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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Angelique Bijou, Fairy of Frost and tsunami

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Sophix Fairy
Sophix Fairy

Bloom Posts : 508
Location : El Salvador
Hobbies : Magnanime, Movies, books

PostSubject: Angelique Bijou, Fairy of Frost and tsunami   Tue Aug 30, 2016 5:44 am

First topic message reminder :

Name: Angelique Bijou
Age: 16 years
What creature Are You?: Fairy
Allegiance: Good
Origin: Magic User
Power: hydro/cryokinesis
planet of Origin:earth


boreas Blaster: Angelique can materialize 4 ice crystals  that can release a burst of freezer beams with high chances of freeze her target (high power, the target last  frozen up to 1 minutes, angelique could decide between only cover her enemy with ice or stop completely the molecular movement of the mass in the target, freezing it to a molecular level, however a firemancer can thaw the ice however)

Aquara mirror: Angelique create a big mirror maded with pure water that can create up to 2 copies of herself(low power, the shadows only last up to 30 seconds before dissapear)

Icicle blade: Angelique create a sword maded of ice that she control at will and she's very skillfull using they for close combat(low power, the swords last until 30 seconds)

Aquara Whip: Angelique can create a set of water-maded tentacles that can trap and whip her oponent, the tentacles last up to 1 minute.(médium power)

snow trap: she can materialize a group of ice rings that can pursuit and trap her opponent extremities(low power, it last up to 40 seconds, if she traps multiple people the time of the spell is reduced to 25 seconds.)

snow queen's curse: Angelique can create a room of pure ice that can alter the projection of light and create a series of flashes, is someone witness those flashes, the flashes will to create a Illusion that will make think that her oponents were morphed into harmless animals, like rabbits or squirrels, the effect can be spreaded if the victim touch another person(medium power, the subliminal eff last up to 30 seconds)

Mist shroud: Angelique can create a Mist that can allow her hide from her oponent, the mist last up 40 seconds.(low power)

Frozen armor: Angelique can create a defensive dome made of ice (high power, the dome can last up to 2 minutes before dissapear, can resist up to 3 hits of high power, the radius of the dome is 20 FT)

icicle talon: angelique create a flock of 10 cm. falcons maded of ice, that can be used as spy or to attack the opponent, the flock is up to 30 birds and last up to 1 minute(médium power)

Appearance: Angelique is a girl very toned due to the practice of MMA, have green eyes and purple hair, and her civil clothes consist in a pair of training blue pants with sandals and a straight black sport shirt with the image of a fist and red edges.

her fairy form is a cerulean leotard that have a lace in the zone of the neck and the legs with boots up to the middle of her legs:

strengths: angelique is a very competent MMA fighter, in part due that she spent a part of her life living, training and helping in a MMA gym.

she have a rare hability to see what's happening in other places using water as some kind of T.V. but sometimes she have problems focusing what she wants to see(something that procured her a bit of embarrassing moments)(the range of this hability is of 1 mile, only can see by 2 minutes, and she can only use it around 2 times per day).

if she's hurted she's able to accelerate the healing process via applying ice over the damaged part to recover from wounds of low-medium range.

weakness:she's not very good with very complex mental issues(traduction: is not very smart, except when is about the fights), in part due to her practical viewpoint of life

Her ice and water can be countered by enough fire or electricity, like if she fight a fire/storm witch enough strong.

She sometimes can be very reckless because she likes too much mess in fights, although with the time she will control that when she's in alfea.

although she could looks very rude at the naked eye, really she's a very sensitive and humble person specially due to her past, but sometimes she could be very Daring, specially when someone mess with her loved ones, this is motivated by her live in the worst suburbs of france(surely there should exist such places there).

Due to certain, circunstances she's very sckeptical to the autorities, mainly due that by the kind of place where she lived, the cops were not exactly a good example of their task, and she could be VERY stubborn, at the grade that could be dangerous for her during a fight, being also very competitive, she never lose the chance of a good fight. Also, she could be very clueless, because she could oversight many things without notice it.

she thinks that in the live you not always will be able of choose,but if you have the chance of change something, you must do it. also if she knows that someone is in troubles, she will do ANYTHING to help that person, partially by the memory of jason whom she still missing, and is a little bit tactless, something she got in the streets due that there one can't have the expensiviness of being too kind.

history: Angelique born in paris, france, where she was the daugther of a christian deacon, the life with him was a little bit hard, in part that due to life with someone so strict meaning for angelique less time to fun and she had to be bit conservative when he was around, and the tragedy knock to her door when she lost her mother at the age of 7 years.

There was a big secret that she learned when she discover a pack of letters that her mother storaged in a little jewelbox: unknown for her, her mother was a fairy from another world, and this was the cause that she was hunted and killed by the black circle's magician's.

The other thing is that her father was less than happy when Angelique, due to the great amount of pain that she was feeling at her mother's funeral, she accidentally created a Big Ice Crystal in the middle of the church, her father, unfortunatelly for her, took literally the commandement of not allow to live the "witches", and she was very lucky of escapes not only of him, but all the congregation.

Alone and without money, she had to survive by herself until a day she meet two people very deared for her: a beggar called jason, whom she meets after she tried to stole a hand of bananas from a store, Jason saw her in problems with the owner of the store and offer him to pay for that.

Since that moment he almost adopt her, and teaches her not only to survive to the risk of the Streets, but that if the life mistreat you, you only need to smile to resist the difficulties, both lived together until a day he died due a complication of the heart, not before give her a diamond necklace, Angelique, ask him why he didn't sell the diamond in the past, and Jason told her that it was too special for something like that.

the other person angelique meet her when she found a MMA gym where she was marveled by this sport, and secretly she started to practice it, she was discovered and acepted as pupil by Dafnee Bijou, the owner of the gym(and is it why she have his surname), and she turned very skillfull as MMA fighter, she decided to stay here until a day after a fight, a misterious women gave her a mirror that transport her to alfea, where she felt very confused at the start, but when she realized that there aer many people like her, with magical powers, she took as a challenge learn and develope her magical power over hydro/cryokinesis, wich she incorporates in her fighting style.


Kiko tongue out Pixie

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Sophix Fairy
Sophix Fairy

Bloom Posts : 508
Location : El Salvador
Hobbies : Magnanime, Movies, books

PostSubject: Re: Angelique Bijou, Fairy of Frost and tsunami   Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:17 am

@Sailor Lily wrote:
Aquara mirror: Angelique create a big mirror maded with pure water that can create up to 2 copies of herself(low power, the shadows only last up to 1 minutes before dissapear)

Change this duration to 30 seconds.

Aquara Whip: Angelique can create a set of water-maded tentacles that can trap and whip her oponent, the tentacles last up to 2 minutes.(médium power)

Change this to 1 minute.
fixed now miss lily Very Happy

can angelique be accepted now? i detailed a bit more her personality too.


Kiko tongue out Pixie
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Angelique Bijou, Fairy of Frost and tsunami
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