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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Fairyix Club   Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:52 am

First topic message reminder :

I have made a new winx club! The fairyix club they are eight fairies who really go through some trouble. They have to fight evil and save the world but can they do it? Spin off:

you might wanna call them enchantresses
Sorcereresses or normal girls
But when you see the wings
You know who they are
It's in the stars...

A rustle in the bushes
A peak into the hedge
A dot upon a sea
A shimmer in the shadows
A light in the sky
A glimmer in the stars
A blanket white above us
A layer of cold
And put our powers together are invincible!

Fairyix, we play the game together now!
As one, as all, we are Fairyix Club!

Closing: Let it go-Frozen.
The girls:
Millie Fairy Of the Animal Heart-A stubborn,friendly girl who is the leader. She is from Pawprint and has a pet labrador called Lint and a hyperactive cat called Cloud Puff found abandoned on a field trip.  
Dorothy Fairy Of Nature-A shy,sweet girl who is the daughter of Flora.Her bunny Mango is always getting up to trouble. She cares alot about people. (and plants!)  You can follow her in Dorothy Diaries
Destiny Fairy Of Water and Sky-A confident but stylish girl who is the Princess Of Spirkann,Destiny is very supportive and protective of her friends and will always help them. She learns to accept that love and friendship are far more important than royalty, looks, and outfits.
Lily Fairy Of Sun and Fire-The fashionista of the group. She loves putting on clothes-no wonder she's the daughter of Stella!She is from the sparkling word Solaria making her most positive member of the club.With a cheerful smile and some cute heels Lily can make anyone think she's a supermodel.
Chantelle merfairy Of Star-The sparkling pop star,she is very much like her second cousin Musa and has a great love for music.She is a mer-fairy,so like her cousin Amy when she touches water she turns into a mermaid.
Amy mer-fairy Of Clouds-Amy is a shy and dreamy girl from the oceans of Puffaplex and is the  princess there. She is very clever and always helps her friends with her quick thinking. She is Chantelle's cousin and Musa's third cousin.
Sapphire Fairy Of Water and Ice-A slightly bossy girl who has a temper, from the frosty planet of Iciclenna, she sometimes just gets too mad and shouts. But really shes a kind girl who is Millie's best friend.
Carly Fairy Of the Moon- Carly's the girl who despises the Fairyix and the spoilt Princess Of Lunix. She soon understands  the meaning of friendship and befriends the Fairyix and joins the club in the second season.

There the girls!

Veronica witch of Storms-A hot tempered,bossy girl who will do anything to rule the universe.
Cyrena Witch Of Darkness-She is Lily's opposite. She is sly,dark and mystical.
Plex Witch Of Plasma-She has the dark version of morphix,shes a sticky girl and very loud too.
Flame Witch Of Fire- A hot,fiery witch who is as quick as a tiger.


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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Musa Riven
Posts : 3021
Age : 18
Location : I have no idea.
Hobbies : Listening to kpop

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Wed Apr 03, 2013 10:43 am

Awesome as usual!


지금은 소녀시대 , 앞으로도 소녀시대 , 영원히 소녀시대
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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:42 pm

part 2
Suddenly the room filled with light and a big flash flashed through the room.
"What is happening?2 Asked Lily as more flashes filled the room.
"I think its working" Answered Destiny.
"Wow look there's so many flashes,the rooms turned white"Gazed Milie.
"My favourite colour!" Giggled Amy.
"Soon the girls were falling through whiteness.
"So this is a portal,huh?" Chantelle looked around her pigtails streaming behind her.
Sapphire laughed. "It sure is,but its a falling portal,but I'm flying" Sapphire smiled as she flew down not falling like the others who were not transformed. Finally they landed on the floor with a thump and looked to one side:the witches,the other:Dorothy tied up in her own vines.
"The Fairyix!" Gasped Veronica..
"How could they escape...?" Questioned Plex.
"Umm...We put them in the 200 year old rooms...they obviously are old..." Replied Cyrena.
"I'll finish them off,Spreading Fire!" Flame made a stream of fire run through the room towards the Fairyix.
"Girls,Watch out!" Called out Dorothy struggling against the vines.
"We'll be fine" Lily called back as as she and the others jumped over the fire.
"Lets transform!"Said Millie as they got into position.
"Oh no...The song..." Muttered Cyrena covering her ears.
"Magic Fairyix Charmix!" The girls transformed.
The power of charmix,your magical light,the power of charmix and you will shine bright!
"I hate that song...."
"Your going to hate this more,Constellation Song!" Chantelle drew a shape in the air,at every corner was a star,just like a constellation then held it and blew on it. The sound came out 10 times louder deafening the witches.
"You fairies.....Lightning Bolt!" Shouted Veronica.
"Mirror Reflection!" Lily held it back with a shield and reflected it.
"Sky Beam!"Destiny shot bue energy at Cyrena.
"Ow...." Groaned Cyrena as she got hit by the attack.
"Yay,one down,three to go!"Cheered Millie.
"Clouds!" Amy summoned up some clouds and threw them at the witches,they made them have cloud beards.
The witches ripped the clouds away.
"Icicle Hit!" Sapphire threw some ice at them but Veronica just absorbed the attack.
"Fairies,look at your friend flower-girl-"Veronica began but was interrupted by Dorothy.
"Its Dorothy" Corrected Dorothy.
"Oh,Shut up!" Snarled Flame.
"Like I was saying Dorothy the fairy of Nature is trapped by her own vines,she tried to attack but we used a reflective spell" She continued.
"You better let her go or I will use my new animal spells" Warned Millie.
"Yeah,we will all beat you together" Added Lily.
"Lets make a deal,you give us one of your stars and we will return Dorothy" Finished Veronica.
"Should we?" Asked Sapphire.
"Don't girls!" Dorothy said but the vines got tighter.
"I agree,if they get the star they will be more powerful" Explained Chantelle.
"But Dorothy...." Sighed Destiny.
"We can free Dorothy ourselves" Noted Millie
"So you're not giving it?,you fairies are so silly...." Plex snarled.
"I can tell you we made the right choice" Snapped Sapphire.
"Well we are going,but be warned you will never find your way out of this place and nothing can cut through the vines" Said Veronica,soon the witches were gone.
"Except this" Smiled Destiny holding up the leaf sword.
"Good thinking" Remarked Chantelle.
"Thanks girls for not giving them the star" Thanked Dorothy.
"It's Okay" Winked Millie.
Destiny started cutting through the vines."Wow,this is easy"
"I never thought Naturw Magic is so powerful" Commented Sapphire.
Finally Destiny cut through all the vines.
"Thanks Dess" Smiled Dorothy."I've got you all a gift" Dorothy magicked up a box and handed it to Destiny box and stood.
"What's in it Destiny?" Asked Lily feeling curious.
Destiny slowly took off the lid and looked inside, there were a bunch of fairy lights which were blue stars
"Their fairylights for our dorm" She answered.

