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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Fairyix Club   Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:52 am

First topic message reminder :

I have made a new winx club! The fairyix club they are eight fairies who really go through some trouble. They have to fight evil and save the world but can they do it? Spin off:

you might wanna call them enchantresses
Sorcereresses or normal girls
But when you see the wings
You know who they are
It's in the stars...

A rustle in the bushes
A peak into the hedge
A dot upon a sea
A shimmer in the shadows
A light in the sky
A glimmer in the stars
A blanket white above us
A layer of cold
And put our powers together are invincible!

Fairyix, we play the game together now!
As one, as all, we are Fairyix Club!

Closing: Let it go-Frozen.
The girls:
Millie Fairy Of the Animal Heart-A stubborn,friendly girl who is the leader. She is from Pawprint and has a pet labrador called Lint and a hyperactive cat called Cloud Puff found abandoned on a field trip.  
Dorothy Fairy Of Nature-A shy,sweet girl who is the daughter of Flora.Her bunny Mango is always getting up to trouble. She cares alot about people. (and plants!)  You can follow her in Dorothy Diaries
Destiny Fairy Of Water and Sky-A confident but stylish girl who is the Princess Of Spirkann,Destiny is very supportive and protective of her friends and will always help them. She learns to accept that love and friendship are far more important than royalty, looks, and outfits.
Lily Fairy Of Sun and Fire-The fashionista of the group. She loves putting on clothes-no wonder she's the daughter of Stella!She is from the sparkling word Solaria making her most positive member of the club.With a cheerful smile and some cute heels Lily can make anyone think she's a supermodel.
Chantelle merfairy Of Star-The sparkling pop star,she is very much like her second cousin Musa and has a great love for music.She is a mer-fairy,so like her cousin Amy when she touches water she turns into a mermaid.
Amy mer-fairy Of Clouds-Amy is a shy and dreamy girl from the oceans of Puffaplex and is the  princess there. She is very clever and always helps her friends with her quick thinking. She is Chantelle's cousin and Musa's third cousin.
Sapphire Fairy Of Water and Ice-A slightly bossy girl who has a temper, from the frosty planet of Iciclenna, she sometimes just gets too mad and shouts. But really shes a kind girl who is Millie's best friend.
Carly Fairy Of the Moon- Carly's the girl who despises the Fairyix and the spoilt Princess Of Lunix. She soon understands  the meaning of friendship and befriends the Fairyix and joins the club in the second season.

There the girls!

Veronica witch of Storms-A hot tempered,bossy girl who will do anything to rule the universe.
Cyrena Witch Of Darkness-She is Lily's opposite. She is sly,dark and mystical.
Plex Witch Of Plasma-She has the dark version of morphix,shes a sticky girl and very loud too.
Flame Witch Of Fire- A hot,fiery witch who is as quick as a tiger.


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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Bloom Sky
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PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:00 am

yay episode 16 wow


RAWR bloom fairy of the dragon flame and when you play with fire you get burned
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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sat Nov 09, 2013 11:17 am

New preview: A trip to Earth turns to chaos when the Attax attacks,Millie finds a shocking secret about Olivia's location.


Last edited by Hollywinx on Sat Nov 23, 2013 9:37 am; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : Fairyix)
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Believix Fairy
Believix Fairy

Flora Helia
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Age : 16
Location : Linphea
Hobbies : Sleeping, screaming, reading, talking, smiling, making new friends.

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sat Nov 09, 2013 4:31 pm

Great! cant wait for more. :queen: 



                                                                                        Please save the polars!                                                                                                                

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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sat Nov 23, 2013 9:39 am

