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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Season 7 as a whole (spoilers)

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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Musa Riven
Posts : 2254
Age : 24
Location : USA

PostSubject: Season 7 as a whole (spoilers)   Thu Sep 28, 2017 2:46 am

So, I just finished season 7, and my head hurts. What was the point of the Trix? I understand how they came back, but they didn't need to. The whole season felt like it was leading up to a showdown with the Winx and Kalshara, and that didn't happen.
Time traveling and young Faragonda. I feel like they would have messed up the space time continuum, especially Stella.
We finally got new Alfea background fairies. Only there needed to be alot more then what they had to fight the Trix. I mean the whole school and all of Cloud Tower came out to fight the Army of Decay, and that was when the Trix were only senior witches.
So many outfits.......
I liked the overall look of Tynix....Butterflix not so much. It looks something a 4th grader would have made. But that's my opinion.
Baby Winx. We've already done that to Stella so did we really need to have the whole group babies. Someone tell me what the point of the banana episode was!
What is up with the dancing? That is not dancing...
Rant over!


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Believix Fairy
Believix Fairy

Tecna Helia
Posts : 305
Hobbies : visual arts, music, fantasy

PostSubject: Re: Season 7 as a whole (spoilers)   Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:07 pm

You know, your review really made me want to see it Very Happy (in that sitting through campy schlock manner, but still)


Great Mystery of the Universe is that human life, You, do not matter, therefore  the understanding that You are choosing what matters and give sense to all is the Greatest One.

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Winx Fairy
Winx Fairy

Posts : 1

PostSubject: Spoiler alert i miss the old winx club   Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:13 am

Okay so here goes a looong post about my thoughts of the entire season and the show in general, i just found this forum and want to know what does the general audience of this show thinks, also im curious about how old are the fans of the winx right now. Im 18 now and thats because i watched the winx when i was a little kid and then rewatched it when i was 12, when season 4 came out. Ive been watching every season since and still find it somewhat entertaining but mostly nostalgic. I do feel like its way to childish nowdays, but i dont think its because im older, first 4 seasons are still very entertaining to rewatch. The big problem with this show ive noticed is the big changes in the production team that its had over the years, the people initally wrote the first 3 seasons together as a single plot (the quest of bloom and finding who she really is) then season four took i wild turn with a complete change, i really enjoyed this becaude we had different settings, different villians and the winx were grown women. But going back to the changes in production is the issue of continuity. The people who created season four didnt give to much thought to what will happened in season 5 or 6 or 7, and it shows. Each season becomes more and more seaprated from the last, characters are easily forgotten, millions of plot holes in every episode and a lack of development of a bigger story within the seasons. Each season now feels like it could be place anywhere on the timeline from the 4th onwards because they are not connected with each other. There are very few links between them and there is no bigger story to follow. In the first 3 seasons you could easily explain the plot of the entire show to anyone who hadnt watched it. But now you cant explain what is the winx club and where it is going. There are many especific things that make me still want to watch the show amd i will continue to do so. But its still wrong to me to get used to a bad story telling and i dont want to lower my standards anymore. I love this show and its characters and i seriously hope it will come back and with a great story to tell.
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PostSubject: Re: Season 7 as a whole (spoilers)   

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Season 7 as a whole (spoilers)
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