part 3 soon


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Believix Fairy
Believix Fairy

Flora Helia
Posts : 388
Age : 16
Location : Linphea
Hobbies : Sleeping, screaming, reading, talking, smiling, making new friends.

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:25 pm

i love you things holly Very Happy



                                                                                        Please save the polars!                                                                                                                

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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:21 pm

Thankyou Del for commenting,I will do part 3 is anybody commentsnhere is a sneak peak is a sneak peak
Part 3:
"Sweet" Remarked Chantelle them up."I love the star pattern"
"I know,they would look great in the dorm" Smiled Millie.
"Sorry to interrupt but can we get out of here,please?" Destiny asked flying up and doing a flip.
"Well,where are we?" Questioned Dorothy.
"I really don't know but we should get out" Answered Amy.
"I agree" Agreed Millie.
"I'll get us back to Alfea,Scepter!" Yelled Lily,she took out her scepter and they were flying through the air and then landed outside at Alfea de-transformed.
"I think we are late...." Muttered Amy.
"Spoke too soon" Sighed Destiny as bright light flashed over the Fairyix.
Miss Faragonda with Griselda walked towards the girls. She sighed, first it was the winx 26 years ago now the fairyix.
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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Wed May 15, 2013 8:07 am

(Sorry for double posting but I really wanted to post this part of the episode)
Part 3 of Season 1 Episode 11 "Escape from darkness"
Millie froze."Miss Faragonda,it's not what it looks like,we were c-" Millie was interrupted by a hand on her shoulder,she turned around saw Dorothy.
"Let it go" She whispered. Millie sighed.
Griselda stared at them with her stern eyes. "Why are you hear at such a late time?"
"Miss G,we were captured by witches and if you don't believe me,I can prove it" Destiny approved.
"Sapphire calm down" Instructed Faragonda ."I am very concerned about this incident about how you were 'captured',we shall talk tomorrow in my office at 11 o'clock"
"Now go off to bed" Miss G told them.
Silently they walked across campus,through the big green doors and into the hall.
"Miss G is totally uncool" Hissed Chantelle as they were walking up the stairs. "What do you think Amy?"
"..." Amy just stared and sighed.
"Those witches ruined my fashion show that I was supposed to put on" Groaned Lily.
"Let's just get to bed" Milie yawned as they reached the dorm. All the Fairyix went to bed.