Woo!Summer break!"The cries of excited students echoed through the Alfea courtyard.
"Young ladies!"Miss Griselda,desperately trying to calm down the students,yelled. "The bus will be here shortly!"
"It's here!"Screamed a voice,which revealed to be Carly.
All the students clambered onto the very large hover bus except a few. Millie was staying at Alfea over the holidays due to her parents being away,Sapphire mother had agreed she could stay at Alfea while she was stuck on Icicleanna due to the harsh arctic weather conditions. Amy just wanted to stay and Lily's mother Stella was staying at Alfea to help with preparations. They,along with there.
"Bye girls!"Millie called as the other Fairyix went on the bus. "See you in a month!"
"Ugh,I so wanted to go back to Solaria"Moaned,Solana who was Lily's elder sister and in her second year.
"Well,I like it here"Mariah-Lee,Amy's older sister in her third year said. She had the same light brown wavy waist-length hair like Amy,but her eyes were blue and she quite pale,and wore a black midriff top and shorts with grey sandals.
"Our mum's away on some royal issue so we are staying here"Hope explained.
"I am going to help with the preparations"Decided Faye. "You coming,Hope?"
"Sure"Agreed Hope,and the twins hurried off.
"Is that your sister over there?"Millie asked Sapphire,looking over to a girl with purple curls,wearing a  blue polo-shirt and black leggings,facing away from everybody else.
"Yeah,that Alexandria Elizabeth Rose,but she prefers to be called Lexi"Sapphire replied.
"I'm gonna design some banners for when the students come back"Lily was chatting with Amy.
"Oh,can I help?"Amy questioned.
"Sure!"Lily agreed.
"Hello girls,I have something important to tell you." Greeted Miss Faragonda. "As a presentation for when the whole school returns,we will be studying life on Earth. We have chosen you to stay on Earth in Gardenia,to live as normal humans. Mariah-Lee,since you are a legal adult at 18 you are in charge. I forgot to mention,no magic. Here is a full list of who is in this mission:
Princess Lily of Solaria
Princess Solana of Solaria
Princess Millicent of Pawprint
Princess Hope of Pawprint
Princess Faye of Pawprint
Princess Amy of Puffaplex's Ocean
Princess Mariah-Lee of Puffaplex Ocean
Sapphire of Icicleanna
Alexandria Elizabeth Rose of Icicleanna"
"All eight of you will be stripped of your powers and will return and get them back in one month's time. Stay out of trouble. Please go pack your bags,and take your pets." Griselda instructed.
"But Miss Griselda I don't want to go!"Protested Lexi.
"Miss Alex-"
"Call me Lexi,please"
"Miss Lexi,your parents have signed as agreement,so you have too" Griselda said sternly.
"Well I'm excited!"Millie smiled.
"No magic,I'm not"Muttered Sapphire.
"Oh cheer up,Sapphy,it's go to be good"Comforted Lily.
"I agree"Agreed Amy.
"Come on,let's get our stuff"Called Mariah-Lee.
The girls all went to their dorm,and began packing their bags. In Millie's dorm,she took out her pink suitcase which had been under her bed ever since arrived and opened it. Taking clothes out of her wardrobe,she neatly piled all her clothes in her suitcase and took socks and other stuff out of the draws below. With the wardrobe bare,she collected up her pet's food  and water bowl's and backed them in a separate compartment. Millie emptied her nightstand,taking the lamp and pictures of her family off it and packed it away. Sapphire helped her get books and her ipod of her sehelf and packet it in her suitcase. Lastly she put Lint in his dog carrier and Cloudpuff in a cat carrier on wheels which you pull with a rope. When they had all finished,they all met up outside.
"Now girls,while you were packing Miss Faragonda absorbed your powers" Miss Griselda pointed out.
"Well,I'm fine with that!"Lexi smiled,showing she only had one bag unlike Lily had five.
"Here is a cart for all your luggage"Miss Griselda summoned up. Lily dropped her five bags in at once. Sapphire and Millie had one bag each,so they put theirs in,the same with Solara,Mariah-Lee,Hope,Faye and Lexi.
"Now girls,you are going we hope you have a good time on Earth,we will summon you back when we're ready. Bye!" Miss Faragonda called out as she made a portal. Together,they pushed the cart into the portal and waved bye.

