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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Fairyix Club

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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Fairyix Club   Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:52 am

First topic message reminder :

I have made a new winx club! The fairyix club they are eight fairies who really go through some trouble. They have to fight evil and save the world but can they do it? Spin off:

you might wanna call them enchantresses
Sorcereresses or normal girls
But when you see the wings
You know who they are
It's in the stars...

A rustle in the bushes
A peak into the hedge
A dot upon a sea
A shimmer in the shadows
A light in the sky
A glimmer in the stars
A blanket white above us
A layer of cold
And put our powers together are invincible!

Fairyix, we play the game together now!
As one, as all, we are Fairyix Club!

Closing: Let it go-Frozen.
The girls:
Millie Fairy Of the Animal Heart-A stubborn,friendly girl who is the leader. She is from Pawprint and has a pet labrador called Lint and a hyperactive cat called Cloud Puff found abandoned on a field trip.  
Dorothy Fairy Of Nature-A shy,sweet girl who is the daughter of Flora.Her bunny Mango is always getting up to trouble. She cares alot about people. (and plants!)  You can follow her in Dorothy Diaries
Destiny Fairy Of Water and Sky-A confident but stylish girl who is the Princess Of Spirkann,Destiny is very supportive and protective of her friends and will always help them. She learns to accept that love and friendship are far more important than royalty, looks, and outfits.
Lily Fairy Of Sun and Fire-The fashionista of the group. She loves putting on clothes-no wonder she's the daughter of Stella!She is from the sparkling word Solaria making her most positive member of the club.With a cheerful smile and some cute heels Lily can make anyone think she's a supermodel.
Chantelle merfairy Of Star-The sparkling pop star,she is very much like her second cousin Musa and has a great love for music.She is a mer-fairy,so like her cousin Amy when she touches water she turns into a mermaid.
Amy mer-fairy Of Clouds-Amy is a shy and dreamy girl from the oceans of Puffaplex and is the  princess there. She is very clever and always helps her friends with her quick thinking. She is Chantelle's cousin and Musa's third cousin.
Sapphire Fairy Of Water and Ice-A slightly bossy girl who has a temper, from the frosty planet of Iciclenna, she sometimes just gets too mad and shouts. But really shes a kind girl who is Millie's best friend.
Carly Fairy Of the Moon- Carly's the girl who despises the Fairyix and the spoilt Princess Of Lunix. She soon understands  the meaning of friendship and befriends the Fairyix and joins the club in the second season.

There the girls!

Veronica witch of Storms-A hot tempered,bossy girl who will do anything to rule the universe.
Cyrena Witch Of Darkness-She is Lily's opposite. She is sly,dark and mystical.
Plex Witch Of Plasma-She has the dark version of morphix,shes a sticky girl and very loud too.
Flame Witch Of Fire- A hot,fiery witch who is as quick as a tiger.


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PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:33 pm

More chappies Smile
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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Bloom Brandon
Posts : 3231
Age : 16
Location : In Unicorn Land o.o
Hobbies : drawing

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:48 pm



My other two favorite shows
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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sun Nov 18, 2012 6:36 pm

At class it was botany with Flora.
"Welcome Class,Its Botany with me Flora,I can see my daughter Dorothy over there and my friend Stella's daughter over there. So we are going to look are going to be studying the cheerful Gladiolas. Go to page 126 in your Magical Plant book. It says taht it can be used in potion what is it used for?" Said Flora.
Millie put her hand up.
"Yes Millie"
"To make people happy and cure sadness spells"
After class Millie showed the rest of them her pixie. Destiny was jealous,Chantelle wanted one,Sapphire said it was cute and Amy smiled. Helena suddenly got a message. The gemix stone was in danger. She rushed to tell Ispirare and Charlotte.
"Terrible,We hae to tell the others" Exclaimed Charlotte.
"Lets tell Miss Faragonda" Suggested Ispirare.
Mean while Millie was showing Destiny,Chantelle,Sapphire and Amy Pixie Village.
Destiny looked around she saw one with Blac hair tied ina high ponytail,pale skin and blue eyes. b She was wearing a midnight blue dress with a moon on.
"Hello,I'm Luna Pixie Of The Moon" Said Luna sweetly.
"I'm Destiny,Nice to meet you Luna"Whispered Destiny while she was bonding. Chantelle was bonding with one that had flame hair let loose and a red jumpsuit. It was Blaze,Pixie Of fire. Blaze was very athletic and chatty. Amy smiled. the pixie's were so cute. When she saw one it was love at first sight. Her name was Blue pixie Of Clouds. Funnily enough she was like Amy but pixie version. It was getting late so they went home. Sapphire realised that she had not got a pixie. Can you choose a pixie for her. Remember Sapphire has a temper and gets very amd sometimes. But really she is a kind girl. Here's a pic of Helena:

tahts the end of episode 5


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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Bloom Brandon
Posts : 3231
Age : 16
Location : In Unicorn Land o.o
Hobbies : drawing