The next morning Millie and all the others arrived at Miss F's office. To their surprise they weren't there but there was note left on the table.
"Hello Fairyix,
I am very disappointed about you lying about being captured,Miss Griselda had decided on a punishment for you due to your absence and lies,we have set up minibus which will be driven one of the girls in your year called Carly. The minibus is located just outside and will be driven deep into the forests around Alfea. The minibus is from Earth so it does not fly,you will be driven to a building which is where we hold our end of year tests every year. You will have to clean it,cleaning tools will be provided. No magic can be used to clean the building.
Miss Faragonda" Millie read out loud.
"That is the worst punishment I have ever heard" Announced Lily.
"Oh my!We have to go and clean,Eeek!" Shrieked Destiny.
"Destiny,peace out!" Hissed Dorothy.
"I cannot believe Carly s driving the minibus,she will probably crash it and how did she learn to drive?" Sapphire moaned.
"I just had an idea,we could have a party there,I'll do the music"Explained Chantelle.
"I'll do outfits write now" Lily waved her hands and disco outfits appeared on the girls.
Millie's was a dark green minidress with a light green cardigan with purple leggings and golden sandals. Her hair was styled into a bun with a orange band and holding it in place. Dorothy's outfit consisted of a yellow crop top which had green flower designs which was connected to a matching skirt by a purple strip of fabric. Her tights were purple and she had lavender shoes. Her hair was normal except for a head band. Around her wrists were pink bracelets. Destiny's outfit was very complicated,it started with a cyan sleeveless full top which had turqoise crop top over which had the words 'Everywhere' written on in magenta letters. Her shorts were made of blue denim and she had pink and green legwarmers on which went from her knees to her ankles. Destiny's shoes were sky-blue converse,she had a matching shoulder bag and lots of necklaces. Her blue and pink hair was tied into a ponytail at the top of her head. Lily wore a pale pink mini-dress which had neon orange ruffle at end of it. Going up the dress was yellow ribbons in a criss-cross pattern and her hair was tied in palits. Her socks were white with purple heels. Chantelle's disco outfit was a yellow, orange and red striped midriff tube top, paired with a yellow skirt that is trimmed in red. Her arms are covered by dark red detached sleeves and her shoes are silver, dark blue, and purple sneakers with pink socks.
Amy 's outfit is a white dress with ruffles and log ruffled sleeves. Her hair is in a ponytail. She wears matching grey boots with light trim. Sapphire wore a simple violet jump suit that ends at her knees and elbows and a black lacy shawl with purple flats. In her hair is a light purple headband.

"Uhh...Cool" Murmured Millie looking at her dark green dress.
"There stunning!" Destiny gasped twirling.
"I can see the minibus outside!" Exclaimed Dorothy.
"Well lets get this punishment over with" Millie sighed. They dashed outside and Carly was standing there in a orange and silver jacket with a orange mini skirt with the same colored shoes.
"Oh I see you got outfits too" She spat glaring at them.
"Whatever,let's just get this whole thing over with" Destiny glared back.
"It wasn't even our fault" Whispered Amy.
"Just get in" Hurried Carly. The girls quickly sat on the minibus.
"This place is so small,it only holds the eight of us" Lily complained.
"Let's just be grateful that Carly is driving for us" Dorothy relaxed in her seat next to Millie.
"Amy did you bring any books or something?" Sapphire questioned hoping she'd say yes.
"No...Sorry" Amy shook her head.
"Now we are starting the journey" Carly announced turning on the engine,it stuttered and bumped as they began to drive.
"How long will it be?" Millie asked.
"Roughly about two hours,you have to clean for three whole hours so then it will be two hours back,so we will be back at about six pm" Carly said in a horrid tone.
"It's going to be a long day" Sighed Destiny.
A few minutes later Chantelle was bored,she had brought her CD player and a couple of Cds but there was no where to plug it in on the old minibus.She wished she was the fairy of music like her second cousin Musa.
"Hey Carls,can you turn some music on the radio?"
Carly grunted. "Theres only only one radio station" She pressed the button which made the radio play but all that came out was no sound. "Sorry no connection"
Everybody sighed.
About an hour later they arrived. Millie felt sick due to Carly's bad driving as they stepped off the minibus.
"Now go do your stuff while I relax" Ordered Carly.
"She is so annoying" Muttered Destiny.
"Uhhh.... there's the cleaning stuff" Dorothy picked up a broom and went into the building. Chantelle played some music and they all worked as hard as they could cleaning for the whole three hours. Secretly Carly drove away in the minibus leaving them behind. When they finished cleaning they stepped out of the building.
"Umm...Where is the minibus?" Questioned Millie in confusion.
"I....I can't believe it....Carly drove away!" Dorothy cried in shock.
"Told ya she was evil" Said Destiny.
"Well you got that right" Nodded Chantelle.
"How are we going to get back to Alfea,its two hours away and we don't know how to get there?" Amy questioned.
"It's getting dark....maybe we could stay in the building?" Suggested Lily.
"This is all Carly's fault....I agree let's stay in the building....there might be wild beasts out"
Millie turned to open the door but the handle was stuck. "It's locked!"
"Let me try" Dorothy pulled and pulled but the door would not budge. "Everybody I'm sure somebody will come for help"
"I hope so...I think I can hear footsteps" Chantelle shivered.
"Enchanted Snakes!" Millie released a beam of energy snakes but they accidentally wrapped round a tree. "Oops..."
Instantly five boys came out from the bushes,looking about a year older that the girls and wearing Red Fountain uniform. The first one had black hair and green eyes,the second one and purple hair and blue eyes,the third one had blonde hair and brown eyes,the fourth one had red hair and purple eyes and the fifth one had brown hair and blue eyes.
"Um...Who are you guys?" Chantelle asked stepping out.
"Isn't it obvious?Were from Red Fountain" The one with the purple hair answered.
"Why are you here?" Dorothy questioned.
"We were on a mission but we finished it and came here because we heard voices" The one with black hair said calmly. "I'm Clark"
Dorothy couldn't help blushing. "I'm....Dorothy"
"We're kinda stuck here due to somebody leaving us,Can you help us?" Mille sighed.
"Sure,I guess your Alfea fairies,we a can take you back there on the ship" The blonde one nodded.
All the girls stepped onto the ship and told the boys what had happened and all got to know each other. The one with black hair was Clark whom Dorothy liked,the purple one was Rick who Chantelle seemed to dislike but he liked her,the third one with blonde hair was Lucas or Luke who thought Millie was nice,the red haired one was called Ryan who liked Destiny who liked him and the final one with brown hair was called Jack and Lily liked hm. Finally they arrived at Alfea and waved the boys away. Miss G was very angry that Carly had left them and she was punished and had to double homework. They all talked to their pixies who were very happy to see them.
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Believix Fairy
Believix Fairy

Flora Helia
Posts : 388
Age : 16
Location : Linphea
Hobbies : Sleeping, screaming, reading, talking, smiling, making new friends.