"Wow,where are we?"Gasped Millie. They were on a footpath with a sign infront of them.
"On Earth,duh. This sign says 'Gardenia'!"Lexi pointed to a sign.
"So what should we do first?"Hope asked.
"Well first of all we need a house" Faye pointed out.
"So let's go get one!"Lily yelled happily. "Let's ride this cart down the hill to Gardenia" They all clambered onto the cart,and Mariah-Lee pushed the cart with her foot and of they went.
"Weee!!"Screamed Lexi.
"Nice!"Commented Amy.
"O oh! We're heading straight for that building!" Screamed Solana.
"What do we do?!!" Shouted Lily.
"I'll try and stop the cart!" Mariah-Lee put her foot down but with no affect. The cart crashed into a  house and tipped over,knocking all the luggageout. Some people in the street were staring at them.
"Everybody okay?"Millie asked.
"Yes"Replied everybody.
"Nice idea Lily"Spat Sapphire.
"'Kay,let's stay calm and look over there!" Solana pointed out a sign which said House for 10 for sale!
"Let's tidy this up first"Instructed Amy,turning the cart back on it's wheels.
"Sapphy,help me get these bags in" Millie called over,she and Sapphire hauled the bags into the cart. Cloudpuff and Lint were not very happy.
They tried buying the house for ten but it was too expensive and finally manged to get a small caravan,which was a bit cramped.
"So Mariah-Lee,you got us identity cards?"Millie asked.
"Yeah,here they are"She replied and handed them out.
"Lily Solaria? Why's it got the place we are from on?" Lily asked.
""Because on Earth,we have second names so I chose them"Mariah-Lee answered doubtfully. "The woman who made them thought the last names were weird"
"Well,anyway,why don't we go out and stuff?" Lily suggested. "I'm bored"
"Why don't we go shopping?!" Solana blurted out.
"Count me in" Smiled Lily.
"Sure!"Chouresed Hope and Faye.
"Um,okay,but I'm staying here" Mariah-Lee explained.
"Same" Sapphire rolled her eyes. "I hate shopping"
"Well,I'd like to go" Millie agreed.
"I'm going to the library,see ya" She walked to the local library and was interested in history.
"Bye!" Waved the girls,as they walked out the caravan. They soon arrived at the local mall.
"So many cute clothes!" Lily nearly screamed.
Hope and Faye began picking out clothes,they grabbed red tops and green skirts then picked out the ones they were going to buy.
"I'm gonna get some make up" Solana exclaimed then strolled over to the make up department.
"This skirt looks cute,and this shirt matches,these heels and this jewellery" Lily piled clothes into her basket.
"Um,well I'll just get these clothes" Millie said,looking at the clothes around her. "Wow,this looks good!" She gasped,pulling out a purple wrap top with a matching miniskirt"
"Which hair band looks better? This one or the blue one?" Lily asked Millie.
"Um,the pink one" Millie answered.
Solana had returned with several boxes of make up then dived into the clothes isle,selecting out pretty dresses.
Later,they all came out of the dressing rooms. She wore a green and purple ruffled dress which reaches just before her knees with green wedges,she accessorizes with   silver bangles and a purple hairband with sparkling paw prints on.
She was followed by Hope who wore a miniskirt made up of two sarongs,one was purple,on the right side and the other was green on the left side. She had an white embroided midriff blouse with lavender and dark green beads sewn on in swirls,her shoes were silver flats.
Hope had a grey t-shirt with the words ANIMAL CRAZY in bold pink letters printed on,she she and blue denim shorts with a green belt. Her socks were green with white sneakers and a purple band around her wrist.
Lily's outfit consisted of a pink sleeveless minidress with blue ruffles at the bottom. She had a silver belt with a star buckle. She wore ankle boots with pink,blue and purple stripes across the side. On top of the dress,she wore a yellow shawl,decorated with stars on.
Solana wears an orange top with a pink wrap mini dress over it. She wears light purple tights and red ankle boots.
Lexi's outfit is a lavender skirt with a pink transparent layer, a one shouldered purple midriff top with pink and black hearts on over a light pink tank top. She has black leggings underneath and her boots are pale grey.
"Wow,I like your outfit Lexi"Millie commented.
"Thanks" Lexi smiled,twirling around.
"Okay,now why don't we buy outfits for the others?" Solana asked.
"Yeah,Sapphire would love an outfit from me" Millie agreed.
"I'll help"Volunteered Lexi.
"We will help make Amy's" Chorused Hope and Faye.
"So little sister,it's time to make an outfit for Mariah-Lee"Solana looked at Lily.
"Sure" Lily replied.
The group immeadietly started grabbing clothes when Millie's phone rung.
"Hello?" Millie looked at the screen. Miss Faragonda was calling.
"Millie,we need Lexi,Hope and Faye back here st Alfea. Solana and Mariah-Lee have been teleported back here,they are are doing a test. We've just recieved news the Attax have come to Earth in Gardenia"Miss Faragonda's voice ssounded urgent.
Millie looked up and saw Hope,Faye,Lexi,Solana and Mariah-Lee vanish. "Miss,how will we attack her without our powers?!"
"We have gave you your's,Lily's and Sapphire's powers but we are still giving Amy her powers. It takes such a long time when your in another dimension. We have warned Sapphire,but you need to go save Amy. She is in danger while alone." Miss F suddenly hung up.
"Lily! Miss F gave us our powers back! But Amy does not have hers yet,we need to save her,Veronica is on Earth!!" Millie gasped.
"Okay,Mill,I'm on it!" Lily said determinedly.
"Magic Winx Charmix!" They yelled together.
Lily drifted around in a dark blue starry back ground then made a burst of light and fire with her hands. There is a flash of light,and she drifts slowly up with fire making her gloves and boots,and light morphs into her dress. She turns,showing her back,and light darts into her back,creating her wings.  There is another flash,and with arms outstretched,Lily glides around amongst a mist of fire and light. She pulls her ring of her finger then yells "Ring of Solaria!" and it turns into her scepter. Doing her final pose,Lily yells "Lily Fairy of Sun and Fire!"
Millie crosses her arms in the transformation position and purple pawprints surround her creating the whole of her outfit piece by piece including her wings as whizzes around Millie flys around doing flips then strikes her final pose saying 'Millie fairy Of the Animal Heart!'