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:14 pm



My other two favorite shows
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PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:00 pm

Awesome pixie pic Smile
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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Bloom Sky
Posts : 15613
Age : 27
Location : aurora colorado
Hobbies : working , playing on computer/phone, watch television/youtube videos, hanging with friends and family,,going to the movies,sleeping

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:58 am

wow loving this


RAWR bloom fairy of the dragon flame and when you play with fire you get burned
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PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:17 pm

^^^^ same Smile
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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Thu Nov 22, 2012 8:25 am

i'm planning ep 6 here's preview
The fairyix find out about the gemmix stone and how they must find it. It will give them a new transformation Fairyix which can only be used on there homeplanets and in the Sparkling Dimension. Meanwhile Dorothy gets a new hairstyle and will SAPPHIRE FINALLY BOND?


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Sirenix Fairy
Sirenix Fairy

Musa Riven
Posts : 3021
Age : 18
Location : I have no idea.
Hobbies : Listening to kpop

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Thu Nov 22, 2012 9:12 am



지금은 소녀시대 , 앞으로도 소녀시대 , 영원히 소녀시대
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Harmonix Fairy
Harmonix Fairy

Aisha Brandon
Posts : 1297
Age : 15
Location : UK
Hobbies : Writing, making frienship bracelets, watching Winx, colouring

PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   Sun Nov 25, 2012 8:23 pm

Episode 7:The quest begins
In class it was a day of doing winxology. The winx wanteed to do the first lesson. The fairyix had been at alfea for a week and were now settled in. Today was the first course Of winxology and part the winx were about to show off.Bloom showed them the dragon fire then Stella showed sparkles and made Lily a new sparkly dress which Destiny was jealous of. Flora made flowers blossom that last forever Dorothy kept some to decorate her room,Tecna made writing appear on then wall that said about inner power,Musa amde music that was really nice and Aisha showed off her dance moves. Bloom talked about how you can become more powerful and then it was about the gemmix stone. It was a stone that had the power of fairyix in but Millie did'nt know they needed it more than ever.
more coming soon,fairyix 101. here you get info about the characters!
Birthdate-December 7
Pets:Lint the dog,Cloud Puff the cat
Parents:Queen Amala And King Bernerd
Sister-Hope and Faye (twins) and Olivia
Pixie:Helena Pixie Of The one thousand Sunstones
Favorite Movies : Fantasy
Astrological Sign: Dragon
Favorite Food: Herbs
Favorite Colors:Green,red,purple
Favorite Hobby: Playing with animals
Favorite Pet: All
Best Friend: Sapphire
Loves: Animals,her friends
Hates: Evil witches,animal abusers,mean people,meat
Favorite Music: Pop
Favorite Shoes: Wedges,or any that are green
Favorite Subject: Zoology
Favorite Spell: Animal Heart
Power:The Animal Heart
Animal Empathy
Animal-related spells
Wildlife Control
Animal Whispering
Animal mind-control
Give animals the unusual ability of human speech
Heal injured animals
Physic link (with elder sister Olivia)
Create sentient animals from inanimate objects
Favorite spell:Animal Spin

Birthdate:June 21
Home planet:Solaria
Favourite Food: Orange Smoothies
Favourite Colour: Lemon Yellow,Orange,Green,Pink
Favourite Hobby: Shopping,desinging clothes,trying on outfits,giving fashion tips
Pixie:Inspirare Pixie Of Love and Inspiration
Favourite Pet:Seals
Relations:Queen Stella (Mother) King Brandon (Father) Solana (Sister) Janette (Adopted Sister) Luna (Grandmother,divorced) Radius (Grandfather,Divorced)
Countess Cassandra (Almost step-grandmother)
Chimera (Almost step-aunt) Lace (Almost step-cousin)
Astrological Sign: Chimera
Favourite Food: Pancakes
Favourite Colors: Pink,orange,purple
Favourite Hobby: Shopping and telling secrets
Favourite Pet: Dogs
Best Friend: Carly
Favourite Movies: Ones where everybody wears the latest fashions
Loves: Shopping,trying on clothes,giving fashion tips,designing outfits,fashion shows,the Sun,reading magazines,pajama parties.
Hates: Not going shopping,dull outfits,the dark
Favourite Music: The latest tunes
Favourite Shoes: She can't choose!
Favourite Subject: Metamorphology
Favourite Spell: Sun Rejoice
Photokinesis related spells
Sun based magic and spells
Photokinetic-related spells
Solar Empowerment
Long-distance teleportation (via Solaria ring)
Fire and Heat Manipulation/Control
Fire magic and spells
Fire and Heat Absorption
Favourite Spell: Shining Sun Power