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Fri May 17, 2013 3:03 pm

this is a great episode with me and my friends



                                                                                        Please save the polars!                                                                                                                

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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Fri Jul 05, 2013 3:45 pm

Fairyix Club Season 1 Episode 12:Shining Clouds

"Millie,Lint has woken me up for the second time,you really need to control that dog" Sapphire groaned.
Millie's eyes fluttered open she turned to see the picture of her family on top of her night stand then sat up to see her golden Labrador puppy Lint jumping on top of Sapphire.
"Um...Sorry Sapphire,what time is it?" She asked.
"It's seven" Sapphire answered trying to hold back the hyper puppy which had left muddy paw marks all over her purple nightdress.
"Oh yeah,it's the weekend" Millie lifted the covers off her revealing her pajamas which consisted of a lime green full top and mint bottoms. She called Lint over and filled up his bowl with some food. Lint excitedly gobbled it up.
"Have you seen Cloud Puff?" Millie questioned. Usually the kitten would meow and wake up the whole school. Suddenly Destiny let out a cry.
Sapphire and Millie dashed into Destiny and Dorothy's dorm to see Destiny in her aquamarine pajama crop top and pink shorts with purple headphones.
"Cloud Puff has got into my wardrobe and slept in my designer handbag!" Destiny shrieked.
"And not only used my make up!"Added Lily.
The girls turned around to see Lily in her pink diamond-studded nightgown.
"She also messed with my oil pastels" Continued Amy who was wearing her white onesie that was accented grey spots.
"Millie,that cat is totally uncool,she messed up my music" Chantelle straightened her red and yellow striped jumper and was wearing her black pajama bottoms.
"Peace Out!" Hissed Dorothy in her yellow nightgown. "I'm sure it was all an accident"
"An accident!" Yelled Sapphire. "That dog has already ruined my dress!"
Millie looked at all of them. "I'm so animals just get a bit out of control,where is Cloud Puff now?" Millie asked nervously.

Destiny opened her closet revealing Cloud Puff sleeping in her designer hand bag. Her once white fur was now stained brightly coloured,covered in make up and oil pastel. Millie picked up Cloud Puff and put her down. Cloud Puff ran over to Mango's pen and somehow opened up. Mango hopped away into Amy and Chantelle's dorm knocking over Chantelle's fish tank. Liviia the fish went splat on the floor.

"Millie!" Said all of the girls.
"I am so sorry!!!" Millie apologised.
"Okay but control that cat" Chantelle warned doing a spell which made her fish tank back how it originally was.
"I agree" Dorothy scooped up Mango and put him back in his pen.
"Let's just all get ready,it's the weekend" Millie advised.

All the girl's got ready and did their own things,Millie made Lint his own place at the end of the bed which included a cage so he could not cause havoc and cleaned Cloud Puff who hated having baths,Sapphire cleaned the paw prints off her night dress,Dorothy looked after her plants,Destiny did some reading,Lily designed some outfits,Chantelle created a new peice of music which was actually made by Cloud Puff messing with her music systems and Amy decided to go for a walk in the forest and sketch.

"Ahh,what a lovely day"Amy breathed in the deep scent of the forest.
"Hey!" A familiar voice said.
Amy turned around to see her identical pixie Blue.
"Oh Hello Blue!" Amy greeted with a smile.
"Good Day Princess Amy Of The Oceans Of Puffaplex" Blue did an imitation of Griselda.
"That's exactly what Griselda says!" Amy laughed. She was never shy around Blue.
"I wanted to ask you something. Who is the current princess of the Puffaplex land?Your the Princess of the Puffaplex oceans" Blue asked in a polite manner.
"Princess Raeanne" Replied Amy.
"The clouds are very nice today" Commented Blue.
"Yes they are" Nodded Amy.
"I found a strange cloud,I'd like to show it to you,follow me" With that Blue flew off.
"Wait Up!!" Amy called after Blue.
Blue stopped in a clearing,it felt strange and Amy finally caught up with the speedy little pixie.
"Up there!" Blue pointed up at the sky. There was a white square thing which seemed to be getting bigger,it was falling!
"What is that?It cannot be a cloud" Gasped Amy feeling,the thing fell and Amy grabbed the 'cloud'. "Oh my!It's a note...that's very strange"
"What does it say?" Blue asked her head full of curiosity.
"Find the shining one amongst the rest,ask your fortune for the best"
"Wow what does that mean?Oh...I have to go,Blaze is expecting me" Blue sped off and Amy waved to her as she went. Amy had a feeling that the note was a riddle for the quest for Fairyix so she decided to show it to the others.