The two fairies flew through the shopping mall, surprised shoppers watched them as they flitted through the shop till they came outside.
"The library's that way!" Millie pointed in the direction of a busy street.
"Um,it looks like we are attracting attention" Lily looked down below at the oeple who had gathered to see them,you rarely saw fairies these days,they all kept themselves busy in Tir Nan Og.
"Let's go quickly!" Millie gasped,they dived through an open window into the library.
Amy was standing on a bookshelf while Sapphire was blasting ice shards at Veronica on the other side of the room. The other Attax were scaring humans outside.
"Ice Spiral!" Sapphire screamed,launching a spiral of ice shards at Veronica.
"Ow!" Veronica exclaimed as she got hit. "Gale!" She made dark storm clouds in Amy's direction.
"Lily,you go sort out the other Attax,me and Sapphy will deal with Veronica"Millie instructed,and Lily flew off.
Amy suddenly felt her powers coming back. "Amy Magic Charmix!" She yelled.
She was surrounded by a white mist on a light blue background,there was a flash and her top,clips and gloves are made,clouds wrap around her legs,morphing into a mermaid tale and her wings appear. "Amy,Merfairy of Clouds!"
"Okay girls,let's finish off Veronica,Shark Teeth!" Millie made a straight purple beam at Veronica which felt like shark teeth.
"Water Wave!" Sapphire made a bubbly beam of water at Veronica.
"Cloud Mist"Amy put a mist on Veronica so she could not see.
"Argh!" Veronica groaned then fainted.
"Now,let's go and get the rest of them"Smirked Sapphire.
The three fairies flitted outside to see Chantelle,Lily,Carly,Destiny and Dorothy battling the witches.
"Arms of the Earth!" Dorothy yelled,blowing green dust on the ground. Vines immediately sprouted up from the ground and attacked Flame.
"Stellar Hit" Chantelle fired a golden energy ball at Flame.
"Flame Rage!" Flame snarled,releasing a giant burst of fire at the Dorothy and Chantelle. The fire burned through the vines which held Flame and blasted straight into Dorothy and Chantelle. Cyrena blasted her darkness into the fire and Plex joined in. The fire was enormous.
"Uh..." Dorothy yelped as she tried to hold off the flames with a green shield.
"Help!" Cried Chantelle, putting all her strength into her golden star wall.
"Girls,we need to help Chantelle and Dorothy!" Destiny cried out. "Sapphy,use your water! Millie,can you try and deflect the flames,Carly you help her. Lily try and control the fire,Amy can you make the clouds rain,we need to save Dorothy and Chantelle!" Destiny yelled. "Ocean's Gleam!" She yelled out and a giant wave of gleaming water fell down on the flames,it had a small effect.
"Cloud Cover!" Amy made clouds cover the sky and rain down,the Fairyix flew on top of a building and landed there. It was too difficult to fly in the rain.
"Flames come to me!" Lily tried to call the fire but it was dark magic,she'd need more positive energy.
"Protection Shell!" Millie screamed,among the fire,she had a sparkling purple dome around herself, and Dorothy and Chantelle. The fire was taking the shield out hard,she couldn't stand it much longer.
"Lunar Pull!" Carly called the water to come. It came crashing down,damaging the fire. It still burnt strong.
"Ahh!" The water broke Millie's protection spell,she was thrown around in the water,unable to fly.
"Millie!" Gasped Chantelle. "Dorothy!" She swam with ease with her tail through the water.
"Help!"Dorothy cried,as she was tossed around.
"Star Raft!" A transparent raft appeared in the shape of a yellow star. They all boarded it and rode it.
"There they are!" Lily yelled,pointing to the raft down below. The water then died down,the rain stopped,the flames were still there.
"Your attacks are useless!" Smirked Cyrena,she blasted a darkness ball at Lily.
"Hey,watch it!" Lily snapped. "It's time to fight fire with fire!" She shook her wings dry then fluttered down to Flame.
"Lily don't!" Dorothy yelled. "Your powers are positive,Flame's are negative! If they combine who knows what could happen!"
But Dorothy's word fell on deaf ears. She went on blasting fire at Flame's fire which had weakened because Plex and Cyrena had vanished.
Millie couldn't let Lily face Cyrena and Plex alone,she spotted them and flew down. "Animal Heart!" She cried,letting out a ray of purple energy.
"Hello Millie"
Millie turned around to see Veronica.