Birthdate:23 July
Pixie:Charlotte,Pixie Of Courage
Family: Flora (Mother) Helia (Father) Miele (Aunt) Gina (Cousin) Marissa (Sisters) Natura (Sister) Andrew (Brother0
Pets:Mango (rabbit)
Astrological Sign: Hippogriff
Favourite Food: Honey biscuits
Favourite Colors:Yellow,purple,pink,green
Favourite Hobby: Gardening,taking care of friends,studying nature
Favourite Pet:Bunnies
Best Friend: Destiny
Favourite Movies: Romantic.
Loves: Caring for my plants,helping my friends,writing
Hates: People who hard nature,anybody who angers her,bugs which eat her plants.
Favourite Music: Floral
Favourite Shoes:Flats
Favourite Subject: Botany
Favourite Spell: Natural Heart
Nature/Earth based magic and spells
Earth Control
Flower magic
Nature/Earth Empowerment

Pixie:Luna,Pixie Of The Moon
Birthdate:1st September
Pets:Carla,The Dog
Family:Queen Kai (Mother) King Kalani (Father) Kailani (Sister)
Astrological Sign: Unicorn
Favourite Food: Chicken
Favorite Colors: Blue,pink,silver
Favorite Hobby: Painting her nails
Favorite Pet: Dogs
Best Friend: Dorothy
Favourite Movies: Any
Loves: Swimming,designing
Hates:Bad hair days,red hair
Favourite Music: Classic
Favourite Shoes: Stilettos
Power:Sea and Sky
Water Manipulation and control
Wind Manipulation and control
Hydrokenetic blasts and bursts
Water-based magic and spells
Water Empowerment
Water and moisture absorption
Creation of floods, tsunamis and tidal waves
Sea Control/Manipulation
Favourite Spell: Ocean Gleam

Pixie:Blaze,Pixie Of Fire
Astrological sign:Pegasus
Birthdate:15th January
Homeplanet: Seastar
Family: Queen Scintillare (Mother) King Notte (Father) Amy (Cousin) Katra (Desceased,twin sister) Musa (Second cousin) Matlin (First cousin,once removed,deceased) Ho-boe (First cousin,once removed)Melody (Second cousin,one removed) Lela (Second cousin,once removed) Queen Nuvola (Aunt) King Alto (Uncle)
Pets:Livia (goldfish)
Favourite Food: Spices
Favourite Colosr: Black,Red and Blue
Favourite Hobby: Listening To Music
Favourite Pet: Shimmer
Best Friends:Amy
Favourite Movies: Sci-fi
Hates:Getting Detention
Favourite Music: All
Favourite Shoes: Boots
Star-based magic and spells
Starlight manipulation/control
Stellar empowerment
Stardust magic
Favourite Subject: Attack and Defense
Favourite Spell: Starlight Net

Pixie:Blue Pixe Of Clouds
Birthdate:June 15
Family:Queen Nuvola (Mother) King Alto (Father) Mariah-Lee (Sister)Chantelle (Cousin) Queen Scintillare (Aunt) King Notte (Uncle) Katra,Matlin,Musa,Ho-boe,Lela,Melody (Relations)
Favourite Food: Ice cream
Favorite Color: White
Favorite hobby: Dreaming and Flying
Favorite pet: Does'nt have one but likes birds
Best Friends: Chantelle
Favourite Movies: Adventure movies
Loves: Staring at the clouds
Hates: Being Underground
Favourite Music: Classic
Favourite Shoes:Pumps
Favourite Subject: Obsticle courses
Favourite Spell: Cloud Puff

Birthdate:10 June
Favorite Food : Cereal Bars
Favorite Color : Black,Dark Purple
Favorite Hobby:Reading
Favorite Pet : Likes Dolphins
Parents:Popora and Temperamento
Sister-:Samantha Elizabeth Rose "Lexi"
Best Friends: Millie
Pixie:Electra Pixie Of Storms
Favorite Movies : Adventure
Loves : Paintings,Rain
Hates : Pink
Favorite Music : Rock
Favorite Shoes : Trainers
Favorite Subject : Magical Arts
Power:Ice,water (limited)

And a new girl is....Carly???!!!
Birthdate:23rd August
Favorite Food : Sausage rolls
Favorite Color : Orange,Silver
Favorite Hobby :Sport
Favorite Pet : None
Parents:Queen Lumina and King James
Best Friends: Lily
Pixie:Swirl Pixie Of Patterns
Favorite Movies : Romantic Comedies
Loves : Running
Hates : Lazy people
Favorite Music : Jazz
Favorite Shoes : Trainers
Favorite Subject : Magical Gym
Lunar Empowerment


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PostSubject: Re: Fairyix Club   

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Fairyix Club
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