At Alfea Amy showed the others the note. They were all confused on what it could mean.
"Find the shining one amongst the rest?What is that supposed to mean?" Destiny felt confused.
"It means we have to find something that shines which is hidden by similar things,that's my theory" Millie explained.
"That's a good idea Millie,but what could this shining thing be?" Sapphire wondered.
"What'd you think Amy?" Chantelle turned to her cousin Amy.
"I think we should go to the library,there are many books there" Amy said.
"Ugh....I hate the library" Groaned Lily.
"Well Lily,we have to go there to find out what the note means and if it relates to our quest" Dorothy said.

The girls walked to library and went to book finding system. Millie walked up to the system.
"Shining One" She said.
Immediately two books came down,one saying about stars in the galaxy of Solaria and the other about some famous wizard.
"Maybe we have to find a star on Solaria,but we've already been there" Lily sighed.
"Hmm...what about that famous wizard?Who is he?" Destiny asked.
"Saziko was a sky wizard who one of the first people on Puffaplex. He created it's power source,the Shining Cloud. But Saziko went crazy and tried to destroy it but was stopped and he vanished" Millie read from the book.
"Well he was a freak" Sapphire laughed.
Amy looked serious. "I heard about the Curse Of Saziko,he vowed one day to get his revenge,nobody goes near the Shining Cloud or they will fall under his curse,many people already have because the shining cloud can tell your history,the riddle means we have find the Shining Cloud and ask it to tell us our history but we will fall under the curse of Saziko" Amy explained.
"In making that sacrifice we earn the sky star" Added Dorothy.
"What is the Curse Of Saziko?" Asked Chantelle. "It sounds uncool"
"Apparently his spirit comes and tries to kill you" Amy replied.
"We'll have to fight Saziko and get the sky star then!" Millie instructed.
"I'll get us there,Ring Of Solaria!" Lily took out her ring and it turned ointo her scepter which teleported them to Puffaplex.

The Fairyix Club landed in Puffaplex. They realised that they were standing on clouds,infact there clouds everywhere. They were floating platforms in the sky,there was a big ocean below them.
" I rule the Puffaplex ocean but Princess Raeanne rules the land,the place is split into the two kingdoms" Explained Amy.
"This place is where is the Shining Cloud?" Asked Millie.
"There are too many clouds!!" Destiny felt frustrated.
"Remember Destiny we have to find the shining one" Reminded Sapphire.
"According to legend it is in the west" Amy announced.
"Before we get going is there any plants here?" Dorothy asked.
"There are a few garden places" Chantelle replied to her.
"I'd like to visit one,it would be very nice" Smiled Dorothy.
"I think so too,but back to the mission how are we going find the Shining Cloud?" Lily questioned.
"Leave that me,Bird Wings!" Millie yelled. A purple aura surrounded the girls wings and changed them into seagull-like wings and they automatically transformed.
"These wings will help you fly very fast and direct us too where we need to go" Millie said to the girls.
"I'll give them a try" Announced Dorothy. She started flapping her bird wings but soon fell on the ground. "There very hard to control"
"They might take some time getting use too...." Millie added,she flew up and did a flip. "It's easy for me,just try!"
"Okay..." Destiny flapped her wings and wobbly flew into the air. "Millie help!"
Millie flew over to her and grabbed Destiny's hand. "This is scary"
They flew higher and higher and Millie let go of her and Destiny fell but soon regained flight and could use her bird wings. After a couple of minutes of falling everybody could use their bird wings(but not perfectly!). The wings directed them wings directed them to the Shining Cloud.

Somewhere else on Puffaplex four witches who the Fairyix ha fought with were watching them fly. The first one had dark black hair flowing done her back with coal black eyes and wore shiny black eye shadow,her witch form was a dull black one-piece suit which had a grey line gong down and a 'V' on the stomach. She had a storm-grey cape and grey boots. With this she she fingerless black gloves. The second one had brown hair which was cut short and wavy,brown eyes with black make up and freckles. She had a sleeveless purple jumpsuit which ended at her mid-thighs. On the jumpsuit were many grey lines in a complicated pattern and a 'C' on. Around her wrists were lavender bands and she had black boots. The third witch had ginger wove in a tight plait accompanied by a red bobble. Her eyes were ice blue with maroon eye shadow,her clothes were a blood-red dress with a 'F' on,maroon leggings and black. The final witch had dirty blonde hair which was very messy,grey eyes with green make up. Her clothes was like Veronica's but dark green and had a 'P' on

"Those pixies...trying to get their stupid stars...but Saziko and us will finish them off" Smiled Veronica.
"Definitely" Agreed Cyrena with a evil smirk.
"Just wait until I burn their wings off" Laughed Flame.
"Their wings have changed,they look like birds,at least they aren't as ugly as their old ones" Exclaimed Plex.

