I'll do it
Cuz' I'm on my way and strong enough that I can shake the pain

Queen Luna, King Radius
Meet me in the conference room we need to brainstorm
Need some middle ground, need an even keel
But you're at war picking sides give me fever chills
I'll take em' both like my flu shot broke
I need the give and take to keep me out of that moat
My head above water thoughts to those lost this week
All these tragedies stay on repeat
Like we can't beat the trix, I can't speak on it
Fist to the sky but I can't beat on it
Starbucks in my cup so I'm gon' sip on it
J McCurdy's prol'ly pissed, she can't buttersock em'
All these levels of these relative problems
And benevolence is elegance for those who can solve them
I'm feeling pretty low like I'm stuck at the bottom
But I know I'll pull through like the Winx with Bloomix
I am, just exactly what I will be
Just a gal who can code n' make cool sites
One day I'll recover from what ails me
Till then I'm on that forget- what the trix say


They talk about death, we're tryna live life
While their signal says left but they're really going right
But who cares they got nothing to improve upon
Meanwhile we've past them, magic winx, bloomix on
So let the magic rang in
They try to trip us up, but we just leave em' hanging
Yeah- so let em' catch up with the seasons
They can talk smack but you know that we can manage
- they say they tired of the metaphors
They are only pissed that they never really ready for em'
- so go ahead and get ready for em'
Pop another bottle cuz' you gonna' need a steady arm
- it's like we're living in the Tron Game
Lines are all blurred cuz' we're sippin on the Starbucks
- Winx Club verse the mundane
No competition when you factor in the smiles
Darkness sucks- who cares what the trix say
I could light it up with 5 friends and my laptop
Yeah- and we can do anything
Faragonda said it's true and I put that on everything


We don't ask for the doors to close in this life
So we hoping... they keep em' open
And if they shut those doors we'll smash the skylight
Till it's broken... and smell the roses
Need to take that time to find our own road
So we focused... on what's golden
And our gold don't shine it's not from no mine
So we're not just living for a token



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REG: Lyrics - Be Something (REMIX)
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