"Where....where am I?!" Millie wondered,one minute she was on Earth,her arm hurt,she must have got hit by Veronica's attack.
"Hello there Millie!" Veronica yelled.
Millie got up. "Um,hello,Veronica,please tell me,what do you want?"
"I think we've already discussed this" Veronica growled. "Well,your never going to get it..."
"I think it's time we recap your past,six years ago,you were all happy and joyful until me and my companion came. The Attax' mothers and I attacked Pawprint,so your little puny sisters hid but Olivia,she was so stubborn. That cost her. You don't remember her? Well,we took your memory. Now Olivia is locked away,and only I know where. The others and I were locked away in Omega,so I escaped. They wouldn't suspect a new witch at Cloud Tower,I still looked how I did,I'm actually 22 but look 16. So your parents did not tell you anything,and Hope and Faye are clueless." Veronica went on.
Millie began to feel weak,Veronica disappeared and then she saw her friends. "She ran towards them but a bolt of lightning struck them all,they vanished. ""
"Millie,I'm here" Said a voice which sounded like Olivia.

"Millie! Millie,are you okay?!" Gasped a voice.
Millie saw she was in the Alfea infirmary. "Yeah...I need to go get Olivia!"
"Millie you need to rest,we found you in Darlia. The place where your fears attack you. Nobody can survive there. Veronica must have teleported you there" Miss Faragonda explained.
"Olivia's there! I heard her! That's where she is!" Millie yelled.
"I guess Veronica told you about your past" Miss F sighed.
"We were so worried" "Yeah" "Oh Millie" "It was terrible" "I hate the Attax" Said a jumble of voices.
"Okay girls time to leave,please go to bed,its late" Miss F instructed.
"I need to find Olivia;I need to go to Darlia" Millie muttered before going asleep.
Next episode:
The Fairyix Club are in need of a special gem which protects you from the darkness of Darlia,but a terrifying event stops them doing so. Olivia is desperate to get out of her dark cell and feels Millie close.


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Lovix Fairy
Lovix Fairy

Stella Riven
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PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:31 am



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Believix Fairy
Believix Fairy

Flora Helia
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PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sat Nov 23, 2013 8:02 pm

Wow that's great!!



                                                                                        Please save the polars!                                                                                                                

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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Stella Helia
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PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sat Nov 23, 2013 9:06 pm

cool Very Happy


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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
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PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sat Dec 14, 2013 11:34 am