Soon the girls had landed on the Shining Cloud and there were many birds and gardens which Dorothy enjoyed.
" time for the dangerous bit" sapphire announced. "I hate this bit"
"I think we all do,especially Lily" Laughed Chantelle.
"Stupid Birds!" Yelled Lily because a bird nearly pooped on her.
"The view is a amazing!" Gasped Millie gazing across the sky.
"So are the plants" Dorothy examined all the species. " There are loads of my favourite flower,Rosa rubiginosa!"
"I know,I enjoy it here so much" Amy smiled. "The history telling pond is just there" She pointed to a small pond of pure water.
"This is going to be scary when that insane wizard comes" Shuddered Destiny. "Who wants to ask first?"
"I will" Millie said bravely. She stepped towards the pond as the others anxiously watched. "Tell me about my older sister Olivia!"
The pond told a story. On Pawprint a baby was born to King Bernerd and Queen Olivia,they were delighted to have their first child so they named her Olivia. The next year they had their second daughter Millicent and a couple of months later had twins called Hope and Faye. Olivia and Millie were best friends but one day when Millie was ten years old Pawprint became at war against four witches one of them was Veronica. It lasted for six months and near the end before the witches were defeated they took Olivia and erased her from Millie's mind. All the witches were defeated except Veronica.
Millie felt tears to come to her eyes but suddenly a male voice let out an evil laugh.

They all turned around to see a wizard who was Saviko.
"Time to die!" Saviko yelled coming towards them.
"I don't think so,freak!Winter Fury!" Sapphire yelled releasing a green energy orb which emitted a powerful blizzard. Saviko simply blocked the attack and started firing energy orbs.
"May we join?" Asked Veronica who appeared along with the rest of the witches.
"Certainly" Saviko said with a evil smirk.
"Oh not you....Sun Blast" Lily released a burst of solar energy at Plex who got hit.
"Nice going Lily" Smiled Dorothy.
"Ugh...You pixies,Electric Storm!" Veronica released a ball of purple misty energy at Chantelle and Amy.
"Stellar Reflect" Chantelle made a golden shield which was a star shape which reflected the attack back.
"Liana Claps" Dorothy clapped her hands which released a vine of Liana that wrapped around Plex. Plex struggled and finally managed to break through the tough Liana.
"Plasma Strike!" Plex shouted striking a dark purple blot of energy at them but missed.
"Sacred Heart" Millie emitted a fuchsia heart which had a purple glow at Veronica.
"Tornado Force" Veronica released a tornado and Millie's magic heart tried to fight through the tornado but was easily overpowered by Veronica and was knocked unconscious.
Saviko started firing a beam of energy at Sapphire.
"Ice Bounce!" Sapphire made a shield of ice which was meant to bounce the attack back but failed to and suffered the same fate as Millie.
"You'll pay for that! Fired Flame!" Lily released a flame of fire at Cyrena.
"Shadow Ray" Cyrena created a vine like darkness which held the attack back and released it back at Lily who was defeated.
"I'll target Saviko,Luminous Glow" Chantelle glowed gold and released her inner starlight which started to burn Saviko but he managed to use a force spell to defeat Chantelle.
"Burning Flames!!!" Flame growled and released fire which burned Destiny's wings but was replaced with her original wings.
"We do ahve an extra set of wings" She smiled but Saviko struck her with energy defeating her. Now there was only Dorothy and Amy left and they were really struggling.
"Eco-" Dorothy was about to attack but was defeated by Saviko.
"No,Dorothy!" Cried Amy running over to Dorothy.
"She's gone" Veronica cackled.
"You'll be gone!" Yelled Amy in anger. "I have the power of love on my side,my name means it and I love my friends,Essence of Cloud Love!" Amy released all her energy in one attack which was a white energy ball which released a massive explosion wiping Saviko and the witches away. She then looked at her unconscious friends.
"Energy Restoration!" Six Clouds came out of her hands and went into the girls restoring their energy back,they all woke up groggily feeling confused.
"What happened?...." Millie asked waking up,her wings back to normal.
"All I remember is Saviko blasting me..." Chantelle groaned.
"Uhhh..."Moaned Lily awakening.
"Where am I???" Sapphire looked around.
"I...I defeated Saviko..." Amy explained,she felt so proud.A sudden sparkling sound echoed thought the sky,Amy looked up to see the white sparkling Sky Star above her. She reached up and grabbed it,it automatically turned into a necklace. Everybody cheered.
(episode ends)


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cool :wohoo: 



                                                                                        Please save the polars!                                                                                                                

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Season 1 Episode 13:A twist in friendship
"Today Class,we will be doing the simulator test to test your magic powers as we do every year those who have passed are Millie,Carly,Rosie,Amy,Chantelle but Lily seems to be absent,so next I believe is Dorothy" Professor Exclaimed then turned to Dorothy who looked very nervous. "You should be quite good at this like your
mother,since the power of nature is very strong"
"You can do it Dorothy!" Destiny encouraged as Dorothy walked into the stimulator and onto the platform anxiously. She waved at the others through the window,but Carly just gave her a discouraging look.
"Now Dorothy the stimulator will now select a lifeless planet with no plants and you will have to overcome your magic weakness and grow plants to make the world full of life and nurture them." Palludium announced.
Dorothy frowned;the words lifeless planet with no plants made her shiver. "Professor,can we use a magic item to help us?" She clutched the green star around her neck.
"Yes,use whatever you need but try to use your inner fairy power the most.
"Inner fairy power?" Dorothy sighed. "I'll try."
Palladium pressed a button on the control panel infront of him and the stimulator morphed into a rocky place,it was cold,there was no signs of any life.
"I feel so weak....there are no plants,I am powerless...but I must try to use my inner fairy power" Dorothy focused on her power but nothing happened,not even a spark.
"Maybe the nature star will help" She held it up and tried to give it some of her power,it glowed and she felt a surge of energy flowed through her.
"Magic Charmix!" Dorothy transformed into her magic charmix. "Dorothy Fairy Of Nature!"
"Power Of Plants!!!!" She yelled focusing on her inner fairy power,she felt a mew power,Fairyix Power,plants emerged from the ground,there were trees,bushes,flowers and grass.
"Well Done Dorothy,you pass!"

After Class Millie went to the dorm,the others were chatting.
"Has anybody seen Lily?She wasn't in at class?" Millie asked.
"Nah....she's probably shopping" Chantelle took off her red headphones.
"There is a Miss Magix competition today,Lily might of went,you should check in her dorm" Explained Destiny. "Like she must be totally trying on new outfits.
Millie walked towards Lily's dorm and slowly opened the door. She was surprised to see that there was a two beds and a girl with brown chestnut hair tied in pigtails by orange bands,a orange flowing t-shirt,denim shorts and yellow sandals,it was Carly.
"What is she doing in our dorm?!" Shrieked Carly.
"What is SHE doing in our dorm?!!!"Millie shrieked back.
Sapphire went to see what's gong on. "What the heck is go-" She stared at Carly who gave her a sly smile.
"Guys calm down,this is our new roomate Carly,she's helping me for the Miss Magix competition,she has a great sense of style." Lily explained. She was wearing a black mini-dress with black heels.
"Well,let me properly introduce myself.I am Princess Carly Of Lunix,fairy of the moon." Carly spat,her voice full of venom.
"Umm...sorry....about me shouting,I'm Millicent but you can call me M-" Millie was interrupted.
"I prefer to call you Millicent"Carly spoke.
"Well now you can all help me get ready for the Miss Magix pageant" Lily announced excitement in her voice.
"But skipped the test!!"Millie exclaimed.
"Class is stupid anyway" Carly said. "Also Millicent,you should check on your that pesky little cat of yours"Millie growled and exited,Sapphire followed.
"What's up?" Chantelle asked.
"We have a new roomate...Carly..." Millie explained.
"I AM NOT SHARING A DORM WITH THAT WITCH!"Destiny screamed. She stomped into Lily's dorm. "GET OUT!"
Carly walked right up to Destiny. "Griselda assigned me here so I'm not leaving."
"I don't care what stupid Griselda said,but you get out of here" Destiny spat.
"Girls,calm down!" Dorothy remained calm. "Carly's our new roomate and we've got accept it.
"I agree" Amy nodded.
They all left,only Millie remained,Lily changed into a red strapless crop top with a denim skirt with red heels to match.
"Why are you even entering this pageant?It's just a silly fashion show" Millie questioned.
"I've been entering it since I was two!I want to be a fashion model once I graduate,now how do I look?" Lily swished her hair.
"You look perfect" Carly commented.
"The red top doesn't suit you" Millie disagreed.
"How about this?" Lily put on a white strap top with black tracksuit bottoms and pink stilettos.
"Lily....don't you realise Carly's trying to take an adv-"

Suddenly Millie's phone rang,she answered it. "Hello...yes...what? That's not good....I'll go tell her...bye" She put down the phone. "Miss Magix phoned,the competitions cancelled this year. I'm so sorry Lily..."
"Oh,but I was so excited...I tried on three outfits...." Lily groaned.
"C'mon Lils....the Sprirkann pageants are much better" Destiny showed her a book with a picture of models in.
"I don't see what the big deal is...why don't we go get smoothies or somethin' cool" Chantelle suggested.
"That's a good idea" Amy agreed.
"Guys....the Fairyix Book appeared!"Gasped Dorothy.
Everybody except Carly ran over to the book.It had something written on the page.
Quickly Sapphire took out her  phone and snapped a picture of it before the book disappeared. She looked at the  picture and the writing read:'In the caverns of the lunar world,is the secret of the moon's key.'
"Um...this is weird,what is going on?Why are you guys looking at me like I'm a complete idiot?" Carly asked.
" we are totally on a quest for Fairyix....we have to find a star,we get riddles,find the stars and when we get eight of them,we earn Fairyix,simple."Destiny explained.
"So we have to solve the riddle?You guys are a bunch of geeks. Why do you even want stupid Fairyix?" Carly laughed. Everybody ignored her.
"Lunar world?Cavern?Moon's key?These riddles get more confusing every day!" Exclaimed Lily.
"Hey...wait a sec...Lunix is sometimes called the Lunar world and there are caves there but that's all I know." Carly told them.
"Tecna's great with technology....we could ask her about this" Suggested Amy.
"I'll come with you, Tecna's in her dorm so let's go" Instructed Millie.
Millie and Amy casually walked out the door,they went up some stairs into the teachers dorm and knocked on the door and were answered by Bloom.
"Hello girls,why are you here?" Bloom asked them.
"We need some help with a riddle and we thought Tecna could help us" Millie answered.
"She's really good with technology" Added Amy.
Bloom smiled warmly at them."Come on in girls,Tecna's dorm s on the left"    
Millie and Amy politely thanked her and walked into Tecna's dorm.
"Hello,do you need any help?" Said Tecna.
"Um,yes. Can you search up this riddle. It goes In the caverns of the lunar world,is the secret of the moon's key." Millie questioned.
Amy smiled shyly. "It's for the quest for Fairyix"
"I see,I'll do a search with the keywords:lunar world,caverns and moon's key." She pressed some buttons on the computer and typed in the keywords. Immediately the results came back.
"On Lunix in the Moonlight Caverns there is a maze and a key hidden somewhere that unlocks a hidden door." Tecna read.
"Thanks Tecna" Millie thanked her and they set off back to the dorm.