Fairyix Club Season 1 Episode 17:Gem Trouble
In the dorm at Alfea,the Fairyix were having a discussion.
"Fairyix,there has to be a way we can be protected from Darlia" Millie exclaimed.
"Ugh,there's no use,none of these books have anything about Darlia in!"Carly yelled,throwing Darkest Realms at the wall but was stopped by Dorothy who caught the book with vines.
"Have you read this one?" Dorothy asked sweetly,holding a book called Negative Planets.
"No"Carly replied.
"I'll read it!" Destiny cried out,tossing Fairy's Guide to Dark Energies. Destiny snatched the book of Destiny and scanned through the pages. Nothing.
"Ugh,we've read all these books and they're nothing about Darlia in them!" Sighed Lily.
"Or anything about protecting yourself from Darlia" Chantelle added.
"Find anything?"Yawned Amy,who had fallen asleep reading.
"No"Spat Carly.
"Hey Amy,what's that book your reading?" Sapphire asked.
Amy looked at the cover. "Protection Against Darlia!" Amy gasped. "It says here that the Gemmix Stone can protect you"
"We have the Gemmix Stone,I'll go get it" Millie went to get the Gemmix Stone but saw that Lint had it. He ran through the open door and out of the dorm.
"Get that dog!" Destiny yelled. Suddenly Carla and Cloud Puff ran out too. Somehow Livia the fish was swimming in air,Mango hopped alongside too. All the pets were escaping.
Lily tried to grab Cloud Puff but she meowed and ran away. "Why are the pets running away?!"
"I feel some magic energy,its attracting them" Amy explained.
"This is uncool,we need to get the pets back and Lint has the Gemmix Stone!" Chantelle gasped.
All the Fairyix raced after the pets,who were knocking students over. They ran out of Alfea and into the forest.
"I bet you cursed the pets Carly!" Sapphire yelled at Carly angrily.
"She didn't" Dorothy said,quietly.
"Girls,let's transform,Magic Fairyix!" The Fairyix transformed into Fairyix and flew after the pets.
"Vine Catcher!" Dorothy blasted green vines at the pets but missed. "This is shocking!"
The pets ran on,towards a cave and disappeared into the darkness.
"Sparkle of Fairyix!" Chantelle yelled,creating a giant gold star which emitted a trail of gold lights leading down the cave.
"Amazing!" Dorothy gasped,staring at the shining orbs of light. "That must be your special Fairyix spell"
"Hmph,my Fairyix spell will be much better" Carly muttered.
They all stopped when they heard the sound of meowing,Millie spotted Cloud Puff with four other white cats.
"This must have been where Cloud Puff came from" Millie claimed.
"Here come the parents!" Destiny gasped as two other adult cats walked to the kittens. The other cats seemed to be happy that Cloud Puff was back.
"They're Cloud Cats!" Millie exclaimed. "They can't survive in this dark place for long,I should take them back to Alfea"
"We'll look for the other pets" Sapphire told Millie who then flew off.
Millie fluttered back to the dorm,through an open window with all seven cats in her arms.
"I'll call you Crescent"Millie said to the mother cat,Crescent seemed to like this name. She called the father cat Frosty. There were two boy cats which she called Skysnow and Mittens. The other girl cats were called Ice and Cloe. Crescent,Frosty,Cloud Puff,Ice,Cloe,Skysnow and Mittens all seemed like a family but Millie knew she couldn't look after seven cats plus a dog.She decided to give them to Hope and Faye.
I found these six cats,Cloud Cats,they are Cloud Puff's family. Mother is called Crescent and father is called Frosty,4 kittens:Mittens and Skysnow (boys) and Ice and Cloe (girls) Do you want them? Millie texted Faye.
Sure,we'll be round soon Faye replied back.
Millie grabbed a tin of cat food called Tasty Cat to give to Hope and Faye. Suddenly there was a knock on the door,Millie opened it.
"Hi Millie!" Hope smiled. "We've come to get these cats"
"Here they are" Millie passed them the cats,one by one,into a box. "Here's some cat food" Millie passed Faye the cat food.
"Uh,thanks"Faye said shyly. "We're going to get some supplies in Magix,would you like to come?"
"Sorry, I need to get back to the others" Millie replied quickly; she would have loved to go shopping but she was desperate to find the pets.
Bye then!" Grinned the twins as Millie flew, away with Cloud Puff in a magic bubble, meowing her head off.

Meanwhile, Sapphire was trying to move some rocks which were piled against a wall.
"Verglas Breeze!"She yelled, summoning an icy force which glittered with crystallized snowflakes in a green colour and propelled it at the rocks. Instantly, the rocks tumbled away but Sapphire sighed. She'd hope to shatter the rocks to tiny pieces as her spell was meant to, but even with Fairyix, she was struggling to use her powers.

Suddenly, something caught her eye, a silvery piece of cloth, inscribed with the word 'love' on. It was ice-cold and felt like it was hers.
It's one that represents you,a token of your selflessness"Olivia was fading slowly."I don't have alot of time but you will get your scarf at a certain point of positivity"And with that Olivia was gone.

Remembering what Millie's elder sister Olivia had told her, she recognized it as her Fairyix scarf and slung it gracefully around her neck, then a gold jewel whizzed through the air.
"Livia!" Screamed Chantelle, catching the jewel, she then carefully put a golden shell around the fish, and sprinkled some stardust on it, so the orb then followed her.
"I found my Fairyix scarf" Sapphire announced, knotting the swishing fabric around her neck.
With that, all the pets appeared, buzzing around Sapphire's scarf!


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Epic. Very Happy


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Wow amazing cant wait for more!



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Fairyix Club
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