Back at the dorm Millie explained what Tecna told her.
"I know where the Moonlight Caverns are" Carly said.
"Well let's get going,Ring Of Solaria!" Lily summoned her scepter,there was a burst of light and they were soon on Lunix.
"Sweet teleportation skills Lily!" Grinned Chantelle.
"It's called practice" Lily winked.
"So where is the Moonlight Cavern?" Asked Millie.
"It's over there Millicent" Carly pointed to a cave in the distance.
"Stop calling her that!"Sapphire glared at Carly.
"Make me..."Carly muttered.
"Carly,please call Millie Millie"Dorothy sighed.
"Yeah,please" Millie looked at Carly. "I prefer Millie.
"Now that that's settled,let's get totally goin'" Destiny started to walk towards the Moonlight Cavern,the others followed. They trekked through the dark caves until they came to a maze,where there was no light.
"Man,it's pitch black here,Star Illumination!" Chantelle summoned up a glowing star in her hand.
"Rising Sun!" Lily made a ball of light which emitted golden sparkles.
"This place is infested with traps so be careful"Warned Carly."But I would like it if one of you got eaten by the giant spiders" She smirked evilly.
"Oh,Shut up. I'm not scared of any stupid spiders" Sapphire spoke.
They all went through the maze until Destiny screamed. "Eeeek!Something's got me!!!"
"It's a rope trap,duh"Carly rolled her eyes.
"Nature Sword" Dorothy cut through the rope.
"Thanks Dor" Destiny smiled.

Footsteps echoed throughout the maze.
"Who was that?" Asked Destiny.
Even Carly was scared.
"Carly,if this is one of your tricks I'll kill you" Sapphire said.
"'s that" Carly pointed to a dark figure,everybody screamed and started running. After five minutes they were all out of breath.
"We have to transform,Magic Fairyix Charmix!"
Millie Fairy Of The Animal Heart
Dorothy Fairy Of Nature
Destiny Fairy Of Sea and Sky
Lily Fairy Of Sun and Fire
Chantelle mer-fairy Of Stars
Amy mer-fairy Of Clouds
Sapphire Fairy Of Water and Ice
Carly Fairy Of The Moon

"I don't hear anything....let's continue and try and find the key" Millie instructed.
"I don't think so..." Said a voice.
"Little fairies lost?Well would you like some of my storm clouds to help?Storm Blast!" Veronica fired a giant storm cloud.
They all dodged the attack.
"Let's do convergence,we can make a magic energy person to attack. Shaping moonrock!" Carly formed a human-shaped piece of moonrock.
"I'll strengthen it,Bearing Branches" Dorothy focused on her magic,branches wrapped around the moonrock strengthening it.
"Logic Water!" Destiny gave the moonrock intelligence so it could think.
"Sun vision!" From Lily's hand came a beam of light which landed on the moonrock giving it yellow eyes so it could see.
"Star Sound!" Chantelle summoned up a star and threw it at the moonrock,it could now hear and speak.
"Energy Cloud" Amy gave the moonrock the ability to use magic spells.
"Gift Of Life" Millie blasted a purple orb of energy at the moonrock,it was now alive.
"'re stupid convergence creature is no match for me,Infinite Darkness!" Cyrena formed a purple barrier around the convergence creature,so it can't see.
"Lily,you need to improve it's vision!"Millie yelled.
"SUN VISION!" Lily gave it more sight so the convergence creature could see through the barrier and could break it.
"Plasmatic Orb!" Plex fired many orbs at them but the  convergence creature thought quickly.
"Energy Shield" The convergence creature blocked the attack. "Energetic Blast" It then fired a energy blast at the witches who vanished.
"Yay!!!" Exclaimed Destiny.
"We finally cooperated,and thanks Carly"Thanked Dorothy.
"Uh,stop being a loser" Insulted Carly.
"There's the key over there and the door is next to it!" Millie exclaimed.
"Carly,ya should go get it" Suggested Chantelle. Amy nodded in agreement.
Carly flew over to the key and put it in the door,it unlocked and there was a glittery silver star glowing. Carly grabbed it and it formed into a necklace around her neck. "Maybe you guys are not dumb and stupid"
"Uh,thanks" Smiled Millie. "Umm...wanna join the Fairyix Club?" Millie asked her.
"Totally!"Carly grinned

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Destiny and Carly cat fighting? Very Happy


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Fairyix Club
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